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E-Notice 2002-02

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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1. GOLF OUTING PLANS FINALIZED. Thanks to our very hard-working Golf Outing Committee, consisting of Jackie Toth Wolfe (76), Jeff Lindley (76) and Evan Vutsinas (76), plans for this years Golf Outing and Fund Raiser have been finalized, and a sign-up form is attached. As previously reported, were seeking golfers, sponsors, and folks who would like to sponsor members of the current Surratts golf team so they can play along.

The Golf Outing will be held on FRIDAY JUNE 28 (the day before Surrattstock and two days before the annual All Classes Ride to Solomons Island), and is certain to be great fun for all involved. Please consider supporting this years Golf Outing.

2. 1970 YEARBOOK WANTED. Pat Webb McArthur (70),,, is looking for a copy of the 1970 yearbook. Can anyone assist?

3. CAPTIONS WANTED. Were still trying to identify all of the individuals featured in photos at the Photo Archive button on the Foundations web site at Please drop me an email at if you can help out with this, and thanks to those of you who have already sent in lots of useful information. If you havent taken a look at the web site in a while, you might want to check it out.

4. SURRATTSTOCK UPDATE. Tickets for Surrattstock, to be held on SATURDAY JUNE 29, 2002, are continuing to sell briskly. (Remember that the Y2K sock-hop sold out much more quickly than expected.) A number of Classes are planning formal or informal reunions to coincide with the Surrattstock weekend, old friends are planning their own get-togethers prior to the concert, and many folks are making a weekend out of the Golf Outing, Surrattstock, and the All Classes Ride.

In the words of the late, great George Harrison, The past is gone and the future might not ever be. The only thing we ever experience is the now. I try to enjoy the moment. Ill bet everyone who attends Surrattstock will very much enjoy those five hours of very special moments! (A Surrattstock ticket order form is attached and reprinted below.)

5. WEB SITE VOLUNTEER SOUGHT. I hope many of you have had a chance to enjoy the Foundations recently renovated web site at The web site serves as the Foundations primary communicator to the outside world. Were currently looking for someone who is generally familiar with Microsoft Front Page who would be willing to donate a limited amount of time to perform occasional updates to the web site. Please send me an email at if youd be willing to take on this task for a while.

6. A HORNET WORKING TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. Ben Collins (Faculty) sent along this news release about Greg Kearns (79) who has become a world-renowned expert on rails (a bird species) and environmental issues of the Patuxent River. (Ben reports that Greg started working at Jugs Bay on the Patuxent in 1978 as a high school student and has been there ever since!)

Greg Kearns will be speaking in the Education Building Auditorium of the National Zoo on February 7, 2002. Please RSVP by e mail to or by phone to 202 673 4801. Greg, a naturalist with the Maryland Capital Park and Planning Commission, will present A Life History of the Sora Rail: A Patuxent River Story. For 15 years, Kearns has conducted interpretive tours at Jug's Bay on the Patuxent. He also established research and monitoring programs for ospreys, wood ducks, American kestrels, and other local birds. These programs have been instrumental in increasing these species' populations along the Patuxent. Kearns will describe his primary research studying sora rails, a little known member of one of the most secretive families of North American birds. The Patuxent's Jug Bay, within 30 miles of Washington, is one of the primary areas where sora rails concentrate as they migrate in fall. In August, thousands of the elusive birds begin arriving. They fatten up on abundant wild rice and smartweeds before continuing migration, possibly as far as South America.

Thanks to Ben for passing this along, and to Greg for his efforts to protect our environment!

7. GET WELL WISHES. We send our warm get well wishes to Deb Bastek (71) (, who currently is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lupus. Deb informs me that lupus affects close to two million people, which means that the odds are that other Surratts folks probably have come in contact with it. Debs quite knowledgeable about the disease and reports that shes always happy to answer questions anyone has about it. Id like to put in a special plug for folks to consider directing some or all of their United Way contributions to the Lupus Foundation to help find a cure for this disease.

8. CALLING ALL RIDERS. As in the past, wed like to give our police escort a rough estimate of the number of folks who will be joining us for the All Classes Motorcycle and Car Ride to Solomons on SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2002. Please drop me an email at if youre planning to join us for this years Ride.

I hope this finds you and yours well and enjoying (in most parts of the country) the unseasonably warm winter.

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),



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