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E-Notice 2001-03

Donor Contribution Form 

THIS IS E-NOTICE 2001-3 OF MARCH 5, 2001

Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. DIRECTORY ERRATA. The following updates should be made to your Alumni Directories:

Change email address for Patricia Becker Oles (71) to

Change State for Pam Roundy Hicks (63) from Nebraska to Nevada.

Add to Class of 72 Section: Raymond J. Gibb, 7438 San Benito Dr., Houston, TX 77083-4404, H: 281-879-4065, W: 713-216-5908;,

2. HORNETMAN 2000 SCRIPT. As promised some time ago, I am happy to be able to reprint below the absolutely hilarious script for the Hornetman 2000" radio serial written by Dan Bayne (71) and presented by Dans troupe of radio thespians at the All Classes Reunion on 6/24/00. Hearing this presentation sure brought back many warm, high school-era memories of Mr. Coluzzi, Mrs. Johnson, Gerald Pickeral (who attended the event), Glendal Jenkins, Ellen Talbert-Miller (who attended the event), and the many other conventional and quirky characters featured in that extraordinary and much-loved P.A. radio serial from the late 60s and early 70s. (Of course, you had to be there.) Kudos to Dan and his talented troupe!

3. DONT MISS THE OSCARS! I am extremely thrilled to report that Marcia Gay Harden (76), has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her work in the film Pollock. (Youll note that only she and Ed Harris get billing in the prominent newspaper ads for the film.) You can see some photos of Marcia at Congratulations, Marcia, and good luck!

4. SEARCH ASSISTANCE REQUEST. Amy Martin,, is trying to locate Cynthia Louise Robinson (80), and she asks that you please contact her if you have any information that might help her.

5. CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations to Tony Antonioli, son of Vince Antonioli (69) and Terry Zinneman Antonioli (70), who just won the State Championship at 160 pounds in the private school State Wrestling Tournament! This is a truly remarkable achievement!

Congratulations also to our Y2K Reunion Parking Lot Attendant, Alex Smith, son of yours truly and Donna Rae Smith (70), who just finished 8th in the public school State Wrestling Tournament, posting the best performance of all 152 pounders (a 7-1 loss) against the repeating State Champion.

In the words of the great and legendary Lew Jenkins, long-time Surratts wrestling coach and State Wrestling Hall of Fame honoree, these are extraordinary feats by two of the worlds toughest boys in the worlds toughest sport. Way to go Tony and Alex!

6. DANCE FUN. Christmas in April, a charity directed by Mary Kucharski (76), will hold a benefit dinner and dance on 3/31/01 featuring the band Old But Not Cold. Tickets are $15 per person, and the price includes dinner (5:30 7:00 p.m.) and OBNCs classic rock (7:00 p.m. - midnight). The event will be held at the Clinton Moose Lodge at 10404 Brandywine Road. For more information, call 301 868 0937. (Also, feel free to call Mary if youd like to offer your skills, general person-power, or funds to Christmas in Aprils homebuilding and other activities.)

7. FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT. Reprinted below is the annual report for the Foundations first year of operation. I think youll be impressed by the many things accomplished in such a short time by the committed and generous group of over 100 volunteers and numerous donors whove worked so hard to make the Foundation a vibrant, successful reality. Thanks to you all!

I hope all is well with you and yours. All the best! Henry Smith (71),


Annual Report for Period 3/00 - 2/01


A. Establishment of Foundation. The Foundation was incorporated as a Maryland not-for-profit corporation on 3/17/00.

B. IRS Tax-Exempt Entity Determination. The Foundation was determined by the IRS to be a tax-exempt charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) on 6/16/00.

C. First Annual Golf Outing. The Foundation held its first annual Golf Outing, at the Andrews AFB South Course, on 6/23/00. Over 120 golfers participated, representing alumni from the Classes of 1957 to 1987, and over 30 sponsors supported the event. The Golf Outing raised $1,000 for the Foundation, presented a check for $6,000 to the family of the late Wayne Buck Buchanan (76), and presented a check for $1,000 to the National Liver Foundation. Thanks go to Jackie Toth Wolfe (76), Bill Thomas (77) and Evan Vutsinas (76), and their committee for a job beautifully done. (See for a more complete report on this event.)

