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2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
PDF Format
  2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. 2K5 TICKETS GO ON SALE!  Tickets to the sure-to-be-extraordinary June 23 - June 26, 2005 All Classes/Faculty/Staff events go on sale today.  (Note: this is next year, NOT this month.) Heres an overview:

  1. Thursday June 23 - Surrattstock II, 7 - 11 p.m., Multi-Purpose Room

  2. Friday June 24 - Various Class-specific events (contact your ORC)

  3. Saturday June 25 - All Classes/Faculty/Staff New School Open House and Picnic, and Old School Tours, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (for you youngsters, the New School is on Piscataway, and the Old School is on Brandywine)

  4. Saturday June 25 - All Classes/Faculty/Staff Sock-Hop w/The Hubcaps, 7 - 11 p.m.

  5. Sunday June 26 - All Classes/Faculty/Staff Ride to Pt. Lookout, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

  6. Sunday June 26 - Various Class-specific events (contact your ORC)

A ticket order form is reprinted at the end of this email, and is available on the Foundations web site at

Those of you who attended the Y2K All Classes/Faculty/Staff events know just how incredible these events will be, and were looking forward to having many new attendees join us for the 2005 versions.  It is a very, very special experience to be able to visit and re-connect not only with classmates, but with schoolmates from surrounding classes and with teachers, administrators and staff.

The Y2K events all sold-out, with the Sock-Hop selling out the earliest and the School Open House and Picnic not very far behind.  We encourage you to purchase your tickets early, because the State and County Police who will again provide the security at the events strictly enforce the no-tickets-sold-at-the-door rule.

Please contact your friends and family to tell them about the 2K5 events many folks whose email addresses formerly were on the Foundations email list have changed email addresses and wont be getting this email or have email addresses that block bulk emails like the Foundations, and of course some folks dont have email (and we wont be doing any other advertising of the events).

2.  CLASS OF 54 PLANS GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY.  I received this exciting news from Helen Bovbjerg Niedung, Class of 54 ORC: Hi Henry!  Could you run this information about our upcoming 50th class reunion in the June Surratts e-Notice?  I'm really looking forward to the reunion and I'm especially excited about seeing some of my classmates that I haven't seen since we were graduated 50 years ago!  Sincerely, Helen Bovbjerg Niedung,    The Class of 54 will celebrate a golden anniversary reunion in Clinton, Saturday June 12, 2004, with an informal get-together from 4:00-5:30, followed by a meal at the Columbia Moose Lodge, 10404 Brandywine Road.  The Golden Anniversary banquet will be held on Sunday June 13, 2004, at the Colony South Hotel, 7401 Surratts Road, from 6:00-10:00.  Our home room teacher, Mrs. Anne Noyes, and her husband, will be our special guests.  We dedicated our 1954 yearbook to Mrs. Noyes.

3.  NEW SCHOOL/OLD SCHOOL INFO.  I received these emails in response to a question raised in the last e-Notice:

Hi Henry:  Actually, the Class of 60 was the first class to graduate from the "New School."  The Great Class of 61 was the first one to finish a full year at the "New School" and graduate!  Vicki Gifford DeLalla (61)"

Hi Henry:  Just read the latest "Surratts News" and as always I love reading about all the great former students.  I was a product of the Class of 61.  I believe we were the second class to graduate from the "New School.  We moved to the New School in the second half of our Junior year but I'm not sure where the Class of 60 had their graduation.  If you find out I would appreciate it f you let me know.  Betty Hill Osler (61)

4.  CLASS OF 78/79 REUNION PLANS.  I received this email from Sandy Pelletier-Richnafsky: Hi Henry: The Classes of 1978 and 1979 are having our 25/26 year reunion a year late also, so that we may allow all our traveling classmates the opportunity to join in the All Classes fun.  Look for a great turnout next year!  Sandy,

5.  CORRECTED ACHIEVEMENT AWARD INFO.  A reader pointed out to me that the url for Achievement Award winner Dennis Felton's (81) bio in the last e-Notice was wrong.  The correct url is
6.  ANNUAL FOUNDATION RIDE SUNDAY JUNE 27.  The Foundations Annual Motorcycle, Car and Dune Buggy Ride, this year through the back roads to Annapolis, will leave the School parking lot promptly at 10 a.m. on Sunday June 27.  Please join us if youd like a nice ride in the country (while there still is some!).  In the event of questionable weather, call 410-321-9350 after 7:30 a.m. on the 27th.

7.  ITS A SMALL WORLD DEPT.  I received this email from Lt. Col. Daryl Umstead, a Foundation Board member and the director of the oft-honored AFJROTC program at the School:  Hi Henry: Coincidentally, I took a group of cadets to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on the Mall recently, and one of them fell ill.  The nurse who worked in the basement was Anne Shepard, Surrattsville Class of 1966---she took good care of our cadet!  Daryl

8.  SEEKING LOST HORNET.  I received this email from Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64): Dear Henry:  I have a dear friend, Mrs. Edward B. Edelen (Vivian Bounds Edelen) who is searching for a former student of hers, Robert (Bobby) Spangler.  She taught 5th grade at SHS in 1941/2 and has fond memories of this blue-eyed student.  If anyone knows of his whereabouts, it would make her very happy.  Thanks for your help.  Sincerely, Carol,

9.  HORNET SEEKING GRADUATION PHOTO.  I received this email from Martha Miller-Dunlap (83):  Dear Henry:  I am writing to you for some help in obtaining a copy of the Surrattsville graduation photo for the Class of 1954. My mother, Alice Miller Moffete, nickname Porky - she wasn't back then but she says that she grew into it - is working with the planning committee for her 50 year class reunion.  She is donating the cake and decorations for this event.  I was hoping that you could help us in locating the Class of 54 graduation picture so that she can use it on the cake.  We would truly appreciate any assistance that you can give us.  Our home number is 301-297-8446.  Thank you, Martha.    Might anyone have any information on where Alice and Martha might locate this 50 year old treasure?

10.  FOUNDATION AWARDS 2004 SCHOLARSHIPS.  At this years Senior Awards Night ceremony at the School, the Foundation was proud to award scholarships to following members of the Class of 2004: Bonnie Chow, Melissa Hunter and Brinkley Hypes.  Bonnie had an A+ GPA at Surratts, was an AFJROTC Commander, was a member of the Varsity Volleyball team, was a Middle Schooler Mentor and volunteered for Christmas in April.  Melissa also had an A+ GPA, was a member of the Mock Trial and Varsity Soccer teams, and held Class and NHS offices. Brinkley also carried an A+ GPA, was Wing Commander of the AFJROTC unit, was Captain of the Varsity Soccer team, held Class and NHS offices, and volunteered for Christmas in April.  (All three recipients also participated in a number of other extra-curricular and community activities.)

We congratulate these outstanding Surrattsville grads, and wish them successful and happy futures!  (Photos of all of the Foundations great scholarship recipients to date can be found on the web site at

Heres hoping your Summers gotten off to a fantastic start, and that there are no cicadas in your hair!

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),


Earl Shultz, father of Paul Shultz (68), Tom Shultz (71) and John Shultz (80) died on March 15.

Pat Washington, custodian at the School, died on April 24.


Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Bob Marr (71)
Bill Harris (71), in Memory of Debbie Harris (71)

2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
PDF Format
  2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
Word Format


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