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2000 All-Class Reunion Wrap-up

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Hello Hornets!

As promised, here is the official wrap-up e-Notice about the absolutely extraordinary Surrattsville High School Y2K All Classes (1907-2000) Reunion events.

Heres a general review:

I. Friday June 23, 2000

1.  GOLF OUTING.  The first annual Surrattsville All Classes Golf Outing was held at the Andrews AFB South Course.  The forces of nature provided the lovely weather, and the Golf Outing organizers, Jackie Toth Wolfe (76), Bill Thomas (77), and Evan Vutsinas (76) put on an event the organization of which rivaled the U.S. Open!  Over 120 golfers participated, representing alumni from the Classes of 1957 to 1987, and over 30 sponsors (see them listed at the end of this e-mail) chipped-in toward the cause. 


The Golf Outing raised $1,000 for the SHS Foundation, presented a check for $6,000 to the family of the late Wayne Buck Buchanan (76), and presented a check for $1,000 to the National Liver Foundation.


Those of us who participated could not believe that Jackie, Bill, Evan and their crew of over 20 volunteers hadnt done this before the Golf Outing was just beautifully organized, no one was seriously injured, and a splendid time was had by all.


2.  CLASS-SPECIFIC EVENTS.  Many Classes held Class-specific events on Friday, or Saturday, night.  I can report on the late 60s-early 70s Reunion Dinner Dance, held at the Greenbelt Marriott.  Approximately 230 people attended from the Class of 1968 to the Class of 1974.  The room was lovely, the food delicious and varied, the music fun, and the company extraordinary.  The inaugural showing of the All Classes Slide Show was given at the Dinner Dance, and seemed to stimulate many fond memories.


Ive received many similar reports from other Classes (58, 65, et al) who reported that they also had wonderful times at their Class-specific gatherings.  The gathering for the great Class of 65 featured an Oscar-caliber video documentary on the Class, which Ive been lucky enough to see, by Dave Crawley (who also authored the great poem, The Road We Traveled, contained in the Y2K Reunion program).  See this video if you ever get a chance!


II. Saturday June 24, 2000



1.  ALL CLASSES PICNIC.  Im not sure Ive got the words to describe this one!  Beginning well over an hour before the appointed time of 11 a.m., the sell-out crowd of approximately 1,700 faculty and alumni, and over 100 vendors and State Police personnel, descended on dear old Surratts for perhaps the most extraordinary day in the Schools almost century-long history.  The weather was hot and sticky, but there wasnt a raindrop in sight.


Thanks to the efforts of the legion of ORCs and Volunteers, the great work of the Police and the Explorers (a very special thanks goes to Lt. C. W. Bell and to Trooper Tammie Howcott) and the vendors, and the ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY cooperation of all the attendees, the event went off without a hitch, and many in attendance reported having the literal time of their lives.


The Classes of 1934 (!) through 2001 (!) were represented, and faculty and staff from the 40s through the 2000 were in attendance.  Everyone enjoyed the total access to the building provided by the School, and the idea of the era gathering rooms came off well, with the library, cafeteria and gym remaining packed throughout the day.  Lots of folks participated in the various group photos taken in the gym, and all enjoyed the fascinating and extensive archival display put together by our Archive Coordinator, Shelby Lee Albertsen (79).  Dan Bayne (71) staffed the command center in the office, handled the P.A. announcements and entertained us all with a revival of the P.A. serial Hornetman.  (Ill try to publish the hilarious script of Hornetman 2000" in a future e-Notice.)


Folks seemed to enjoy putting a pin in the U.S. and Maryland maps indicating from whence they had traveled, and everybody enjoyed the completed maps and the other cool decorations handled by Sharon England Carson (71) and Kathy Pennington Thrift (71).  The signage handled by Mary Meares (74), Doug Evans (76) and John DeDominicis (88) really pointed the way beautifully.