D. First All Classes Reunion. The Foundation held its first All Classes (1907-2000) Reunion and School Open House on 6/24/00. A sell-out crowd of over 1,700 former faculty, parents and alumni from the Class of 1938 to the Class of 2001 attended, and over 100 volunteers worked tirelessly to make the event a success. A check for $1,700 was presented to the School from proceeds of this event. (See for a more complete report on this event.)

The Foundation plans to hold an All Classes Reunion every five years, with 6/25/05 already set for the next Reunion.

E. First Annual All Classes Motorcycle (and Car) Ride. The Foundation held its first annual All Classes (1907-2000) Motorcycle (and Car) Ride on 6/25/00. Almost 40 motorcycles, and approximately 70 alumni, from Classes from the 50s through the 90s, participated on motorcycles, and in convertibles, vans, autos, and a dune buggy . (See for a more complete report on this event.) Greg Laxton (81) did a great job of coordinating this event.

The next Annual Ride is scheduled for 10 a.m., at the School, on Sunday 6/24/01, bound for Colonial Beach, VA.

F. First All Classes Sock-Hop. The Foundation held its first All Classes (1907-2000) Sock-Hop on 6/25/00, featuring the fabulous Hubcaps. A sell-out crowd of 500 former faculty, parents and alumni from the Class of 1941 to the Class of 1991 attended, and over 25 volunteers worked tirelessly to make the event a success. A check for $500 was presented to the School from proceeds of this event. (See for a more complete report on this event.) Special thanks go to Dale Rocky Simon (69), Jimi Simon (71) and Janie Noelte all of the Hubcaps for helping to make this event such a success.

The Foundation plans to hold an All Classes Sock-Hop every five years, with the next Sock-Hop scheduled for 6/25/05, and with the Hubcaps already booked.

G. Alumni Directory. Thanks to Leslie St. Clair (70), the Foundation published the first Surrattsville Alumni Directory in December 2000. The Directory contains entries from the faculty, parents, and the Classes of 1934 through 2000. Leslie will continually update the Directory with submitted information, including summary paragraphs submitted by those listed in the Directory. The Directory will be re-issued at least every five years. Please send updates and summary paragraphs, listing your graduation year, to Leslie at

H. Alumni Outreach Committee. The Foundation established an Alumni Outreach Committee which serves, in effect, as Surrattsvilles Alumni Association. Henry Smith (71),, is the current chair of this Committee.

I. General Fund. The Foundation established a General Fund to be used to fund the general activities of the Foundation. These activities include gifts to the School, scholarships to Surrattsville graduates, and the like. The Foundations scholarship criteria were developed in conjunction with the Foundations IRS tax-exemption application, and have been approved by the IRS. As of 3/1/01, the General Fund balance was $16,201.69. (See list of Charter Donors, below.)

J. Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund. Thanks to the vision and generosity of Charlie Cooper (52), the Foundation established a Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund. Donations to this Fund, which are made in honor of Surrattsville principals, faculty and staff, are used to benefit current Surrattsville students. As of 3/1/01, the Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund balance was $11,800. (See for more detail on this Fund, and see list of Charter Donors, below.)

K. Web Site. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Bill Thomas (77), the Foundation established a comprehensive (and fun!) web site at The web site will serve as the primary source of information about the Foundation for alumni, former faculty and staff, the current School community, and potential donors.

L. Archival Efforts. Thanks to hard work of Shelby Lee Albertsen (79), an archive or Surrattsville history was established by the Foundation. Shelby managed to save from destruction a number of photos and other treasures from the history of the School, and she presented a display at the Y2K Reunion. The Foundation also created a Surrattsville slide show, which was presented at the Y2K events. Contributions to the archive are welcomed and encouraged.

