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E-Notice 2001-02

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. DIRECTORY UPDATES. Dont forget to send any updated Directory info, and your five or six line descriptive paragraph, to Leslie St. Clair (70), PLEASE be sure to include your graduation year or years on the faculty.

2. YEARBOOKS WANTED. In an awful stroke of bad luck, Debbie Adams Scott (85) had her car stolen the weekend of the Y2K Reunion. Debbie recovered her car, but not her six junior high and high school yearbooks that were in the car. Now those were some nasty thieves! Might anyone have a line on how Debbie might get a hold of a copy of any of those yearbooks, and especially her 85 graduation yearbook? If so, please send her an email at

3. CHARTER FOUNDATION DONORS. Thank you Charter Donors to the Foundation! The final list of Charter Donors, reflecting all checks received through 1/31/01, is reprinted below. If you are a Charter Donor, please take a careful look at your entry below and send me any corrections so the plaque for the School lobby will be accurate. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your generosity and for helping jump start this great cause!

4. BEQUESTS TO FOUNDATION. Two nice alum have asked about possible bequests to the Foundation. Naturally, the Foundation would be thrilled to be honored by being named as a beneficiary under an individuals Will. If youve made a bequest to the Foundation, please let us know, as we would like to acknowledge your very special gift.

5. DIRECTORY ERRATA. The following listing was inadvertently omitted from the Class of 72 section of the Alumni Directory.

Name Now: Ruth Ann Maitland
Name at Graduation: Ruth Ann Stout
Graduation Year: 1972
Address: 13796 Sea Mist Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Email address:

Also, the email address for Dan Bayne, Class of 71, should be corrected in the Directory to read

Those of you with Directories are asked to make these corrections. (Please continue to send me any other Directory errors you note, and Ill publish them in future e-Notices.)

6. UPCOMING FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT. The next e-Notice will contain an informal, but detailed, report on the highly successful inaugural year of the Foundation. I hope youll review it and let us have any comments and suggestions.

7. WEB SITE NEWS. Don't forget to visit the new and improved Foundation web site at Thanks to Webmaster Bill Thomas (77), a new announcements section will soon be added that may be used to list announcements concerning alumni and their families. Please send to Bill, at, any announcements, scanned photos, etc. that youd like to see posted on this new section. And please dont forget the Message Center section of the web site, which is a great way to communicate with others from the Surratts community.

8. UPCOMING DANCE FEATURING THE HUBCAPS! The Saint Mary's of Piscataway Home and School Association is sponsoring a winter dance featuring "The Fabulous Hubcaps". The dance will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2001, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight at the Accokeek Firehouse Banquet Hall. Ticket prices are $45.00 per couple, $25.00 singles. A table for 10 people is $225.00. The dance is BYOB, and setups will be provided. For ticket information please contact Phil ('72) or Sandi ('82) Miller at 301 297 5360 or

9. FUTURE EVENTS. Some Classes who are planning events well into the future asked me to publish the known dates of upcoming All Classes events, so here goes: 2001: 6/22/01 - tentative date for annual Golf Outing; 6/24/01 - All Classes Motorcycle and Car Ride to Colonial Beach, VA. 2002: 6/28/02 - tentative date for annual Golf Outing; 6/30/02 - All Classes Motorcycle and Car Ride to Sandy Point State Park (or a fun destination to be named later).

Thanks again for your interest and your support of the work of the Foundation. I hope all is well with you and yours. All the best! Henry Smith (71),

The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc. Final List of Charter Donors


  • Brenda C. Karnes
    Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, 61)
    Helen Orleans
    Anne S. Noyes, in memory of Jean Moorehead


  • Minerva Sanders


  • Frances G. Wells


  • Rosa England Bolen, in memory of John M. Pryde


  • John David Summers


  • Lolita Carolyn Carrico Summers


  • Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of John M. Pryde
  • Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of Lee Red Oliver 52
  • Darda J. Heal


  • Lorraine Bush Davis
  • Elizabeth Lusk Heal


  • Helen Bovbjerg Niedung, in memory of Jean Moorehead
  • Jane Edwards Robison


  • Patricia Theunissen Reinhart, in memory of Alma Schaefer Theunissen (26), Alton Burgess (54), Richard Ryan (54) and Merle Folsom (54)


  • Homer L. Revis, Jr.


