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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES.  The Foundation's 2006 Annual Campaign is continuing has officially begun.  This is the informal campaign we undertake each year to refresh the Foundation's treasury so it can grant the annual scholarships and fund the other on-going activities of the Foundation.  Remember: the Foundation is a tax-exempt charity for tax deduction purposes, and it has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes directly toward the support of a Foundation activity.  And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a positive difference.

If you appreciate the work of the Foundation from enjoying these little e-Notices to supporting the awarding of scholarships and Achievement Awards please consider showing your support  by contributing to this year's campaign.  (A donor form is reprinted below, and is available on the Foundation's web site at

(Incidentally, I'm told that some recent changes in the estate and gift tax law make giving to the Foundation even more "economically valuable" to certain individuals.)

2.  SURRATTSVILLE TOWN PROMINENTLY FEATURED IN RECENT BEST-SELLER.  I've finally gotten a chance to read "Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer", a fascinating new book by historian James Swanson about the aftermath of the Lincoln assassination.  As might be expected, the town of Surrattsville is featured repeatedly throughout the book starting on the map on the inside fly-leaf! as are the non-notorious, and notorious, members of the Surratt family.  (The book suggests that Mary Surratt was somewhat less innocent than had previously been suggested, and confirms that her son John Surratt, Jr. who clearly was part of Booth's prior "harebrained schemes" to kidnap the President was "out of town on rebel business" at the time of Lincoln's murder and ultimately acquitted after a two-month trial.)  Here's a quote about the little hamlet that later was re-named (involuntarily, I seem to recall) Clinton:

"[Booth and Herold] rode quietly as they closed on their destination: Surrattsville, Maryland, not a real town of any size and little more than a crossroads outpost, named after the family that owned the tavern there. ... The original owner, John Surratt, Sr., sold whiskey by the finger, rented out rooms by the night and served as U.S. postmaster.  When John died in 1862, his widow, Mary Surratt, inherited the place and stayed on with her children.  One son, John, Jr., won the appointment of postmaster, replacing his father. ... Eventually, the government caught on to the questionable status of [John, Jr.'s] loyalty and integrity and revoked his commission."

Laurie Verge and Joan Chaconas of the Surratt House and Museum are gratefully acknowledged by the author for their assistance, as is Sandra Walia of the Surratt Society (a group the author describes as "passionate scholars in pursuit of objective history [and not, as the name might suggest] amateur assassination apologists".  Those of you who are history buffs, or who simply are interested in the history of our hometown, might really enjoy the book, which is truly spellbinding (especially if you can pair it with a visit to the Surratt House and Museum).

3.  SEEKING LOST 78 HORNET.  John Shultz (80) is trying to help some classmates locate Robert Keeler (78), who lived in Surratts Gardens while attending Surrattsville.  Please contact John at if have any information that might help them locate Robert.

4.  GET WELL WISHES. I received this email from Laura Jarvis Ferguson: "Hi Henry:  My sister, Cynthia Jarvis Hendrick (80) was diagnosed with throat cancer in March and has been undergoing cancer treatments.  She has no health insurance, so an account has been set up to help with her medical costs.  The account info is: Cynthia Hendrick #220238455, c/o AFCU, P.O. Box 4000,
Clinton, MD 20735-8000.

Cindy has a daughter, Dakota, who is 2-1/2 years old.  Her husband, Gary, is an independent contractor/painter of New Image Contracting.  Cindy has been hospitalized with complications from the chemo treatments she has undergone and remains in the hospital until she can get strong enough to leave.  A good friend of Cindy's, Mike Dempsey, and his band, "The DELMARVA Groove Kings", have also put out a CD the proceeds from which go to this fund.  Thanks, Laura"

I know all of our thoughts and prayers go out to Cindy for a quick and complete recovery.

5.  E-MENTOR PROGRAM BEGUN BY PTSA AND FOUNDATION.  At the request of the very activist PTSA, the Foundation and the PTSA have kicked-off an e-mentor program through which Surratts grads can draw on their experience to provide helpful information to recent Surratts grads.  The program is hoping to recruit e-mentors willing to respond to email questions about how to succeed in college, grad school, professional school or at a certain profession, <>how to choose college/grad school/professional school courses that will provide preparation for a certain profession, how to study for a college exam, and so on.  The program also is hoping to recruit e-mentors to provide e-tutoring on how to succeed in particular academic courses.  If you would be willing to add your name and email address to this e-mentor data base, please just send an email to me at, noting the areas in which you might be able to be helpful.

(At the moment, the program has a particular need for an e-mentor to provide guidance to a recent graduate concerning a college algebra course.)

6.  HORNET'S ART FEATURED.  I recently learned that the art of Foundation Archivist and Historian Shelby Lee Oppermann (79) will be featured in Building 2 at the Maryland Antiques Center on Route 5 in Leonardtown on November 4, from 1 - 8 p.m. (and throughout November).  The "No Class Today Bluegrass Band" also will perform at the Center from 1 - 4 p.m..  This is a great chance for those of you in Southern Maryland to see some great art, browse for antiques and hear some bluegrass, all in one afternoon.

I hope this e-Notice finds you well and recovering from a fun Halloween!

All the best,   Henry Smith (71),


EUGENE "CULLY" COLGAN, former Surratts principal, died on October 25, 2006.  He is survived by his wife Frances L. (nee Littleton) Colgan, his children Erin Kaercher, Michael, and Brian Colgan, and his eight grandchildren. In addition to serving as Surrattsville's principal, Cully worked as a teacher at the Bladensburg High School and a Vice Principal at DuVal and Northwestern.


Steve Profilet (71)
Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64), In loving memory of her sister Jeanne Tisdale Burke
Vivian Bounds Edelen (Faculty, 1938-1942)
Robert Brewer (67)
Henry Smith (71)
Donna Rae Smith (70)
Bill Harris (71)
Patricia Becker Oles (71)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Barbara Gene Misiewicz Bailey (63)
Richard Neilan (82), In Memory of Charlie Waddell
Bob Marr (71)
Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of Gerald (Jerry) A. Hatton (57)
Ellen Talbert-Miller (61, Faculty 66-98), In Memory of Sue Baucia (Faculty)
Russell Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)
Patricia Gann Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)
Teri Pepper Dimsey (77)
Mike Gifford (84)
Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)
Laura Bader (78)
Rosemary Harris Kelsoe (74)
Gloria Blandford Rickett (71)
John Paul Rickett (69)
Denise Hope (72)
Natalie Conrad Johnson (80), In Memory of Allison Hinckle (80) and Bruno Tester (80)



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