M. Achievement Award. The Foundation established an annual Achievement Award. Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller (60) received the inaugural Achievement Award, and the Foundations Achievement Award Committee is considering candidates for the 2001 Award. Nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

N. Reconnections. The work of the Foundation served to encourage many reconnections between Surrattsville alumni. For instance, a number of Classes that had not held reunions previously, or that had ceased to hold reunions, have renewed their interest in reunions and rejuvenated and re-energized their Class activities. In addition, many alumni have been reconnected with faculty and staff members who made a major difference in their lives.

II. 2001 Activities. The Foundations 2001 activities include the following:
- Working to acquire U.S. government surplus computers for the School
- Planning for the annual Golf Outing
- Planning for the annual Motorcycle (and Car) Ride
- Assisting individual Classes with their reunion plans
- Planning an annual fund raising event
- Presenting the annual Achievement Award
- Granting the first Foundation scholarships to graduating students
- Making the first grants from the Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund
- Continuing the work of the Alumni Outreach Committee
- Establishing Outreach Committees for students, faculty, parents and the community


The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc. Final List of Charter Donors


Brenda C. Karnes
Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, 61)
Helen Orleans
Anne S. Noyes, in memory of Jean Moorehead


Minerva Sanders


Frances G. Wells


Rosa England Bolen, in memory of John M. Pryde


John David Summers


Lolita Carolyn Carrico Summers


Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of John M. Pryde
Charles J. Cooper 52, in memory of Lee Red Oliver 52
Darda J. Heal


Lorraine Bush Davis
Elizabeth Lusk Heal


Helen Bovbjerg Niedung, in memory of Jean Moorehead
Jane Edwards Robison


Patricia Theunissen Reinhart, in memory of Alma Schaefer Theunissen (26), Alton Burgess (54), Richard Ryan (54) and Merle Folsom (54)


Homer L. Revis, Jr.


Vicky Jo-Anna Young, in memory of Merritt E. Young (57)


Ellen Talbert-Miller (see, also, Faculty)
Joan Gamble Schreiber, in memory of Richard W. Schreiber (61)
Joan Penn Revis


Robert E. Cox
Suzan Martz Holmquist


The Class of 1963
Mary Jeanette Goldsmith McKenna
Joseph Michael Somers
Pamela McIntyre Shooks
Dale McCammon
Ruth A. Barrowcliff, in memory of the 63 classmates who are no longer with us, but will remain in our hearts and memories forever
Diane S. Hemmes


Carol Darlene Tisdale Whitsell, in memory of Jean Moorehead
Lynn Harris Schwesig, in honor of Lillian Holland
Robert S. Jeter


M. Edward Jaffe
Robert Spencer

Tondelayo F. Varelli
Donna Lynn Witherow Wilson
David R. Coffield, Jr., in memory of Carl Scott (65)
Robert C. Ginnett, with thanks to Jane Baskin
Catherine Wise McCloy
Judy Gordon Mentlik
The Class of 1965
David M. Duesler
Norman S. Carmichael
Carol Fite Mothershead
Charles L. Mothershead
Nancy Oursler Maynard, in Memory of Bill Gwynn (64)


Sandra Evans Lyon


Robert J. Brewer


Lee Hessberg
Michelle Wilson Block
Gerda Willkomm Parr


Melissa J. Gilcrest
Beverly Statler Thrift
JoAnne C. Hainline


Lois Barrett Hessberg
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith
Leslie St. Clair
Georganna L. Stevens
Charles Allen Gorday, Jr.
Beth R. Horton
The Class of 1970
Charles H. Yowell


P. Michael Blair
Shawn Craw Blau
Carol J. Kramer
Suzanne Meilert Lubin
Patrick McMenamin
Henry A. Smith, III
Thomas E. Shultz
Dennis L. Thrift
Thomas H. Hobbs
Victor H. Negron
Sherri Koch Gay
The Class of 1971
Lark Bergwin Anderson
Dan M. Bayne
Beverly Menefee McGuire
Richard Scott McWhirt
Mark C. Fields
Alice A. Talmadge
Patricia Becker Oles, in Honor of Leonard Anderson
Wallace R. Sally, Jr.


