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E-Notice 2000-06

Donor Contribution Form 


1.  DIRECTORIES.  The Alumni Directories are going in the mail today!  Thanks to the tireless efforts, over many months, of Leslie St. Clair (70), the Directories are now finished and being mailed.  If you ordered a Directory, and dont receive one within a week or so, send me an email and Ill check up on it.  In addition, please send regular updates of your Directory information to Leslie at so she can keep the Directory current and ready for its next edition. 

Thanks also to Tom Shultz (71) for his beautiful cover for the Directory (and for designing the Foundations snappy new letterhead).  Finally, please email Leslie a one paragraph blurb about what youre up to children, grandchildren, occupation, avocations, etc. because the next edition of the Directory will contain such a paragraph under each persons entry.  (If youd like a Directory and didnt order one, theyre $30.  Just send me an email.)

2.  GET WELL!  Virginia Redd (ORC 48) is recovering at home after a stay in Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Heres wishing Virginia, an early, energetic and unflagging supporter of the Y2K events, a rapid recovery.

3.  CHARTER FOUNDATION DONORS.  Donations to the Foundation have been coming in at such a fast clip since the last e-Notice that the Foundation Board has decided to extend, until January 31, 2001, the deadline for becoming a Charter Donor to the Foundation.  If you havent already done so, please consider joining your fellow alum listed below who have contributed to this most worthy of causes.

4.  CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE!  The brand new, state-of-the-art Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Senate Office Building has just opened in Annapolis!  Were awfully proud of our fellow alum and inaugural Alumni Achievement Award winner, Mike Miller (60).  Its pretty special to have one of Annapolis most prominent public buildings named after a Surrattsville grad.  Way to go, Mike!

5.  IN MEMORIAM.  Im sorry to have to report that Tom Morgan passed away on December 13th.  Tom was father/stepfather to an extensive Surratts family: Patty Morgan (75), Anne Maddox (69), Tom Maddox (71), Nancy Maddox (74), Patrick Maddox (76) and Mary Maddox Eiza (81).  The viewing is Monday, December 18th at St. John Vianny Church in Prince Frederick Maryland, from 2‑4 p.m. and 7‑9 p.m.  The funeral is Tuesday, December 19th at St. John Vianny at 11:00 a.m.  Our sympathies go out to Toms family.

6.  WWW.SURRATTSVILLE.ORG.  I notice that folks are starting the use the Message Center feature that our webmaster, Bill Thomas (77), recently established on the Foundation website.  If youre looking for a long lost classmate, wondering whether Link Wray and the Wraymen ever played at Surratts, or anything else Surratts-related, you might want to take a look at this new feature at

7.  IN-KIND GIFTS TO THE SCHOOL.  Thanks to Dan Bayne (71) and Darlene Dodson Bayne (75), the Foundation has a line on some much-needed government surplus computers for the School library.  If, through your work or otherwise, you have access to any donated or surplus items that you think might be of use to the School, please let me know.

8.  HEARTFELT THANKS.  As the first year of the Foundation and, effectively, the Surratts alumni association, comes to an end, I wanted to take a minute to thank the many, many of you who have contributed in so many ways to help these endeavors get off to such a successful start.  From the extraordinary Y2K events to the first good deeds of the Foundation, it has been a year that bodes well for a very successful future.  Go Hornets!

Best wishes to you and yours for a lovely holiday season and an outstanding 2001!   Henry Smith (71),


The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc.       Charter Donors



  • Brenda C. Karnes

  • Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, 61)

  • Helen Orleans

  • Anne S. Noyes, in memory of Jean Morehead



  • Minerva Sanders


  • Frances G. Wells


  • Rosa England Bolen, in memory of John M. Pryde


  • John David Summers


  • Lolita Carolyn Carrico Summers


  • Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of John M. Pryde

  • Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of Lee Red Oliver 52

  • Darda J. Heal


  • Lorraine Bush Davis

  • Elizabeth Lusk Heal


  • Helen B. Niedung, in memory of Jean Morehead


  • Patricia Theunissen Reinhart, in memory of Alma Schaefer Theunissen (26), Alton Burgess  (54),      Richard Ryan (54) and Merle Folsom (54)


  • Vicky Jo-Anna Young, in memory of Merritt E. Young (57)


  • Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, Faculty)

  • Joan Gamble Schreiber (61), in memory of Richard W. Schreiber 61


  • Robert E. Cox

  • Suzan Martz Holmquist


  • The Class of 1963


  • Carol Darlene Tisdale Whitsell, in memory of Jean Morehead


  • M. Edward Jaffe

  • Robert Spencer

  • Tondelayo F. Varelli

  • Donna Lynn Wilson

  • David R. Coffield, Jr., in memory of Carl Schott (65)

  • Robert C. Ginnett, with thanks to Jane Baskin

  • Catherine Wise McCloy

  • Judy Gordon Mentlik


  • Sandra Evans Lyon


  • Lee Hessberg


  • Melissa J. Gilcrest

  • Beverly L. Thrift

  • JoAnne C. Hainline


  • Lois Barrett Hessberg

  • Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith

  • Leslie St. Clair

  • Georganna L. Stevens

  • Charles Allen Gorday, Jr.

  • Beth R. Horton


  • P. Michael Blair

  • Shawn Craw Blau

  • Carole J. Kramer

  • Suzanne Meilert Lubin

  • Patrick McMenamin

  • Henry A. Smith, III

  • Thomas E. Shultz

  • Dennis L. Thrift

  • Thomas H. Hobbs

  • Victor H. Negron

  • Sherri Koch Bladen

  • Lark Bergwin Anderson

  • Robert J. Brewer

  • Daniel Bayne

  • Beverly Menefee McGuire

  • Richard Scott McWhirt

  • Mark C. Fields


  • Jeanine M. Maclary, in memory of James R. Carroll

  • Louise Gorday MacIntosh


  • D. Andrew Grafton

  • Joyce Dennis Owens

  • Laurie Roberts

  • Mary Meares

  • Richard Torrecarion


  • Darlene Dodson Bayne


  • Evan Vutsinas

  • Cynthia Vutsinas

  • Jackie Toth Wolfe


  • Connie Zmarzly Torrecarion


  • Kenneth John Housewright


  • Barbara C. McCreary


  • Michael Charles Cassidy


  • James M. Warner


  • Eric Sanders

  • The Class of 1990


  • Erinn Sanders


  • Evinn Sanders




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