Many Alumni Directories were ordered, and a sample was provided by our tireless Alumni Directory Coordinator, Leslie St. Clair Smith (70).  (Please send Alumni Directory info changes to Leslie at  Shell keep a running data base, and offer an updated Directory at the 2005 Reunion.) Many Photo Books also were ordered, and many generous  Foundation donations were made.  The nice name tags put together by Tom Shultz (71), and the official Program, with a great cover by Tom, helped to keep us all organized during the day.


Martins Catering put on a great spread there was virtually never a wait to get the delicious food and the A Plus Rental folks provided great support in the equipment and tent departments.  Were really indebted to Dwaine Gasser (75) for his professional handling of these two critical functions.


Gerald Pickerall and his staff met us organizers at the door at 7 a.m. Saturday morning -- like he did when I arrived at Surratts at 7 a.m. on that September morning in 1968!! -- and did a great job of providing cheerful and extensive engineering and custodial support throughout the day.  The table staffers (at all the events -- see lists below) did an absolutely fabulous job of keeping the extremely heavy traffic flowing, while our great utility volunteers, Mike Blair (71), Scott Gould (74), Sherri Koch (71), Victor Negron (71) and others, jumped in fearlessly throughout the day to solve all manner of miscellaneous needs as they arose.



One highlight for me occurred when the mass of attendees gathered on the front lawn for an aerial photo taken by Terry Bush, the intrepid Photo Book photographer who ascended to the rooftop with our Photo Book Coordinator, Gill Thompson Harry (71) and Gerald, while we dusted off our H-O-R-N-E-T cheer for the camera!


The shuttle bus service that ferried folks from the satellite parking lot to the School and back operated without a hitch, thanks to the herculean work of our awesome Parking/Shuttle/Police Coordinator, Laurie Martin Roberts (74), and the Old School tours were a lovely, nostalgic trip down memory lane for many, thanks to the great work of Jean Beardmore (58).


2.  CLASS-SPECIFIC EVENTS.  As with Friday night, a number of Classes held very successful Class-specific events on Saturday night.


III. Sunday June 25, 2000


1.  ALL CLASSES MOTORCYCLE RIDE.  Just before 10 a.m., almost 40 motorcycles, and approximately 70 alumni, from Classes from the 50s through the 90s, gathered at the School parking lot to fire up their motorcycles, convertibles, vans, autos, and a dune buggy for the trip to Point Lookout.  The youngest participants were Zach Negron and Beverly Spradling, children of Victor Negron (PPMC 71) and Jim Spradling (71), and the oldest were Earl and Charlotte Shultz, parents of Paul Shultz (68), Tom Shultz (71), and John Shultz (80).  Again, the powers that be provided lovely weather for the ride.


After regaling those in attendance with the story of the genesis of the Surratts-based PPMC of the late 60s and early 70s and its naming by P.E. teacher John Ward we headed South.  Except for a missed turn by yours truly -- which necessitated a precision U-turn by the entire group in the middle of Route 301! -- the ride went without a hitch and it seemed wed all been riding together for decades.


Greg Laxton (81), our Motorcycle Ride Coordinator, arranged for a St. Marys County Police escort to meet us at the Hughesville Baptist Church.  From that point on, Greg led the parade in his vintage GTO, along with Police motorcycles and cars.  It was fun running all the red lights between Hughesville and the Point!  The Class of 81 website, whose webmaster is Greg, has great photos of the M/C Ride and the Reunion events in general.  Check it out at  (Reunion photos also appear on the Photo Book companys website at


Greg also arranged for us to stop at Berts Diner for a nostalgic and filling lunch, and the Cooks market for gas and sodas.  Greg led us through the beautiful back roads of St. Marys County, pointing out historical points of interest along the way.  When we finally arrived at the Point, we were sad to see the organized part of the ride end, and vowed to do it again every year on the last Sunday in June.  Please join us next year, on June 24, 2001, regardless of how many wheels you ride on.



