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E-Notice 2001-09

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. I know that all of us send out our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those members of the Surrattsville family, and all of the others, who were impacted by the unspeakable events of September 11. Heres an e-mail I received from Evan Vutsinas (76) that might provide us with a little hope: Dear Henry: I received word late this afternoon that Sue Grafton (76) was in the building directly across the street from the WTC. After the first hit she went out into the street and looked up to see the second. As she retreated she kept looking back to see the collapse. She then walked six miles home. Physically she is well. Thank God! Evan (Were going ahead with todays scheduled publication date for this e-Notice in the spirit of carrying-on in the face of Tuesdays horrific acts of terror.)

2. ANNUAL CAMPAIGN. The Foundation invites you to contribute to its 2001 annual campaign. Our goal for this little informal campaign is quite modest: to raise at least $1,500 to refresh the Foundations scholarship accounts after this years three $500 scholarships. Well achieve our goal if just 100 of us contribute $15 each. My wife, Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70), and I have seeded the pot with the first $30, and we challenge 98 more Hornets to join us to meet this years challenge. Thanks for considering this. (A Donor Form is below, and attached.)

3. CONVERTIBLES NEEDED. Current faculty member and SGA sponsor Lisa Johnson (SHS 90) reports that the SGA needs convertibles for the Homecoming parade to be held on Saturday October 20. Would any of you convertible owners be willing to participate in this noble cause, or do any of you know about any Washington area auto dealers that might like to donate the use of a convertible for the day? If so, please contact Lisa at or at the School at 301-599-2453.

4. MORE SEQUOIA MEMORIES. I received this cool story from Laura Obenchain Umphries (71): Hi Henry: Another interesting tidbit about the Sequoia. During our senior year (71) my father, John Obenchain, used to Captain the Sequoia, on a part time basis out of Bolling Air Force Base. When there were no dignitaries chartering it, he would take us out, we would catch crabs by dipping long handled nets off the deck (all while cruising at a slow speed) and my mother would cook them in beer in the galley as my Dad took us up and down the Potomac. I even took my boyfriend, Perry Umphries, (71) on a cruise with us and married him shortly after that on New Years Eve 1971. The Sequoia was a beautiful boat and I wondered what had happened to it. I know back in 1971 my father would talk about them retiring the Sequoia due to the cost of its upkeep. I'm glad to know it is still around; it holds wonderful memories for our family. Congratulations to Mark and Suzanne!!!! Laura Theres something about that boat, romance and Surratts!

5. HORNETS OF NOTE. I received this provocative email from Stacy Gielda (85), who now lives in Phoenix: Hello Henry: I was wondering how many of our fellow Hornets (in addition to those mentioned so far in e-Notices) have moved into the public eye. I know of one: Laura Sisk (89) who is on the soap opera The Guiding Light playing the character Cassie. I wonder who else we can find? Stacy Anybody know about any other noteworthy Hornets out there who we could recognize in future e-Notices?

6. A SUCCESSFUL SEARCH. A few days after e-Notice 2001-8, I received this nice email from Joann Wagnon Parks (64): Dear Henry: My friend Virginia (who we sought in a prior e-Notice) e mailed me from South Carolina! Apparently her cousin gets the Surratts e Notices. I'm going to talk to her on the phone this weekend. What amazing results. Virginia and I were right in that we attended all 12 years of school at Surrattsville and I haven't talked to her in over 20 years. Her mother and my mother were close friends. Thank you so much for your help. Joann. Maybe we dont have a physical meeting place like the Clinton Inn or Shulers anymore, but its nice that were building a 21st century cyber-community of Hornets! (By the way, Joann ( is still looking for Janice Hart (64). Any ideas?)

7. CLASS OF 92 TEN YEAR REUNION. Tasya Bracey (92) and Kristina Brown Covington (92) are organizing the Class of 92 Ten Year Reunion. All Class of 92 graduates, and folks with leads on Class of 92 graduates, are encouraged to check in with Tasya at or 301-470-2161.

