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E-Notice 2002-01

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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1. MORE HORNET HOOP GLORY. Todd Fong (80),, who was kind enough to fill-in some of the missing information on Dennis Felton (81), Coach of the Western Kentucky University basketball team, is himself the Coach of the College of Southern Maryland basketball team. You can read about the CSM team, its schedule, and the like at Good luck to Todd and his team for the current season! (Incidentally, Todd and his team are looking for a pep band to play at their home games. Perhaps Mr. Mortimers Southern Maryland Concert Band? Does anyone have any ideas for Todd?)

2. SEEKING LOST HORNETS. Terry Goodwin (64),, is looking for information on Leroy Stirewalt (64). Becky Hurd (77),, also tosses her name onto the list of folks seeking contact information for the aforementioned Mr. Mortimer. In addition, Kelly Guice Shultz ('83),, is looking for a fellow classmate, Margaret (Peggy) Getz ('83). (The last word Kelly had heard of Margaret, she had married and moved to Florida.) Joe Capone (76),, is looking for David Hanbury, an awesome guitarist from the Class of 78". Finally, Sheree Godshall Davis (74),, is trying to track down Steven Tobias (Toby) Whitley (72)

3. HORNETS LENDING A HELPING HAND. In response to Marilyn Crow Woodwards (69) inquiry in the last e-Notice, weve learned that Col. Bob Marr (71),, is the commander of the Northeast Air Defense Sector, the Air Force unit that launched the fighters from Cape Cod and Langley VA on 9/11, and that controlled the skies over the whole Northeast during the days that the FAA kept all civilian air traffic on the ground. Bobs a fighter pilot himself, and has flown a few F 15 fighter sorties over New York City since 9/11. Bob shares this hopeful insight from his recent experience: NYC is an interesting sight from the air a definite scar on Lower Manhattan, but New York is big and it will survive. Of course, just a little ways across the water is the Statue of Liberty to help keep it all in perspective! We wish a particularly safe and happy new year to Bob and his wife, Debbie Cox Marr (72).

4. AND SPEAKING OF SERVING ONES COUNTRY. We wanted to send out a special congratulations to Ryan Felton, son of Lori Pinkey (71),, who graduates from Thomas Stone High School in May after four distinguished years in it top-rated marching band. Ryan has always been ready to lend a much appreciated youthful helping hand to Surratts Reunions and Foundation events. Ryan will be joining the Air Force in August. He did early enlistment and will soon join the ranks of Loris siblings, Sheryl (Gwynn Park 63), Len (Surratts '67), Susan Smith (Surratts '77), as well as Loris nephew, father, uncle and grandfather, all of whom have or had military careers. Loris nephew Josh (Len's youngest) graduates from West Point this year. Now theres a Surratts family thats done, and is doing, its part to keep us all safe! Against this background Lori reports: I guess I was the flower child of the family! Do you remember our Spring of '71 walk-out in protest of the invasion of Cambodia? The Prince Georges County Police showed up with weapons!!! Yet another reminder of how the times they are a changin!

5. 1984 YEARBOOK WANTED. Lyric Keys (84),, is looking for a copy of the 1984 yearbook, to purchase or simply to view. Can anyone assist?

6. CAPTIONS WANTED. Were still trying to identify all of the individuals featured in photos at the Photo Archive button on the Foundations web site at Please drop me an email at if you can help out with this, and thanks to those of you who have already sent in lots of useful information. If you havent taken a look at the web site in a while, you might want to check it out.