2.  ALL CLASSES SOCK-HOP.  Those Hubcaps are so far beyond fantastic they defy description!  The Sock-Hop was the PERFECT capper to the wonderful weekend.  The 500 Sock-Hop tickets sold out early on, and the faculty and the Classes of 1941 through 95 were represented.  Frances Goodwin Wells (ORC 41) -- who graduated from Surratts before Pearl Harbor was bombed!! -- was the senior attendee and had more energy than many of us, and Judy Cox Bareng (72) was full of pep even though shed traveled all the way from Hawaii to participate in the events!


The decorations by Cindy Wine Parks (69) and Linda Wine Smith (68) brought back lots of nostalgic memories, everybody was crazy about The Hubcaps show, and it was a special thrill to gaze at the stage and see our fellow alumni, Dale Rocky Simon (69) and Jimi Simon (71), rockin and rollin.  We owe many thanks to Rocky for coming up with the great idea of having The Hubcaps play the Sock-Hop, and to the Hubcaps delightful business manager, Janie Noelte, for working so hard with us to make the Sock-Hop a success.  Janie also put together a lovely album of professional photos from the Sock-Hop for us to add to the Surratts Archives and to share at future events.


We showed the All Classes Slide Show at the Sock-Hop, and it again seemed to be a big hit.  We were also very proud to present the SHS Foundations first Alumni Achievement Award at the Sock-Hop, to Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (60), the President of the Maryland Senate.  Mikes post-Surratts accomplishments cant even fit on one page, and his office,  especially his Assistant Tim Perry, were invaluable during our year of planning for the events.


A special thanks goes to Michael Golder of the Forestville Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company for donating the drinks that kept us all well-hydrated during the Sock-Hop.


When 11 p.m. rolled around, the crowd stumbled to the exits, having spent a weekend truly like no other.


IV.  Fund Raising Results


Im extremely proud to report that we have already delivered a check for $2,200 to Bill Barnes, the current Surratts Principal, for unrestricted use to benefit the School.  He and Gerald report that this amount will likely be used to buy desks and tables sorely needed at the School.


In addition, thanks to the generosity of the many Charter Donors to the Foundation, the Foundation has already raised approximately $21,000, and Charter Donor contributions continue to come in on a daily basis!  This is a GREAT start to the Foundations funding, and will provide a wonderful beginning for future fund raising efforts.  As previously reported, the Foundation plans to make targeted gifts to assist current Surratts students, grant scholarships, make gifts to the School, present regular Achievement Awards, and sponsor future events.


I strongly encourage each of you who hasnt done so to consider making a contribution to this very worthy cause.  Youll occupy a special place being listed among the honor roll of Charter Donors to this noble undertaking.  No amount is too small, and of course no amount is too large.  What a great way to give something back to our Alma Mater!


V.  T-Shirts


We do have some Reunion T-shirts and Motorcycle Ride T-shirts left.  Both T-shirts are dark Kelly green with white lettering (naturally).  The Reunion shirt features the Y2K Reunion logo on the front and the snappy Hornet and the words Surrattsville Alumni on the back.  The Motorcycle Ride shirt features the Y2K Reunion logo -- with devlish Hornet riding a motorcycle   on the front, and the PPMC logo on the back.  Weve got 44 mediums and 78 larges of the Reunion shirts, and 12 large and 17 medium Motorcycle Ride shirts.  (Theyre all Russell Athletic pre-shrunk 100% cotton.)  The cost is $15, and the Foundation will pick-up the mailing costs.  If youd like a shirt, simply send a note specifying what type of shirt(s) and what size(s), and a check for $15 per shirt payable to SHS Reunion, to me at 815 Stoneleigh Rd., Balt., MD 21212.  They make VERY UNIQUE gifts!