  • Vicky Jo-Anna Young, in memory of Merritt E. Young (57)


  • Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, Faculty)
  • Joan Gamble Schreiber (61), in memory of Richard W. Schreiber 61
  • Joan Penn Revis


  • Robert E. Cox
  • Suzan Martz Holmquist


  • The Class of 1963
  • Mary Jeanette Goldsmith McKenna
  • Joseph Michael Somers
  • Pamela McIntyre Shooks
  • Dale McCammon
  • Ruth A. Barrowcliff, in memory of the 63 classmates who are no longer with us, but will remain in our hearts and memories forever
  • Diane S. Hemmes


  • Carol Darlene Tisdale Whitsell, in memory of Jean Moorehead
  • Lynn Harris Schwesig, in memory of Mrs. Lillian Holland
  • Robert S. Jeter


  • M. Edward Jaffe
  • Robert Spencer
  • Tondelayo F. Varelli
  • Donna Lynn Wilson
  • David R. Coffield, Jr., in memory of Carl Scott (65)
  • Robert C. Ginnett, with thanks to Jane Baskin
  • Catherine Wise McCloy
  • Judy Gordon Mentlik
  • The Class of 1965
  • David M. Duesler
  • Norman S. Carmichael
  • Carol Fite Mothershead
  • Charles L. Mothershead


  • Sandra Evans Lyon


  • Robert J. Brewer


  • Lee Hessberg
  • Michelle Wilson Block


  • Melissa J. Gilcrest
  • Beverly L. Thrift
  • JoAnne C. Hainline


  • Lois Barrett Hessberg
  • Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith
  • Leslie St. Clair
  • Georganna L. Stevens
  • Charles Allen Gorday, Jr.
  • Beth R. Horton
  • The Class of 1970
  • Charles H. Yowell


  • P. Michael Blair
  • Shawn Craw Blau
  • Carole J. Kramer
  • Suzanne Meilert Lubin
  • Patrick McMenamin
  • Henry A. Smith, III
  • Thomas E. Shultz
  • Dennis L. Thrift
  • Thomas H. Hobbs
  • Victor H. Negron
  • Sherri Koch Bladen
  • The Class of 1971
  • Lark Bergwin Anderson
  • Dan M. Bayne
  • Beverly Menefee McGuire
  • Richard Scott McWhirt
  • Mark C. Fields
  • Alice A. Talmadge
  • Patricia Becker Oles, in Honor of Leonard Anderson
  • Wallace R. Sally, Jr.


  • Henry Philip Miller, Jr., In Memory of James Herbert


  • Jeanine M. Maclary, in memory of James R. Carroll
  • Louise Gorday MacIntosh
  • William E. Smith


  • D. Andrew Grafton
  • Joyce Dennis Owens
  • Laurie Roberts
  • Mary Meares
  • Richard Torrecarion


  • Darlene Dodson Bayne
  • Trina Jones Selby


  • Evan Vutsinas
  • Cindy Thompson Vutsinas
  • Jackie Toth Wolfe


  • Connie Zmarzly Torrecarion
  • Tamara (Tami) McDowell Ayres


  • Laura J. Bader


  • Kenneth John Housewright


  • Sandi Miley Miller


  • Barbara C. McCreary


  • Michael Charles Cassidy


  • James M. Warner
  • Tracy Jenkins Lawson
  • Merry Ann Tan


  • Eric Sanders
  • The Class of 1990


  • Erinn Sanders


  • Evinn Sanders




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