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E-Notice 2002-11

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES. We're one month into the Foundation's informal "Annual Campaign" for 2002. Many thanks to the donors listed below who contributed in the first weeks of this year's Campaign. Like last year, our goal for this year's Campaign is to replace the funds we spent on scholarships this year. I hope each of you will consider contributing to this most worthy of causes. (A Donor Form is attached, and reprinted at the end of this e-Notice.)

2. THANKS PARENT, GRANDPARENT AND STUDENT VOLUNTEERS! Many heartfelt thanks to the following parent, grandparent and student volunteers who did such a great job to bring the two interior courtyards at the School back into beautiful shape for the current students and staff: Theresa Richmond, Nanna Richmond, James Wilson (06), Fitzgerald Walker, Sheila Fleming, Anna Cuozzo, Marlene Bussie, Paula Reed, and Michael Billings (04). A special thanks to Building Superintendent Gerald Pickeral for his help with this project. If you find yourself in the School, be sure to take a look at the great work done by these volunteers.

3. THANKS ED'S PLANT WORLD! ... and a very special thanks to Ed's Plant World of Waldorf for its very generous donation to the Foundation of plants and trees to be used by the volunteers in their "Spruce-Up the Schoolyard" project. If you find yourself in Ed's Plant World, please take a minute to thank the owner for the very kind support. (Thanks go to '06 Parent Fitzgerald Walker for arranging for this donation.)

(Additional plant and tree donations are needed by the volunteers, so please let me know if you have any ideas.)

4. IBM SELECTRICS NEEDED. In addition to the on-going need for computer equipment and office furniture, the School is in need of five IBM Selectric (or similar) electric typewriters. Might any of you know of a donor who would like to donate these items to the Foundation for presentation to the School?

5. PLUMBING EXPERTISE NEEDED. In connection with their work upgrading the two interior courtyards at the School, the Foundation's parent volunteers discovered that the faucet-end in the former Senior Court has been smashed in so it can no longer take a hose. Might one of you out there have the expertise and the time to lend to fixing this faucet-end to help advance this project?

6. HORNET ARTIST'S WORK FEATURED. I recently received this interesting email from Jeanette Johnson (62): "Dear Henry: I just finished reading the latest Surratts e-Notice. It's very nice to have this means of keeping in touch. I knew Bob Marr (71) and his family through our church when they lived in Clinton. It was very interesting trying to catch the television coverage on Bob's military involvement on 9/11. His mother emailed me some info, and I saw him on one news segment. Amazingly, I still remember him as a teenager. I also enjoyed the info on the Hornet artists' work. My daughter, Jeannine (Johnson) Dugan (89), is exhibiting photography at the new Ste. Felix Galerie in historic Occoquan, Virginia. The info is 312 A Poplar Alley, Occoquan, VA 22125, 703 887 2238, and the hours are 11 a.m. 4 p.m. Wed. Sun. She and her husband, Chris, made me a proud grandmother on April 24th. Best Regards, Jeanette"

7. ... AND SPEAKING OF GREAT HORNET ARTISTS. We've been privileged to feature items about several great Hornet artists in the last several e-Notices. Some of you have asked if we know anything about the activities of great Hornet cartoonist (and musician) Fred Altiere (71), who at one time had a daily cartoon strip syndicated by the Philadelphia Enquirer. If anyone has any leads on Fred's whereabouts, please let me know and I'll try to track him down and find out what he's been up to.

8. CONGRATULATIONS JROTC, AND DEBBIE COX MARR (72)! I also recently received this interesting email from the aforementioned Bob Marr (71): "Dear Henry: A couple quick interest items our tempo has increased quite a bit so I have people deployed in here from almost everywhere. One of the people in from the Pentagon is a Captain Marvin Jordan who has been the military rep for JR ROTC in PG County. He said the Surratts students have been top notch and represent us well! Also, Debbie [Bob's wife, Debbie Cox Marr (72)] and I went out to Boston University last week where she defended her doctoral dissertation in Occupational Studies she is now Doctor Debbie! Thanks for keeping us all connected! Bob"

Congratulations to the great and multiple award winning JROTC brigade at Surratts, and to Dr. Marr!

9. RETIREMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO ANOTHER HORNET HERO! I recently received the following e-mail from Master Sergeant Susan Murray (75), who is retiring on 12/31 from her career in the Air Force, in response to my request for other news about Hornets serving in the military. "Dear Henry: I was on duty when the attack occurred on September 11, 2001. I am the full time Meteorological Technician here at Andrews AFB, for the DC Air National Guard. I supported the Battles Staff and F 16 air missions immediately following the attack and for two weeks afterward. The days were long and hard, but worth every minute of it. Please let Colonel Marr know he had a fellow Surrattsvillian here at Andrews AFB supporting his mission! Susan"

(I also heard recently from Chief Master Sergeant Sandi Campbell, (240) 857 4194,, that Susan's retirement dinner will be held on November 15, at the Andrews' Fox Den Enlisted Club, at 6 p.m., and her official retirement ceremony will be the following day at 3 Hangar 8 on Andrews.)

