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2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
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  2005 ACR Ticket Order Form
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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. 2K5 TICKETS SELLING BRISKLY! 2005 All Classes/Faculty/Staff event tickets continue to sell briskly. So far, the range of ticket buyers runs from the Class of 37 to the Class of 94, and covers an area from Clinton, MD to Castle Rock, CO!

The ticket order form is reprinted at the end of this email, and is available on the Foundations web site at
Remember: the events are expected to sell-out again, and no tickets can be sold at the door because of fire regulations.

2. EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOS ON WEB SITE. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Foundations Historian/Archivist Shelby Lee Oppermann (79) and the Foundations webmaster Mike Gifford (84), the Foundations web site
( now contains a number of absolutely priceless photographic treasures from Surrattsvilles past. For example, there is a photo of Surrattsville High Schools first graduate, and a photo of the Surrattsville School students from two centuries ago! If youre interested in Surrattsvilles history, youll want to check out these extraordinary photos.

3. AND SPEAKING OF WEB SITE PHOTOS. I received this nice email from Jeanette Johnson (62) in response to our standing request for information about the various photos on the web site: "Hello Henry:
Regarding the first Foundation photo on the web site, titled "Surrattsville??", I immediately recognized it as one of the senior superlatives in my 1962 Boomerang. In the photo are James (Jim) Dick and Yvonne Larivee, voted friendliest by the Class. Yvonne was also the homecoming queen. I was not personally acquainted with Dick, but remember Yvonne as, indeed, one of the nicest girls in our Class. I understand that she passed away of cancer, as a young mother, before our Class' twentieth reunion. They are posing, I believe, in Tommy Wood's Corvette. He owns T. E. Wood Farms in Clinton, is also a 62 classmate and my down-the-road neighbor. Thanks for the chance to reminisce. Jeanette"

If any of you have any information about any of the wonderful photos on the web site, please send it to me at

4. NEW SCHOOL/OLD SCHOOL INFO, CONT. I received these emails containing more info on the New School/Old School transition:

Hi Henry: About graduations. 63 was the last one held in the gym. 64 was at the new Crossland High School over in the Camp Springs area and we were not very pleased about the venue. It was the first air conditioned school in the county and that is probably why we were moved.
64 was the last class with members that had started first grade in the old school before the new elementary school was opened. Dexter Ferris (64)

Henry: Just a note to set the record straight....the class of 1964 physically graduated at Crossland High School, we chose this v. UMD because it was smaller and many of our underclassmen would attend there the next we would have that year if we hadn't made a fuss about staying at Surrattsville. Jaime Seaman (64)

Hi Henry: I'm sure mine is not the only e-mail you have received in response to the class graduations' information in your last e-notice.
The class of 1964 used Crossland Senior High School for their graduation ceremony. Crossland had just been built and the first classes were to begin using the school the following September. The class of 1964 graduated in the school before Crossland officially opened. I cannot believe that it was 40 years ago - just as sure as I know I can't be turning 58 yet!! Ginger Trapanotto (64)

5. SEARCH FOR 72 YEARBOOK. I received an email from a Hornet seeking a copy of a 1972 yearbook. If you have any information that might be helpful, please send me an email at

6. YEARBOOKS AVAILABLE. And speaking of yearbooks, the Foundation still has some yearbooks from 1991 and 1999 available for $20 each (which includes the shipping costs). Just send an email to me at if youd like one.

7. HORNET PUBLISHES (FIFTH) BOOK. Dutch University Press just published the fifth book by Dick Duke (47), entitled Policy Games for Strategic Management - Pathways Into the Unknown. The book deals with the interesting-sounding topic of war gaming for corporations. Info is available from Congratulations to Dick!

8. HELPFUL INFO. I received this email from Beth Horton (70), pointing out a web site that might be useful for all you consumers out there: "Hi
Henry: The following website is a central location for consumers to reach info on recalled products. Thought you might want to include it in the next e-Notice. Beth"

9. COOL LINK TO HEROES PAGE. Foundation Archivist and Historian Shelby Lee Oppermann (79) informed me that there's a cool "old timers" page on the web site. There's also lots of other great info on that web site about some of Clinton's most un-sung true heroes!