Henry Philip Miller, Jr., In Memory of James Herbert


Jeanine M. Maclary, in memory of James R. Carroll, Jr.
Louise Gorday MacIntosh


D. Andrew Grafton
Joyce Dennis Owens
Laurie Martin Roberts
Mary Meares
Richard Torrecarion


Darlene Dodson Bayne
Trina Jones Selby


Evan Vutsinas
Cindy Thompson Vutsinas
Jackie Toth Wolfe


Connie Zmarzly Torrecarion
Tamara (Tami) McDowell Ayres


Laura J. Bader


Kenneth John Housewright


Sandi Miley Miller


Barbara C. McCreary


Michael Charles Cassidy


James M. Warner
Tracy Jenkins Lawson
Merry Ann Tan


Eric Sanders
The Class of 1990


Erinn Sanders


Evinn Sanders



Ladies and Gentlemen, Hornetman 2000 is lovingly dedicated to the everlasting memory of Roland Coluzzi, vice-principal of Surrattsville High School, without whose selfless dedication to the students of Surrattsville, there would never have been a Hornetman!

(Music up)

Hornetman 2000, a Bayne-Perron production
Sound by Smith Sound Inc.
Security by Clagett Enterprises...and starring
Lori Pinkey, Class of 71 as Pinky
Glenda Gillan Schornick, Class of 70 as Brainy
Darlene Bayne, Class of 75 as Captain Johnsdaughter
Ruth Barrowcliff, Class of 63 as Ellen Tollbooth
David Faircloth, Class of 71 as Glenjenkins...and

Tom Schultz, Class of 71 as RC Greenpeace & Hornetman

As our story opens, it is a sad time for all in beautiful Metropolitan Surrattsville, for their hero and protector, Hornetman, has given his life to save the populous from the evil Pinky and her sidekick Brainy. Their plot to rid Surrattsville of all indigenous insect life through a massive application of DDT failed, thanks to the heroic efforts of Hornetman.

In her laboratory, Pinky, notorious criminal mastermind, and her sidekick Brainy are celebrating the demise of Hornetman.

Lets drink a toast Brainy. With that flying BeeVomit out of the way, Surrattsville is ours!

Gosh boss, the good stuff, Chateau de BK Millers. I see youve spared no expense.

Money is no object Brainy. Besides they were having a case lot sale.

So whats our plan now Pinky?

Something so diabolical, it will bring the economy of Surrattsville to its knees.

But what about Capt. Johnsdaughter?

With Hornetman out of the picture, Capt. Johnsdaughter will be no match for us.

(Both laugh diabolically)

At the same time at stately Pooh Bear Manor, located at #1 Honeypot Lane, former socialite, now town spinster Ellen Tollbooth offers a toast to the heroic memory of Hornetman with her guests, Capt. Johnsdaughter and Glenjenkins.

He was a saint. I remember in 1970 when he rescued poor Pooh Bear from the clutches of that evil Goon Squad. Why I just dont know what Id have done all these years without Hornetman. And now...(sobbing) hes gone!

Yes Roland Jacuzzi was quite a man. He stood for all that is good and decent in Surrattsville. I shall cherish his friendship always.

Yes, he was a bug among men! But you know, it might be possible to continue his legacy. If we were to search his hive, we might discover a sample of his DNA. With that, Ellen and I could spend weeks locked together in the chemistry lab trying to develop a serum that would enable someone else to become a Hornetman. I still have several of his old crime fighter uniforms down at the antique store.

Do you really think thats possible Glenjenkins?

With our combined scientific knowledge? Why yes, I do!

Weeks locked in a lab Glenjenkins? I think not!

Ok, well leave the door open!

As Ellen Tollbooth and Glenjenkins go to work to discover the secret of Hornetmans powers, Pinky and Brainy are hard at work on a plan to undermine Surrattsvilles economy.

Brainy, we are going to embark on a scheme to install vending machines for everything. We will corner the market. Just think, mystery meat on a stick. Itll put those portion challenged cafeteria workers out of business.