7. FOND THOUGHTS SHARED. I received this nice note from Erin Luckeydoo (McMahan) (88): Dear Henry: Would you mind sending this out to everyone in your listing? Remembered: 12/19/01 marks the 4th anniversary of my mother's death, Paula Marie McMahan (Bradley, 67). Some of you may not be aware of this. My mom was and is a fantastic mother. She is the mother of 7 children, Me (88), Richie (91), David (91), Megan (St. Mary's Ryken, 95), Matthew (St. Mary's Ryken, 96), Rachel (12 yrs old), and Robbie (11 yrs old). She is also survived by 3 grandchildren, Jake (7yrs old), Chris (6 yrs old), and Makayla Paula (1 yrs old) with two more grandchildren on the way. She is an inspiration to me and to my brothers and sisters as she was always there for all of us, whether it was coaching our soccer teams, being team mother, or attending the numerous field trips we attended throughout the years. My parents had enough love and more to give so they adopted my youngest siblings from Korea, Rachel and Robbie who were defined as "special needs" children. The only special needs these two children needed were the love of a family that ours was able and willing to provide. As this anniversary and holiday approaches, I ask all of you to take a look around your family and know that the holiday is meant for family and children. A part of our family is missing in body but her spirit lives on in her grandchildren and in our hearts. I love you Mom and miss you, but know you are always with me and the rest of us. May God bless all of you this holiday season. Thanks, Erin Luckeydoo (McMahan) 1988"

8. SURRATTSTOCK UPDATE. Tickets for the once-in-a-lifetime Surrattstock event, to be held on Saturday June 29, 2002, are selling briskly. Remember that the Y2K sock-hop sold out much more quickly than expected, and a number of people who waited to purchase their tickets were disappointed that they could not attend. In addition, the Foundations Golf Outing will be held on Friday June 28, 2002, the annual All Classes Motorcycle (and Car) Ride will be held on Sunday June 30, 2002, and a number of Classes are planning formal or informal reunions to coincide with the Surrattstock weekend. (Check with your Class ORC to find out if your Class will be holding such a get together.) Im confident that anyone with any level of interest in the music from the golden age, or live music in general, will find the Surrattstock event to be an extraordinarily unique and wonderful experience. (A Surrattstock ticket order form is attached and reprinted below.)

(Incidentally, one Surrattstock band is still looking for vocalists and horn players.)

9. BACK ISSUES OF E-NOTICES. Recently, several people new to the Foundations email list have asked where they can peruse back issues of e-Notices. They can be found on the Foundations recently renovated web site at

10. REVISIONIST HISTORY. This interestingly bollixed quote appeared in an article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun on January 12, 2002 concerning the on-going efforts by the descendants of Dr. Samuel Mudd to clear his name in connection with the Lincoln assassination plot: Booth was joined in Maryland by David Herold ... They rode to Surratts tavern, which still stands in Clintonville, about 12 miles south of Washington.

Heres hoping your 2002 will be your best year yet!

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),


Michael Miller (70)
Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr. (74)
Tamara McDowell Ayres (77), In Memory of Patrick OBrien Maddox (76)
Leslie St. Clair (70)
Jennie St. Clair (71)
Erin St. Clair Shreve (75)
Blaise Miller (76)
Wendy Miller (76)
Margaret Harris (Faculty)
Vicky Young (57), In Memory of Patricia E. Kaplan Pelletier (57)
Henry Smith (71)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)
Lark Bergwin Anderson (71)
Roy Nestor (72)
Jana Sims Nestor (72)
Anne Noyes (Faculty, 27 years)..
John M. Ryle (71)
Norman Carmichael (65), In Memory of Karen Bitterman Kitzmiller (65) and Dorothy Groomes Morell (65)
Alicita Salsa (Suzanne Meilert Fields (71))
Kevin Fitzgerald (71)
Cara De Dominicis (84)
Ellen Talbert Miller (61, and faculty)
David M. Duesler (65)
Susan Curtis Sturgill (65), in Memory of Robert Rusty Long
Tracy Ann Jenkins Lawson (88)
Michelle Wilson Block (68)
Joyce Dennis Owens (74), In memory of Deborah Stojka Simmons (74).
Eric Sanders (89)
Evinn Sanders (96)
Erinn Sanders (95)
Minerva Sanders (Parent)
Nadine Conrad Johnson (80), In Memory of Allison J. Hinckle
Sherri Koch Gay (71)




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