8. CHILI LOVERS, TAKE NOTE. I received this mouth watering email from Lynn Harris Schwesig (64): Dear Henry: Below is information regarding an annual chili cook-off event in the Washington area. The big difference this year is I will be one of the cooks. After years of tormenting family and friends with my killer chili, fondly nicknamed "the chili that ate the pot," I will be turned loose on the general public. For anyone who wants to know that story, they'll have to come to the chili cook off. I'll be happy to share it. If you like country music, chili and supporting a great cause then this is must do event. More information on the entertainers and ticket prices can be found at In addition to the official judging there will be a People's Choice award. I hope any Surrattsville alum in attendance will vote for my chili. Look for the "Hillbilly Chili" booth. The National Kidney Foundation is an organization I wholehearted support. Both my father and my baby sister (class of '74) have lost kidneys, one to cancer and one to disease. All the money raised by this event will be used for research into kidney disease. I hope many of the great alums of Surrattsville will come out for a fun day and to support a great cause. Lynn

The National Kidney Foundations 21st Annual Hard Times Chili Cook Off will be held Saturday September 22, 2001, from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., at Oronoco Bay Park, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. The event will host over 70 chili cooks from across the region and several thousand chili enthusiasts and their families. Attendees will be treated to live band performances throughout the day, vendor booths, family entertainment, sideshows, and of course chili tasting. The competition will bring both new and experienced cooks together in a competition for top chili honors.

9. HARDEN WATCH. Colleen Large Hall (84), expert Harden spotter, reports: I saw a commercial last night for a movie with Marcia Gay Harden. It's called "Walking Shadow" airing in September on A&E. It's an A&E original movie. That MGH is everywhere these days. (By the way, I finally saw Pollock, and Marcia is certainly outstanding. I also caught Space Cowboys, and shes in that, too!)

10. SEEKING LOST HORNETS. Denise Hope (72),, is looking for the following Hornets: Janie Schlindler (72), Becki Boblett (71) and Rita Gilbo (72). Can anybody help Denise out? Denise also shared these interesting and unique items: The March 26 e-Notice article about John Previti (72) brought back this fond memory of John that I would like to share. It was Senior Class Picture Day and John was in line behind me. I was fretting over not having a necklace on and saw that John was wearing a wooden cross. I asked him if I could wear it for the photo and every time I see my Senior Class picture, I think of John!

Also, I went searching for my Yearbook recently, I found a white scrapbook that I had all but forgotten about. When I opened it, on the first page, written in Asian printing, was the word "Hair". Little did I know 30 years later I would be the proud mom of two Asian (Chinese) children, Hope (age 5.5) and Faith (age 19 months)... but I digress. The album was inspired by the Broadway play at the time called "Hair" and I had printed the words to the song Hair on the pages. When turning past that first page, I began to get this very eery feeling, because on the following pages were locks of hair with the photos of those friends from long ago.

Joan Buckler (71), Rusty Chaney (71), Jan Geddes (71), Joyce Geisler (70), Jean Gilbert (7?), Pat Gilbo (71), Rita Gilbo (72), Matt Gillcrest (71), Gil Gillan (69), Linda Hall (72), David Hanna (72), Debbie Harris (71), Margaret Harris (7?), Debbie Herbert (71), Kathy Herman (71), George Hertzog (73), Vicki Jones (72), Dee Keech (71), Dawn King (72), Mary Kolb (72), Carol Kramer (71), JoAnne LePore (72), Doug Lingerfelt (72), Carol Meares (72), Terry Meredith (72), Debbie Persinger (71), John Previti (72), Pam Selby (72), Mike Sprouse (70), Kathy Taylor (72), Perry Umphries (71), Mona Vizyak (72). Jimmy Schumacher (70)... there is an entire page of his hair (must have had a major haircut) and it looks like a lot of my hair place on his... I had a crush on Jimmy, but he never knew. I see a few names that have passed on to the great beyond, and most all of the people, I have lost complete contact with. So if your hair is among the names above and you have lost more strands than you'd like to admit, let me know and I'll send yours back to you! Denise Hope (72),

11. PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY COUNCIL REDISTRICTING. Foundation Board member, and Surrattsville parent, Minerva Sanders,, has been following recent discussions about a possible redistricting of Clintons County Councilmanic District. Minerva invites any of you who reside in the Clinton area who would like more information on this issue to contact her by email.

12. SURRATTSTOCK UPDATE. Our plans for the Surrattstock fund raising concert on Saturday June 29, 2002 are proceeding nicely. In addition to those bands noted previously in e-Notices, we now have Old But Not Cold and members of United Orange, Mystic Blue and Big Boy lending their musical talents to this good cause. Please contact me if you know of any other bands from the golden era of live music at Surratts that would like to participate, and please plan to attend this fun, and extremely unique, event.

Please be safe until we meet again, Henry Smith (71),


PAT CAPLAN PELLETIER (57). We were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing in August of Pat Kaplan Pelletier (57). Pat had served since before the Y2K events as the Official Reunion Contact for the Class of 1957, and her assistance with the planning of the Y2K events was invaluable. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pats family, including her daughter, Sandy Pelletier Richnafsky, the Class of 79 Official Reunion Contact.







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