VI.  Lost and Found


Would anyone like to identify and claim a gold ring we found at the Reunion?  Also, heres a request from Micaela D. Keeley, One of the pictures that I had taken with one of my very dearest friends was not in my proofs or in her proofs. I have a feeling that it might have ended up in someone else's proofs as one of the pictures that I had taken with another dear friend of mine ended up in my sister's proofs. I am looking for a proof that has two ladies in it‑‑one wearing tan shorts, purple blouse, gold cross necklace, and has short brown hair (that is me, Micaela (Deanell) Keeley) and the other lady has short blonde hair, perhaps wearing glasses (maybe not), has a peach sleeveless scooped top with a necklace, and a tan colored skirt (that is my dear friend Rebecca (Becky Manning) Lowe.  If anyone did receive this proof by mistake, could they please send it to me‑‑my address is Micaela D. Keeley, P.O. Box 49273, Ft. Washington, MD 20749.


VII.  Future Events


1.  2001 GOLF OUTING.  The Golf Outing organizers are already working on plans for the 2001 Golf Outing.  Please check , the great website designed and maintained by Bill Thomas (77), regularly for info on this event.


2.  2001 ALL CLASSES MOTORCYCLE RIDE.  The 2001 All Classes Motorcycle Ride will leave the School parking lot for Colonial Beach, VA at 10 a.m. on Sunday June 24, 2001.  Please join us.


3.  Y2K + 5 ALL CLASSES PICNIC AND SOCK-HOP.  Well have a Picnic from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a Sock-Hop from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., on Saturday June 25, 2005.  Yes, The Hubcaps are already booked for the event!  Please mark your 2005 calendars (!), and check regularly for ticket info.  As with this summers events, the 2005 events are likely to sell-out early, so please stay informed by visiting the website often (and by keeping me informed of any changes in your email address).


VIII.  Miscellany



1.  Another Hornet artist is having a showing that you might want to check out.  Sculptures by Harry Revis (57) are being shown at the North End Gallery in Leonardtown during August.  Congratulations, Harry!


2.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Donna Marie Tessier (71)?  We think we have her Class ring.


3.  Were still accepting photos of the events, in print or digital form, for inclusion in the Photo Book and/or the Official Scrapbook of the events.  Please feel free to send them to me at or 815 Stoneleigh Rd., Balt., MD 21212.


IX.  ORCs and Volunteers


Many, many of your have taken the time to send me the most heart-warming and kind e-mails and notes reporting on how much you enjoyed yourselves at the events.  (See a neat representative sample below.)  Youve also been profuse with your thanks.  Im proud to accept these kind words of gratitude, but merely as the humble representative of the fantastic group of ORCs and Volunteers who spent a year of their free time making these extraordinary events happen.


Ive mentioned some of these great folks above, but the events simply would not have run so beautifully -- or happened at all without the selfless efforts of every single one of the ORCs and Volunteers whether they were the official ORCs and Volunteers assigned to particular jobs who are listed below or great folks like Charlie Rodgers (70), Melissa Gilcrest (69), Nancy Ritzinger Swain (70), Darrell Bush (husband of Dorothy Bush (ORC 43), and so many others - who just jumped in to fill a need when it arose.  These people are just plain wonderful, and I now wish Id kept a list in my pocket as the weekend wore on, because I know Ive forgotten a lot of individuals who made major and critically important contributions.  My profound and heartfelt thanks go out to you all!


Id like to extend a very special and loving thank you to my wonderful wife, Donna Rae (Sturtevant) Smith (70), who not only put-up with me being mentally absent for a year, but who worked extremely hard during that entire year, and to date, to keep the very complex books of this monster and to perform any other thankless tasks asked of her.  Id also like to thank my five kids and my very kind colleagues at Smith & Downey (especially my assistant Jamie Siegman), who also ignored my frequent mental, and physical, absences and who also pitched in cheerfully whenever asked to do so.


