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E-Notice 2001-08

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THIS IS E-NOTICE 2001-8 OF AUGUST 17, 2001

Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. CALLING ALL LEADS ON THE CLASS OF 1996. The Class of 96 ORC, Jennifer Cross, is trying valiantly to upgrade the data base on members of that Class. Would anyone who might have any kind of a lead on any Class of 96 member (or a relative or friend thereof) please send Jennifer an email at

2. ART OFFERING. Three sculptures by our fellow alum and noted D.C.-area sculptor, Harry Revis (57), will be on display at the North End Gallery in Leonardtown, MD through September 5. Drop by the Gallery if youd like to take a look at Harrys very provocative work.

3. MIAs. Joann Wagnon Parks (64) is trying to locate Janice Hart and Virginia Mitchel from her Class. Janice was last seen in Charlottesville and Virginia somewhere in West Virginia. Any ideas for Joan (

4. MORE RECONNECTIONS. Heres a cool story from Maura DeDominicis Betler (81): Dear Henry: Here is a neat story of a Southwest Hornet re connect. My husband and I have been living in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1995. We moved out here without knowing a soul. I was forwarded an email that was originated by an "Ed Wolfe" with office contact information containing my same area code. I remembered an Eddie Wofe who graduated with my sister, Traci DeDominicis Renner ('83), so I took a chance and called the number. It was the same Eddie, and we talked on the phone for over one hour reliving our high school days. We found out that we share some of the same interests, and are getting together this weekend to attend a party given by a friend of Ed's who attended Douglas High School in Upper Marlboro and lives in Arizona now. Ed's brother, Gilbert, graduated from Surratts in 1981. BTW: My husband and I will be moving to Sedona, Arizona in September (see, and I understand that Mr. Ben Collins has a son who lives there with his family. It certainly is a small world!

5. SPECIAL AND HISTORICAL NUPTIALS REPORT. Heres a nice report on the lovely and history-filled wedding of Mark Fields (71) and Suzanne Meilert (71), who renewed their acquaintance at the Y2K events: Dear Henry: On July 3, 2001 at approximately 7:00 PM Suzanne and I were married on the Presidential Yacht Sequoia. The ceremony was held on the upper deck somewhere on the Potomac (I was not totally aware of our position) with the monuments of Washington as a backdrop. It was as close to perfect as we could have possibly expected. Surrattsville alumni in attendance included Suzanne's brother Cary (75?) and sister Stephanie (74?), Jeanie West (71) and Carol Cooper (70?). The Sequoia served Presidents Hoover through Carter, (it was sold by Carter) and is a National Historic Monument. Kennedy's last birthday party was held there and Nixon made his decision to resign on board. Truman contemplated using the atomic bomb, Roosevelt relaxed on cruises, Ford signed treaties and Johnson had the shower floor lowered so he could stand erect. The yacht is now owned by a trust and is used for many Washington functions. All Presidents since Carter have also been aboard. We were very proud to add Surrattsville history to such a prestigious location. Our honeymoon was on the island of St. Lucia, which is a Caribbean paradise. A lovely place to begin our new life together. It has been a whirlwind experience. Our first date after the Y2K reunion was July 3, 2000, so our wedding date held special significance. Mark

6. WAY TO GO, BRO! Some of you who live in South Florida may have seen the extensive cover story with foot high handsome cover photo and numerous other photos entitled Rich Man, Poor Man: Is Tim Smith the Next Mayor of Fort Lauderdale? in the Fort Lauderdale City Link of August 8, 2001. The article speculates that current City Commissioner Tim Smith (74) may be Fort Lauderdales next mayor, and contains this cool, if somewhat historically bollixed, reference to our home town: [Smith grew up in] Surrattsville, Maryland, a small, tobacco farming town best known as the overnight destination of John Wilkes Booth ... after assassinating Abraham Lincoln. Life was nice in Surrattsville, so nice that Smith calls it an absolutely perfect upbringing. The article is very complimentary, and frank, and I for one think my little brother would be a great mayor! (Those of you interested in politics might get a kick out of visiting

7. HARDEN WATCH. Heres the latest sighting of Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden ('76). Victor Negron (71) reports that his wife Liza noted that Marcia appeared in Vogue Magazine in the August 2001 issue, page 116, showing what different actresses are wearing these days. (Lizas a Saks Assistant General Manager, so shes always on the lookout for such fashion news items.) Green and white chiffon, no doubt!

8. GOOD LUCK SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS. We extend our best wishes to our very distinguished 2001 scholarship recipients, who are about to start their college careers Christina Morse at Towson University, LaToya Harris at Livingtone College, and Tricialand Hilliard at Hampton University. Good luck, ladies!

9. STILL CALLING THOSE AGING ROCK AND ROLLERS. We are still interested in talking to former members of Surratts rock, soul and other bands who might like to donate their talents to the Surrattstock fund raising concert to be held on June 29, 2002. (Thanks to a number of you, weve gotten in touch with the Tuesday Boots, so theres a chance that perhaps the most popular Surratts band of all time will be joining us!)

I hope this finds all of you well-rested after a relaxing Summer. Best regards, Henry Smith (71),


RICHARD LARGE, father of Ron Large (68 - Ron held a Surratts long distance track record for a while), Don Large (70 - a great Surratts wrestler), Mike Large (74), Linda Large Collins (79), and Colleen Large Hall (84), and Uncle of several other Hornets, died on July 7. Richard and his wife Ivy were married for 56 years.




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