10. SEEKING LOST HORNETS. Melissa Gilcrest (69) is trying to locate Susan Miller (69). If you have any information that might help Melissa, please send her an email at

Sheila Maddox (55) is trying to locate the following Class of 55 classmates who may be living in the locations indicated: Donald Riley, FL; Elsie Tatum Brown (Paul) Temple Hills, MD; Joann Simpkins Lewis (Richard), FL; Joy Sickler Hesslin (Ward), UT; and Jean Weirich Eufemio, Noyack, NY. Please contact Sheila at if you have any information that might be helpful.

11. ALL CLASSES/FACULTY/STAFF DIRECTORY UPDATE. Many of you purchased the great All Classes/Faculty/Staff Directory at the Y2K events. Thanks to the herculean efforts of Directory Coordinator Leslie St. Clair (70), a completely updated version of the Directory will be available for purchase at the June 2005 events. To make sure your information in the Directory is up-to-date, please paste a completed version of the following (including only the information you wish to appear in the
Directory) into an email to Leslie at,.

Full Name at Graduation:
Full Name Now:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Email Address:

The "Update" section may contain up to 30 words giving an update on your status and what you've been up to.

12. ORC AND VOLUNTEERS PLANNING MEETING. As our first (and likely only) in-person planning meeting for the June 2005 events, the Official Reunion Contacts (or "ORCs") for the various Classes, and the volunteers for the June 2005 events, will meet in the School cafeteria on Tuesday September 21, 2004 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. We still need volunteers for several tasks associated with the June 2005 events, so please send me an email at if you'd be willing to volunteer some of your time and efforts to this very worthy cause. (Also, if you're an ORC or an assigned volunteer, and this is the first you've heard of the 9/21 meeting, please send me an email.)

13. LATE 60s/EARLY 70s REUNION. Leslie St. Clair (70),, reminds all graduates from the Classes of 70,
71 and the surrounding Classes to contact her soon if you're interested in attending the Class-specific Reunion she is planning for Friday evening, June 24, 2005.

14. SURRATTS MUSICIANS KEEP BUSY. Last week was marked by an acclaimed appearance at Washington's Blues Alley of the John Previti Trio, led by Surrattstock I and II performer John Previti (72). Also performing last week, at the MD Community Band Day in Columbia, was the Southern MD Concert Band, led by Surrattstock II performer and former Surratts band director -- Richard "Butch" Mortimer (57), and featuring Laurie Martin Roberts (76), her daughter Rachel, and just-retired School Librarian Anne Reck. Congratulations to these Surratts musicians for their efforts at keeping Surrattsville's great musical legacy alive and well!

I hope you are all staying well-hydrated and enjoying the Summer!

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),


JEANNE TISDALE BURKE (59) died suddenly on June 26 of a heart attack.
She and her husband, Paul, had just celebrated their 44 wedding anniversary on June 4th. They were SHS sweethearts and began dating before he was old enough to drive. Jeanne was the sister of Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64) and was voted "Most Photogenic" among her classmates.

RON MORTIMER (52), who graciously volunteered his time and wisdom as a member of the Foundations Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund Committee, died on February 7, 2004 of complications from Parkinson's disease. Ron would have been 70 on the February 25th. Ron is survived by his wife, Betty Mortimer (55).

MICHAEL STOJKA (71) died on July 19, 2004. He is survived by his wife Pam, and five children.

ALLEN GILCREST (64) died January 27. Allen was a serious athlete, having participated in marathons, triathalons, Bike Across Maryland and Bike Across Virginia. He was the brother of Surratts graduates Melissa, Mark and Matthew Gilcrest.

JOE CHAPPELL (71) died July 28 of respiratory failure due to pneumonia.
Joe was a talented artist, and a great and long-time supporter of the Class of 71 and the Foundation who seldom missed a Class or Foundation event. Joe is survived by his parents Edna and Joe Chappell, his brother Dave Chappell, and his niece and nephew, Sarah and Michael.


Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Bob Marr (71)
Bill Harris (71), in Memory of Debbie Harris (71) Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr. (74) Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of William J. (Bill) Burke (57) Ed Jaffe (65) Paul Monaghan (59) Melissa Gilcrest (69), In Memory of Allen M. Gilcrest (64)




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