Finally, the events also wouldnt have been so spectacularly successful if all of you hadnt supported the cause by buying tickets, traveling to the events, and pitching in to cooperate and have fun when you got there.   For this I am eternally grateful.



I hope your summer has been as wonderful as was the Reunion.   I really look forward to seeing you on June 25, 2005, and hopefully sooner.  GO HORNETS!!



Henry Smith (71),



[Heres an email that is typical of the hundreds I received, but from an alum with a bigger-than-average Surratts family!:


I cannot tell you what fun I had at the reunion. I not only got to see good friends from my graduating class, but also my husband's class.  Then in addition to that I got to eat lunch with my husband's parents who also graduated from Surrattsville. After that, I got to visit with my Grandmother and her two sisters who also graduated from Surrattsville. This was more than just a reunion!!! Thanks for all of your hard work.   Karen Beach‑ 88"]






Faculty.   Brenda Karnes,





96 Evinn Sanders, 301-856-4850

95 Kenya Samuels,, 7708 Den Meade Ave., Ft. Washington, MD 20744

94 LaChelle Wimbish

93 David Gass,, 8504 Mimosa Ave., Clinton, MD 20735


91 Tyrone R. Lindsey, Jr.,, 408-984-8281, 3665 Benton St. #127, Santa Clara, CA 95051-4505.  See, also, Kim Clancey, 301-316-8443, 5801 Auth Rd., Suitland, MD 20746, who is checking with some classmates.

90 Jessica Stewart,; Robert Broadus,, 8611 Jason Court, Clinton, MD 20735

89 Deborah Parham,, 604 Castlewood Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774, H: 301-499-3492, W: 703-302-6739

88 Merry Ann Tan,, 202-251-5288

87 Mike Cassidy,, 5341 Randolph Rd. Apt. 5, Rockville, MD 20852, H: 301-770-4467, Fax: 815-550-4670, Cell: 301-641-1231

86 Tara Humphrey Houston, 3324 Westdale Ct., Waldorf, MD 20601, 301-870-7544

85 Jo (Hanrahan) Smith,, 8721 Mount Majestic Road, Sandy, UT 84093

84 Barbara C. McCreary,,, 301-322-0686. BACKUP FOR NOV 99 - MARCH 00 is Donna Kessler Hunsicker,,, 10818 Stone Hill Lane, Manassas, VA 20109, 703-330-4556

83 Traci DeDominicis Renner,, 218 Westdale Dr., Waldorf, MD 20601; Bill Goldstein,

82 Alice Bader Frascoia,, PO Box 215, Owings, MD 20736-0215

81 Greg Laxton,,,, 38576 Ted Dr., Avenue, MD 20609, H: 301-862-4995, W: 301-475-4034; fax: 301-475-4047 (see, also, Jenny Murphy, says Kevin Armstrong,

80 Kevin Caillouet,, 7622 Oldfield Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21043, 410-796-5272

79 Sandy Pelletier Richnafsky,

78 Jeanne Hoffman LaRoque,, 14704 Livingston Rd., Accokeek, MD 20607, fax: 301-292-1428

77 Teri Pepper,; Mike Anderson,; Bill Thomas,

76 Jackie Toth Wolfe,, 6309 Kent Cove, Raleigh, NC 27613 (See, also, Kim Ellis King,, 13997 Wetherburn St., Waldorf, MD 20601, and Peggy Money Polnac, 301-372-8988)

75 Cindy Shelton Ryan,, Andrews FCU, 5711 Allentown Rd., Suitland, MD 20746, W: 301-702-5366, H: 301-855-4838, Fax: 301-702-5322

74 Lauren Foley,,,

73 Roger Owens,, 9606 Atom Rd., Clinton, MD 20735, 301-868-1354; See, also, Donna Mitchell

72 Sandy Gwynn Martin,, 301-855-6431, 5727 Blaine Rd., Churchton, MD 20733; work fax: 301-459-4799

71 Henry Smith,, 815 Stoneleigh Rd., Balt., MD 21212, 410-321-9000


70 Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith,, 815 Stoneleigh Rd., Balt., MD, 410-321-9000