Yeah, and that new Janitor in a Drum...boy Gerry PickleBarrel wont know what hit

him and his custodial staff.

(Both laugh diabolically)

And so as Pinky and Brainy go about the business of replacing every aspect of commercial enterprise in Surrattsville with a vending machine, a frustrated Capt. Johns daughter phones the laboratory of Glenjenkins.

Glenjenkins chemlab and used crap nobody wants anymore! You kill em, we chill em.

Ellen, is that you?

Good news CJ, I think Glenjenkins is on to something, but we need a human victim, er test subject. Do you have any ideas?

As a matter of fact, I do. Ive been giving this a lot of thought. What about RC Greenpeace? Hes smart, athletic, good looking.......

I get the picture!

....a sex machine to all the chicks...

For heavens sake Johnsdaughter, get your head out of the sewer, thats John Shaft!

And we can dig it!

Johnsdaughter, I think thats a brilliant choice, but will he do it? It could be very dangerous.

Leave that to me.

Capt. Johnsdaughter wastes no time in calling on RC Greenpeace, visiting him at his universal map emporium and tanning salon.

So Johnsdaughter, if I do this, whats in it for me?

Only the admiration and thanks of every citizen of Surrattsville. Not to mention that youll be a major chick magnet!

WOW! Thats good enough for me. Where do I sign up?

And so, Capt. Johnsdaughter and RC Greenpeace make their way to the lab where Ellen Tollbooth and Glen Jenkins have completed work on the Hornetman serum.

I feel overwhelmed by all of this, after all no one can replace Roland Jacuzzi.

Yes, Roland Jacuzzis sting will be hard to duplicate, but we must stop Pinky and Brainy, or Surrattsville will become the automat of the East Coast.

Are you ready RC?

Lets do it!

And so Ellen and Capt. Johnsdaughter set about strapping him down to the surgical

table, as Glenjenkins prepares the serum for injection.

Hold on to your butts. Here goes nothing!

Glenjenkins injects RC with the experimental Hornetman serum.

How do you feel RC?

Im getting lightheaded. WOW! My whole body feels light as air. I want to wake up and smell the roses!

OK...lets unstrap him. OK RC, take off your shirt.

JC, not here, not now!

Get a life RC, we need to see if you have sprouted wings.

Amazingly, the mystical wings of HORNETMAN have begun to sprout out of RC.

Here, put on this uniform!

Uniform? Thats nothing but an old wrestling team warm-up suit and a pair of lab goggles.

Yeah, but its tradition!

(breaking into spontaneous song from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF) Tradition.....Tradition!

As Hornetman and the trio plot their demise, Pinky and Brainy are busy muscling in on businesses throughout Surrattsville.

I dont know Pinky. Surrattsville was a quieter place before McDonalds. You know when the choice was eat at Shulers or go out of town!

Quiet Moron. Do you hear that?

Sounds like bees to me boss.

(Bee sounds)

Look up there. But thats impossible. Hornetman is dead.

(Bee sounds get louder)

Thats right Pinky, youre wrong. And you two are going to spend the rest of your miserable lives in the hive of evildoers for the murder of Roland Jacuzzi.

Dont sting us Hornetman...please dont sting us!

As CAPT. JOHNSDAUHGTER arrives on the scene.

Capt....take these 2 maggots into custody. THEY MAKE ME SICK!!!

And so Capt. Johnsdaughter places Pinky and Brainy under arrest.

Youll never hold us copper!

Yeah, Hornetman. Dont think youve heard the last from us!

(Both laugh diabolically)

Later, back at Pooh Bear Manor.

That was very brave RC.

Roland Jacuzzi would have been proud RC.

Yes RC, great work.

Ah, the names HORNETMAN folks. But I have just one question. What do we do with all of these vending machines?

Sell them at my Used Crap That Nobody Wants Anymore Outlets, of course.

(All laugh hysterically)

And so Surrattsvilles citizens can once again sleep at night, secure in the knowledge that once again thanks to Roland Jacuzzis DNA, Hornetman is back on the job!




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