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E-Notice 2001-11

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES. Thanks to the generosity of the donors listed below, we have almost reached our $1,500 goal for our little informal annual campaign. You may recall that our modest goal for this years campaign was to replace the funds given out by the Foundation as scholarships last May. Many heartfelt thanks to those of you who have contributed to date, and its not too late to make a contribution to this years campaign. (A Donor Form is reprinted below and attached.)

2. SPEAKING OF GENEROSITY. Speaking of generosity, the next time youre in the School (e.g., at Surrattstock on 6/29/02, at the next All Classes Reunion and Sock-Hop event on 6/25/05, etc.), be sure to stop in the lobby and see the absolutely lovely framed certificate honoring those forward-thinking Charter Donors to the Foundation whose vision helped get this noble effort started. (The Charter Donors certificate hangs on the left-hand wall near the various framed proclamations from the Y2K events.) Thanks again to all of you Charter Donors!

3. KEVIN FITZGERALD, PAINTER. Some of you in the Annapolis area may have been lucky enough to see the beautiful October show at the Main Street Gallery featuring the works of one of Surratts most accomplished and renowned artists, Kevin Fitzgerald (71). Kevins paintings are absolutely beautiful, and are in many collections around the country. A new book, Kevin Fitzgerald - Selected Works contains many examples of Kevins paintings, as well as praise for Kevins work from a number of quarters. Kevins bio in the back of the book proudly notes that Kevin graduated from Surrattsville High School before going on to study at the Maryland Institute and GW. You can see some of Kevins work at, (although his rather grand and evocative paintings really need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated). You art lovers out there might want to keep your eyes open for the next show featuring Kevins work.

4. POPCORN MACHINE. I am proud to report that, in a small but much-appreciated gesture, the Foundation has purchased a popcorn machine for student organizations at the School to use in their fund raising efforts. The popcorn machine was the idea of the Pom Squad, and they and the SGA have set up a system to care for, and allocate usage of, the machine. Way to go, kids!

5. STAIN DOLL TRIO. Tony Clay (66) reports that Fred Ferris (66), his wife and a colleague are really making a name for themselves in the jazz music world as the Satin Doll Trio. (Fred got his musical start as a bassist for the Tuesday Boots!). A glowing review of the ensembles newest CD can be found at, and more information on the Trio can be found at their web site, They play often around the D.C. area, for those of you whod like to see them.

6. RESCHEDULED GOLF OUTING. The Golf Outing Committee is happy to report that the postponed Golf Outing and Fund Raiser has been re-scheduled for Friday June 28, 2002. The event will once again be held at Andrews AFB, and is sure to be even more fun and successful than the fabulous event the Committee put on in 2000. (The Committee decided to hold the event on the same weekend as Surrattstock, and a number of individual Class Reunions, in order to make it easy for folks to make a weekend out of it.) The Committee will be publishing information on tickets and sponsorship opportunities in future e-Notices.

7. BLESSED EVENT. Congratulations to Roy Nestor (72) and Jana Simms Nestor (72) on the birth, to their son Tony and his wife Bridget, of their new grandson, Jacob Nestor. Jacob was born on October 21, 2001 in Fort Myers, Florida.

8. THANKS, JUDGES. A special thanks goes out to the following alumni who volunteered their time to serve as judges for the wild and crazy Class Competition Night held at the School in conjunction with this years Homecoming celebration: Jeanette Goldsmith McKenna (63), Gerda Willkom Parr (68), Kenya Samuels (95), Jennifer Cross (96), and Ginger Henderson (00). The students involved had a great evening, and the judges managed to avoid injury and all controversy!

9. SMALL WORLD DEPARTMENT. I received this cool note from Madeline Ivosevic Oetinger (65): Dear Henry: I'm sending you something which falls into the "small world" category. My youngest son brought home his delightful girlfriend, Danielle, who he met as they are both students at the University of Louisville. During a conversation, she mentioned to me that her parents had attended school in Maryland and, when I asked where, she replied, "Surrattsville, you've probably never heard of it." Ha! So "hello" from Owensboro, Kentucky to Bill Baney who I remember from my graduating Class of '65 and all of Danielle's other relatives....parents and cousins who attended SHS in various years, Georgiana Baney, Tim Baney, Wayne Haman, Glenn Haman and Daryl Haman. Best wishes, Madeline Ivosevic Oetinger

10. VIDEO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. The Schools Media Center Director, Ann Reck, reports that the Schools studio video camera just died on us. The School uses the camera everyday for "Surrattsville Live" as well as in TV production classes. Would any alum happen to have any ideas about some source that might want to donate to the Foundation a reduced price, or better yet free, studio video camera to replace this one?