69 Debbie Mahler Kelley,, and Michael J. Boyle,, 58 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880-3831, 203-222-7121

68 Jan (Shoop) Scherer, 7352 Gabriel Dr., Bryans Road, MD 20616; H: 301-283-2813; W: 301-744-1955;  Gerda Willkomm Parr,;, 2901 Matapeake Dr., Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

67 Shirley (Harrison) King,   [Ron Johnson of the Clinton Econo Lodge may know something, says Joan Owens Preslar,]

66 Sandy Lyon,; Signe Bush Thrift,, 301-218-4210, 3044 Nutwood Lane, Bowie, MD 20716

65 Judy Gordon,, 520 Mountain Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090

64 Jaime Seaman,, 5105 Ludlow Dr., Temple Hills, MD 20748

63 David Patterson,; Jeanette (Goldsmith) McKenna,, H:301-472-4403, W:202-231-2702

62 Terry Osman, 601 Cap McKenzie Dr., Severna Park, MD 21146, 410-544-2005, and Rix Mills,, 5590 Marshal House Ct., Burke, VA 22015, H: 703-425-6710, W: 703-602-3503; Lawrence Blume, 8811 Marquis Lane, Clinton, MD 20735, 301-856-1141

61 Vicki DeLalla,;   (See also Donald Byroads at, and Joan Penn Revis at 8800 Dangerfield Rd. Clinton 20735 301-868-5847)

60 Dick Wildes, Becky Moyle Hintze, Diane Kircher Black, Ben Perrie, Pat Day Bowles, Jackie Gwynn Ball are the outgoing Class of 60 Reunion Committee [Billie Winsteads daughter may know]

59 Ken Bowen, 70 3d St., Lothian, MD 20711[20177], 301-627-4367; Phil Chovan,

58 A. June Shifflett Mitchell,, 1008 Earlmont Dr., Aiken, SC 29803

57 Pat Kaplan Pelletier,; See, also, Vickie Symontockie listed under Merrit E. Young in phonebook with Clinton address, and Larry Romjue,, Richard Butch Mortimer, Kathy Mierke,, Mary Roylance, Don Meyers or Myers of Fairmont, MD

56 Homer Revis, 8800 Dangerfield Rd. Clinton 20735, 301-868-5847

55 Maybe Bob Tartisel.  (Margaret Nolan, 301-292-7242, 1011 Bryan Point Rd., Accokeek, MD 20607,, may know more.)  Maybe Jean Dennison.

54 Helen Bovbjerg Niedung,, and Glenn Evans, 112 Lee Ave., Apt. 103, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301-270-6121

53 Roberta PadgettTaylor, 6600 Surratts Rd., Clinton, MD 20735, 301-868-1916, see, also, Charlotte Friel, and George Brooks who lives in Silver Spring

52 Martha (Weirich) McNeill,, 2 Hitching Post Place, Rockville, MD 20850, 301-881-6558

51 Gloria Goodwin 301-449-4146, 6935 Allentown Road, Temple Hills, MD 20748

50 Ron Kaplan,,, 11004 Phillips Dr., Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, 301-868-3022

49 Paul A. Gwynn, 8801 Christina Lane, Clinton, MD 20735, 301-868-3428

48 Virginia Redd, 217 Barksdale Ave., Waldorf, MD 20602-2856, 301-843-3116

47 Dick Duke,, 2408 Bayhouse, Rockport, TX 78382  [See also, Ruth Pyles, who lives in Dunkirk]

46 [Maybe Shirley Shultz and Mary Garner Whittington]

