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E-Notice 2002-03

Donor Contribution Form 

THIS IS E-NOTICE 2002-3 OF MARCH 1, 2002

Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. CLASS OF 1952 PLANS FIFTY YEAR REUNION! The great Class of 52 is planning their 50 year reunion for Saturday June l. They are searching for classmates with whom they’ve lost touch. If anyone can provide info to Martha Weirich McNeill (, 301-881-6558) to help locate the following people, she would be very grateful: Sylvine Dement, Bill Kappel, Carol Ann Lucas (Smith), Bill Mentges, Karl McKinney, Lester Rackey, Henrietta Richards (aka Catherine Brown), Martia Robinson Pierce, Millicent (Penny) Travis, Herbert Pyles, Ella Williams, Carl Williams, Earl Williams, Roger Everstein, and David Smith. Martha reports that some members of the Class of 51 and others who went on to graduate from Oxon Hill are planning to join the Class of 52 in this reunion, and the Class welcomes others who would like to share in this celebration.

2. PLEASE CHECK-IN WITH YOUR ORC. Thanks to the tireless (and incredibly speedy!) efforts of Mike Gifford (84), we recently have updated the “Class Contacts” portion of the web site at A number of Classes are planning formal and informal get-togethers to coincide with the Golf Outing/Surrattstock/All Classes Ride weekend of 6/28-6/30. Please take a moment and check-in with your Class ORC (“Official Reunion Contact”), or the Faculty/Staff ORC (if applicable), listed among the “Class Contacts” to be sure that he or she has your current name, snail mail address, email address, phone and fax information, and to find out about any Class-specific events planned for the future.

Also, there are still a number of Classes for whom there is no ORC, or for whom there is an ORC but with outdated or missing contact information. We’d really appreciate your looking up your Class at the “Class Contacts” portion of the web site, and if you can help us fill any of these holes in our data base (by volunteering or otherwise!), we’d be very grateful. (Don’t forget to hit the “Refresh” or “Reload” button on your web browser to make sure you’re looking at the most recent version of the site.)

3. A SPECIAL THANKS, AND A SPECIAL PLUG. We’re very grateful to Tony Clay (66) for his beautiful work designing the Surrattstock logo (which you can see on the home page of, if you haven’t already seen it). I also would like to put in a plug, in Tony’s honor, for organ donation. Tony has been on the liver transplant list for quite awhile. He recently sent me this information: “Dear Henry: We who await various transplants salute any help in the cause of organ donation. Way too many of us on "The List" die for lack of suitable organs. Interested people can contact your local chapter of UNOS for the forms and instructions. Our local branch is located at I am sure there is some such organization back East. And just putting the organ donor designation on your driver’s license is not sufficient. You must also discuss your wishes with you next of kin. Too many organs are never passed on because of 11th hour decisions made by grieving families. But what better way to keep the spirit of a good person alive than by passing on the gift of life to another. Just ask Olympic skier Chris Klug. Thanks, Tony”

I’d like to urge each of you to consider: 1. going to to get a Uniform Donor Card, 2. contacting your State Anatomy Board about full-body donation (Maryland’s is at 410-547-1222), and 3. discussing your decision with your loved ones. Let’s get on this important band wagon for Tony!

4. PLEASE SEND UPDATED ALUMNI DIRECTORY INFO. Our tireless Alumni Directory coordinator, Leslie St. Clair (70), is continually updating the information in the Alumni Directory so it will be as up-to-date as possible the next time it is published. If you’d like to be listed in the next edition of the Directory, please send your current name, email, snail mail, phone, and fax information to Leslie at

5. CLASS OF 65 WEB SITE. Those of you who are new to our e-mailing list might want to check-out the fabulous Class of 65 web site at It has lots of great photos and information about that singularly unique and great Class of 1965.

6. YEARBOOK WANTED. Peggy Vougioukles Mistretta (81),, is looking for a 1981 yearbook. Can anyone help her out?

7. ACCOUNTING ASSISTANCE NEEDED. The Foundation recently has become much more ambitious with respect to applying for grants and the like. In connection with this new activity, the Foundation needs more sophisticated financial statement and balance sheet reporting. Is there an accountant out there who would be willing to donate some time to help the Foundation Treasurer create these more “professional” looking accounting records (after tax season is over, of course)? Please drop me an email at if you’re able to help out with this.

8. SURRATTSTOCK UPDATE. There are less than four months until Surrattstock. Tickets are selling briskly and rapidly heading for a sell-out, and folks are coming from a wide range of Classes and from far and wide to attend. (A ticket order form is attached, and reprinted below.) Just think how much you’d have to spend on 50 cent Teen Club admissions to see representatives of all these Surratts bands in one night: Acephalous, Animal Show, The Apaches, Big Boy, Blue Max, Blue Southern, Butler’s Orchard, Common Scene, Cottonmouth, Crusader Rabbit, Electric Pudd’n, Epicurean Household, Fred, High Roller, Intersanctum Sound Experience, J. W. Booth and The Hard Times Band, Maiden Voyage, Mystic Blue, Nash Rambler, Rip Tip, Spring Fever, Straight Flush, Summer, The Fox Chase Band, Union, United Orange, and Winthrop Savage!

Remember, just because it’s not good to live in the past, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice place to visit (especially when it comes to music)!

9. GOLF OUTING UPDATE. Interest continues to build for this year’s Golf Outing. Reprinted below, and attached, are a sign-up form, and a sponsorship form. Many of you pitched-in for the last Golf Outing by having your businesses become sponsors of the event. Naturally, we would very much appreciate your considering doing the same for this year’s event.

10. ALL CLASSES RIDE UPDATE. This year’s All Classes Ride to Solomon’s Island is in the final planning stages, and motorcycles, cars, and our faithful dune buggy are signing up. Please send me an email at if you’ll be joining us on Sunday June 30th at 10 a.m. in the School parking lot to join the Ride (on any number of wheels).

11. TIME SURE FLIES. Pat Disharoon White (71) sent in this interesting item she received from her son who’s in college. We “older” readers likely will relate: “Each year the staff of Beloit College puts together a list to give the faculty a sense of the mind-set of the year’s incoming class. Here are excerpts from the list for the college Class of 2005:

A. They have no recollection of the Reagan era and probably did not know he had been shot. B. There has been only one Pope in their lifetime C. The Tonight Show host has always been Jay Leno and there has always been MTV. D. They do not remember the Cold War, the Challenger disaster or Tianamen Square. E. Bottle caps have always been screw off and plastic. F. Atari, Pac Man, Pong, BETA, four wheel roller skates and vinyl albums were gone when they arrived. G. They don’t know what “you sound like a broken record” means. H. Most have never seen a 13 channel, non-remote control, no-cable, or black and white TV. I. To them, the Vietnam war is as ancient as the Civil War. J. Kansas, Chicago, Boston, America and Alabama are places, not bands. K. And they don’t have a clue how to use a typewriter.”

I hope this finds you all feeling young and enjoying the first hints of Spring!

Best regards, Henry Smith (71)


REINO NURMI, father of May Nurmi Cullen (71), Ruth Nurmi Marshlick (75) and Carl Nurmi (76), passed away on December 30, 2001.




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