11. OLD HIPPIES NEVER DIE. I received this cute e-mail from Laura Obenchain Humphries (71), wife of Perry Humphries (71) whose long-haired exploits were recalled by Mark Fields (71) in the last e-Notice: Dear Henry: Mark Fields comments about Perry's hair brought back memories. Perry and I just became grandparents for the 5th time on October 3rd. Our Grandchildren range in ages between 11 and the newborn, Georgianna! Mark was right that Perry was teased and threatened about his hair when he was younger, frequently being called "hippie" in a derogatory manor. Nowadays, the term "old hippie" is used lovingly by friends, family and coworkers! Even though our hair is "thin and turning gray" one thing has always remained constant...Perry's hair... which now is almost to his waist. Boy,"those times are a changing". Love, Laura.

12. FOUNDATION BROCHURE. The Foundation now has a simple, but attractive and informational, tri-fold brochure describing its activities. Please send me an email at if you would like copies for any educational, fund raising or other efforts.

13. CONGRATULATIONS, SHELBY! Many of you who attended the Y2K events enjoyed the fabulous Surratts archival display put together, with much effort, by the Foundations historian, Shelby Lee (now Opperman) (79). In the process of putting the display together, Shelby saved many priceless historical treasures that, literally, were headed for the dumpster. Were happy to congratulate Shelby on her marriage, on November 17th, at Christ Church in Chaptico, MD. (Shelby currently uses her artistic talents at the 12' x 16' framing workshop she operates at her home, and she also operates an antiques and gourmet food section at the Maryland Antique Center in Leonardtown.)

14. MORE OF THE PAST PAVED OVER. I just heard on the radio that IKEA is building a 45 acre superstore at the northwest corner of Route 1 and the Beltway. Some of you former Hornet wrestlers may remember this as the spot where the wrestling team sometimes stayed overnight in little motor lodge cottages while competing in the County Wrestling Tournament. (Was it called the College Park Motor Lodge?)

15. NEW WEB SITE THAT MIGHT BE OF INTEREST. Ive just come across a new commercial web site that might be of interest to alumni. Its called, and, although I havent explored its features, it seems to be a more single-school-focused version of other commercial sites like and (The site gives a nice, prominent plug to the Foundations web site, for which were very grateful.)

16. RENOVATED FOUNDATION WEB SITE. Speaking of the Foundation web site, dont forget to take a look at the recently renovated web site at, which has lots of useful information about Foundation events, Class reunions and the like, as well as a message board and lots of handsome photos. I notice that some folks are starting to use the Message Center feature of the Foundation web site to check in about, and share information about, Class Reunions and the like.

17. HORNET HOOPS GLORY. Heres another cool small world item I recently received: Dear Henry: I'm a former Surratts student who receives the e-Notices (much appreciated by me, currently living in Heidelberg, Germany and freezing my poor old buttocks!! :). As you're probably aware, another former Hornet is enjoying national exposure for his efforts. Dennis Felton (not sure of his class, possibly '76) is the head coach of Western Kentucky University basketball team. He's been there a couple of years (I'd seen his name when he got the job) and has increasingly been recognized as an up and coming coach (even to the point of being included in a list of coaches who are to be considered unknown, but worth knowing). On November 15, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers knocked off their in state rival, the University of Kentucky, number 4 in the country! Great news for Dennis and his team. Ciao from Germany, Gary Bowie (didn't really graduate from my Class of '79, but still consider Clinton "home"). Congratulations to Dennis and the Hilltoppers! (And thanks to Gary for passing that along.)

18. SURRATTSTOCK UPDATE. The list of musical talent that will be appearing at Surrattstock on Saturday night June 29, 2002 continues to grow. Please send me an email if youd like to participate as a musician in this truly once-in-a-lifetime event. And please follow future e-Notices for ticket information.

I hope this email finds you and yours safe, well, and looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable long holiday weekend!

Best regards! Henry Smith (71),


Michael Miller (70)
Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr. (74)
Tamara McDowell Ayres (77), In Memory of Patrick OBrien Maddox (76)
Leslie St. Clair (70)
Jennie St. Clair (71)
Erin St. Clair Shreve (75)
Blaise Miller (76)
Wendy Miller (76)
Margaret Harris (Faculty)
Vicky Young (57), In Memory of Patricia E. Kaplan Pelletier (57)
Henry Smith (71)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)
Lark Bergwin Anderson (71)
Roy Nestor (72)
Jana Sims Nestor (72)
Anne Noyes (Faculty, 27 years)..
John M. Ryle (71)
Norman Carmichael (65), In Memory of Karen Bitterman Kitzmiller (65) and Dorothy Groomes Morell (65)
Alicita Salsa (Suzanne Meilert Lubin Fields (71))
Kevin Fitzgerald (71)
Cara De Dominicis (84)
Ellen Talbert Miller (61, and faculty)
David M. Duesler (65)




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