45 Christina Vaccaro Burcham, 2893 Spring Lakes Dr., Davidsonville, MD, 21035, 410-721-3102

44 Mildred Darcey, 2506 Ritchie-Marlboro Rd., Upper Marlboro, MD 20774, 301-350-0034

43 Dorothy (Biggs) Bush, 4505 Simmons Lane, Camp Springs, MD 20748-3826


41 Frances Wells, 767 Gleneagles Dr., Ft. Washington, MD 20744 - 7006, 301-292-2530

40 Catherine V. Meyers, 231 Plum Point Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639

39 [Maybe Mr. Hans Warffemius 6901 Birch Hill Road, Brandywine, MD 20613]


37 Billie Winstead, 301-855-1570, 4029 Lloyd Bowen Road, St. Leonard, MD 20685









28 Alice Florence Schwien Evans,,




                                                                     SURRATTS Y2K REUNION VOLUNTEERS


1.  Alumni Directory Coordinator Leslie St. Clair Smith (70)

2.  Parking/Shuttle/PoliceCoordinator Laurie Roberts (74)

3.  Caterer/Rental Company Coordinator Dwaine Gasser (75)

4.  Photo Book Coordinator Gill Thompson Harry (71)

5.  Name Tags and Program and Photo Book Covers Tom Shultz (71)

6.  Morning Announcements and Hornetman  Episodes Coordinator Dan Bayne (71)

7.  Signage -- Mary Meares (74), Doug Evans (76), John De Dominicis (88)

8.  Reunion Program Henry Smith (71)

9.  PSAs Coordinator Jackie Kaiser MacBryde (71)

10.  Newspaper Notices Coordinator Michelle Berard (73)

11.  Poster Hangers (around Clinton) Denise Clark Hall (76) and Kirby Hall (74);  Scott Gould (74)

12.  Surrattsville High School Foundation Coordinator Henry Smith (71)

13.  Background Music Coordinator Henry Smith (71)

14.  Archival Materials Coordinator   Shelby Lee Albertsen (79)

15.  Old School Tour Coordinator Jean Beardmore (58)

16.  Utility Volunteer Scott Gould (74)

17.  Golf Outing Coordinators Bill Thomas (77), Jackie Wolfe (76) and Evan Vutsinas (76)

18.  Web Site Coordinator Bill Thomas (77)

19.  Special Assistant to the Coordinator and General Enforcer Mike Blair (71)

20.  Treasurer and Charge Nurse Donna Rae (Sturtevant) Smith (70)

21.  Official Videographer Patricia Nuge Nugent (71)

22.  Sock-Hop Refreshment Coordinator Henry Smith (71)

23.  Sock-Hop Decorations Coordinators Cindy (Wine) Parks (69) and Linda (Wine) Smith (68)

24.  Picnic Decorations Coordinators Kathy (Pennington) Thrift (71) and Sharon (England) Carson (71)


Picnic Ticket Table Staffers


10-10:30 --- Sherri Koch Bladen; Cara DeDominicis

10:30-11 --- Dexter Ferris; Judy Gordon

11-11:30 --- Dexter Ferris; Charlie Rodgers

11:30-12 --- Frank Mamone; Ginger Trapanotto

12-12:30 --- Frank Mamone; Ginger Trapanotto

12:30-1 ---- Sherri Koch Bladen; Jackie Kaiser MacBryde

1-1:30 -----  Lori Pinkey; Susan Smith Anderson

1:30-2 ----- Cindy Shelton Ryan; Kim Ellis King

2-2:30 ----- Scott Gould; Larry Romjue

2:30-3 ----- Cara DeDominicis; Sherri Koch Bladen

3-3:30 ----- Jackie Toth Wolfe; Wendy Barrett Miller

3:30-4 ----- Kim Ellis King; Gerda Parr Willkomm

4-4:30 ----- Debbie Adams Scott; Nancy Swain

4:30-5 ----- Laurie Nichols Rhatican; Doug Evans


Picnic Foundation Table Staffers


10-10:30 --- Leslie St. Clair Smith; Jennie St. Clair Phillips

10:30-11 --- Sandy Lyon; Doug Evans