Congratulations, Susan, and thanks for your service to us all!

10. HUBCAPS' FAME CONTINUES. I just happened to receive a flyer from The Foundation of the Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown, WVA announcing an upcoming fund raising event, and noting that entertainment will be provided by "America's favorite rock-n-roll dance/show band, The Fabulous Hubcaps". Congratulations to Dale "Rocky" Simon (69), Jimi Simon (71) and the rest of the Hubcaps on this well-deserved press!

(Speaking of rock-n-roll bands, don't forget that several of the bands that donated their talents to the Foundation's Surrattstock fund raising event are now actively accepting gigs for reunions, corporate events, weddings, parties, and the like. Please let me know if you'd like information on how to contact them.)

11. CLASS OF 62 REUNION. I received this email from Sue Jones McGee (63), : "Dear Henry: The Class of 63 has 40 years coming up in 2003. Anyone out there interested in a reunion? If so we should start planning! I sure would like to have a reunion. Would like to hear from anyone from the Great Class of 63. Please e mail me. Thanks, Sue"

12. ANOTHER HORNET PUBLIC SERVANT. I'm extremely proud to report that Tim Smith (74), a long-time Ft. Lauderdale, FL City Commissioner and its Vice Mayor, has announced his candidacy for mayor of that beautiful Florida city. Those of you interested in local politics might want to check out Tim's web site at (Tim's Surrattsville heritage gets a nice mention on the site.) Way to go, bro!

13. MORE MUSICAL CONNECTIONS. I received this email from Joe Capone,, who donated his considerable talents on the electric bass to the Blue Southern set at the Foundation's Surrattstock fund raiser this past June: "Dear Henry: I have attached my uncle's obituary from the 10/18/02 Washington Post. Uncle Larry gave me an acoustic guitar when I was very young to encourage my musical development. Later, when I became interested in the bass, he gave me a bass guitar and amplifier. Eventually I joined a band with Larry's son Chris, called "Fred" and Larry let us practice at his music store in Annandale after hours. I owe my lifelong interest in music and bass playing to Larry Capone. He was a fantastic musician who encouraged thousands of young musicians throughout the D.C. area over the years. Thanks for passing this along. Joe [The entire obituary can be found at dyn/articles/A43823 2002Oct17.html].

It's quite possible that other Hornet musicians were touched by Larry's love for music. I'll be Joe would enjoy hearing from any of you who crossed musical paths with his Uncle.

14. ANIMAL RIGHTS EFFORTS BY 71 ALUM. I received this email from Lloyd Gibbons (71),, that might be of particular interest to those of you interested in animal rights: "Dear Henry: It's that time of year again, when all the little ghosts and hobgoblins abound. If any of you should give (or receive) any Hershey products during the festivities of the season, please save the UPCs (Universal Product Codes) from the package for me. I will forward them to the Associated Humane Societies (AHS). Hershey gives AHS funds for each UPC redeemed. These funds are used by AHS toward the upkeep and care for the animals. You'd be amazed at how many products are made by Hershey, so check your packaging carefully. Products include Twizzlers, Reese's peanut butter goodies, Peter Paul, York, and Cadbury, as well as the usual Hershey items. I support AHS because this group does not euthanize, except in extreme cases where the animal will not live or will be miserable throughout its existence. AHS also rescues mistreated, unwanted, and "retired" (carnivals, circuses, shopping malls) animals. All animals are allowed to live a full life at the various complexes run by AHS. AHS also has an adoption program for the many cats and dogs it takes in uder its wing. Please consider saving your UPCs for this worthy cause. The animals will be most grateful for your kindness. In advance, I thank you for the animals. Lloyd p.s. AHS can also use the Marlboro Miles from your cigarette packs. Encourage your smoker friends to quit, but have them save the Marlboro Miles for the animals! John Lloyd Gibbons, 9406 Chestnut Park Street, Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743 5011

15. CLASS OF 99 GETS ORGANIZED. The Official Reunion Contact for the Class of 99, DuRay S. Stevens, is working to contact as many of his classmates as possible. If any of you have any information about Class of 99 members, or their family members, please contact DuRay. His information is 11555 Cosca Park Place, Clinton, Maryland 20735, 240 432 2935,

I hope this finds you well, and those of you in the D.C. area enjoying the lifting of the recent horrible cloud.

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),




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