11-11:30 --- Sandy Lyon; Susie Crozier Erbling

11:30-12 --- Cara DeDominicis; Mary Meares

12-12:30 --- Mary Meares; Teri Pepper

12:30-1 ---- Lauren Foley; Debbie Long Kilby

1-1:30 ----- Lauren Foley; Debbie Long Kilby

1:30-2 ----- Tom Shultz; Susan Yuhas

2-2:30 ----- Traci Renner; Mark Lawrence

2:30-3 ----- Leslie St. Clair Smith; Mark Lawrence

3-3:30 ----- Scott Gould; Monique Campbell Keith

3:30-4 ----- Charlie Rodgers; Nancy Swain; Signe Bush Thrift

4-4:30 ----- Melissa Gilcrest; Charlie Rodgers

4:30-5 ----- Kim Ellis King; Melissa Gilcrest


Sock-Hop Ticket Table Staffers



7-7:30 --- Dexter Ferris; Charlie Rodgers

7:30-8 --- Gerda Parr Willkomm; Susie Crozier Erbling; Mark Erbling

8-8:30 --- John Shultz; Kelly Guice Shultz

8:30-9 --- Sharon England Carson

9-9:30 --- Lori Pinkey; Tom Shultz

9:30-10 --- Debbie Adams Scott; Anne Adams Jackson

10-10:30 --- Jeanette Goldsmith McKenna

10:30-11 --- Dan Hume; Angie Hume


Sock-Hop Refreshment Table Staffers


7-7:30 --- Gerda Willkomm Parr; Melissa Gilcrest

7:30-8 --- Mike Blair; Sherri Koch Bladen

8-8:30 --- Susie Crozier Erbling; Mark Erbling

8:30-9 --- Nancy Loweth Siehl; Jean Loweth Close

9-9:30 --- Kathy Pennington Thrift; Donna Brown Conley

9:30-10 --- Donna Kessler Hunsicker; Paul Hunsicker

10-10:30 --- Signe Bush Thrift; Donna Kessler Hunsicker; Paul Hunsicker

10:30-11 --- Laurie Nichols Rhatican; Nancy Ritzinger Swain





- Susan Smith-Bauk, Assistant Secretary, MD Department of Business & Economic Development, Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts

- Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., President, Maryland Senate

- Tim Perry, Office of Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.

- Colonel David R. Mitchell, Commander, MD State Police

- Lt. C.W. Bell, Commander, Barrack L, MD State Police

- Trooper Howcott, MD State Police

- Michael Golder, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group, Forestville, MD

- William Barnes, Principal, Surrattsville High School

- Gerald Pickerall, Chief Custodian, Surrattsville High School

- Martin Resnick, Martins Caterers

- Janie Noelte, The Fabulous Hubcaps

- B. K. Miller Liquors

- Mr. Roscoe Christian, Clinton Boys & Girls Club

- Dr. Michael Reed, Grace Brethren Christian School

- John Lau, Grace Brethren Christian School

- Cecelia Fairchild, A Plus Rentals

- Maryland State Police Explorers

- Prince Georges County Police Explorers

- State Highway Administration

- Keller Bus Service

- Mona Electric, Mike Blair (71)

- Bob Green Siding Company,  Bob Green (77)

- Mark L. Bigelow Contracting, Inc., Mark Bigelow (76)

- Clinton Fence and Home

- Wesley Adams (75)

- Wendy Adams (76)

- Wanda Adams (79)

- Renee Adams(80)

- White's Auto Repair, Danny White (77)

- Surrattsville High School Class of 1977

- Legg Mason ,  Peter O'Malley (77)

- Smith & Downey, Henry Smith (71)

- Cook's Liquor, David Cook (79)

- Robert J. Brewer, CPA, PC, Robert Brewer (67)

- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fowler (75)





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