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Hello Hornets!


Here are some items that might be of interest:


1. ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES. The Foundation's 2006 Annual Campaign is off to a great start. This is the informal campaign we undertake each year to refresh the Foundation's treasury so it can grant the annual scholarships and fund the other on-going activities of the Foundation.


Remember: the Foundation is a tax-exempt charity for tax deduction purposes, and it has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes directly toward the support of a Foundation activity. And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a positive difference.


If you appreciate the work of the Foundation from enjoying these little e-Notices to supporting the awarding of scholarships and Achievement Awards to sponsoring events of interest to the Surratts community please consider showing your support by contributing to this year's campaign. (A donor form is reprinted below, and is available on the Foundation's web site at


2. E-MENTOR PROGRAM OFF TO A GREAT START. The e-mentor program suggested by the PTSA through which Surratts grads can draw on their experience to provide helpful information to recent Surratts grads is off to a great start. The program has recruited its first e-mentors willing to respond to email questions about how to succeed in college, grad school, professional school or at a certain profession, and so on. The program also is recruiting e-mentors to provide e-tutoring on how to succeed in particular academic courses. If you would be willing to add your name and email address to this e-mentor data base, please just send an email to me at, noting the areas in which you might be able to be helpful.


3. CALL FOR SURRATTSVILLE ARTISTS. I received this interesting email from Foundation Historian and Archivist, Shelby Lee Oppermann (79): "Hi Henry: In the next e-Notice, could you put out a "Call for Surrattsville artists" for a February, maybe March, show I am planning? Writers, performance artists and visual artists are all welcome. Let's show off the talent of Surrattsville. By that time, I will have the School memorabilia on permanent display in my shop (in Building 2 at the Maryland Antiques Center on Route 5 in Leonardtown).


Also, my landlord, Dorothy "Dot" Sparling, a former teacher at Surrattsville Junior High, reports that our Tea Room at the Antiques Center needs a new owner, so if anyone has restaurant experience and would like to take over an established, successful restaurant, please call Dot at 301-884-4491, or me at 301-904-2532. (The previous owner is moving to a larger building.) Thanks, Shelby"


(One of Shelby's miniature's ("Turtles in the Sun" painted on 3/8/" x 5/8" ivory) was just awarded first place in its class at the Washington Society of Miniaturists, Sculptor's and Graver's Society 73rd annual show at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda. For you art fans, the show runs through December 30th, and includes limited selections from the thousands of objects submitted to the show from around the world. Congratulations, Shelby!)


4. SEEKING ALL 85 GRADS. I received this email from Tamala Dotson (85):

"Hi Henry: The Class of 85 held an "in-between reunion" on November 19 at the Le Pearle ballroom in Largo. We're very interested in finding lost classmates. If anyone has information on 85 grads (or their family members), they can email Marybeth Klick at, myself at or Tina Harris at, Tamala"


5. TV STAR'S SURRATTS ROOTS FEATURED ON WEB SITE. Our unofficial web spotter, and Surrattstock performer, Wayne Tatum (74), reports that the internet bio of TV actress Laura Wright (88) mentions her Surrattsville roots (as well as Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden's). Wayne reports that the information appears at, and


6. MORE MEMORIES OF THOSE HALCYON DAYS. I received another always-interesting email of memories from our unofficial memoirist John Curry (60): "Hi Henry: As I read your recent e-Notice and listened to a gale force wind blowing by my window here in Kansas, I remembered another mis-adventure during my youth back home in Clinton so many years ago. I have included the story as a reminder to anyone preparing for winter driving.


(I have also been working as an extra in an upcoming movie titled "Bunker Hill". There is a Bunker Hill, KS but the film was shot in Nortonville, KS. The entire town consists of two blocks which were rented from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily for several weeks. I portray a posse member of a questionable group of men who take over a small country town following a national disaster. My friend, Kevin Wilmott, is the director of this independent film. It remains to be seen how many of my parts will be actually in the movie or end up on the editing room floor. The movie should be released the first part of 2007. Also, we are still working on the "Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race," an endurance ride of 800 miles from Santa Fe, NM to Independence, MO. The ride will follow the Santa Fe Trail as close as possible and take 13 days to complete. Check our web site:


"The New Car: My friend Mary had just purchased a new, small foreign car. Since it was winter and several inches of snow was on the ground she was concerned about driving the vehicle home herself. We discussed the matter and it was decided that since I also owned a small foreign car and was experienced at winter driving I would take charge of delivering it for her. I was taken to the auto dealer and quite confidently started off on a rather mundane trip back to our home in Clinton. Well, the roads were quite slick as it seems to get towards evening as temperatures fall and ice forms so I was driving along at what I considered a prudent speed. As you approach Dangerfield Road there was a small hill and curve near Coals Corner and I did not want to use the brake pedal too much for fear of locking up the wheels and losing traction so I downshifted instead. This car had a manual transmission just as my car did so I expected nothing out of the ordinary. Much to my surprise this brand new little car immediately turned sideways and headed for the ditch. We -- the car and I -- went through the ditch up an embankment, around a utility pole, back down the embankment and onto the road in the direction that I was driving! All these gyrations caused the car to lose speed, which was the original culprit and I successfully negotiated a turn and proceeded to arrive home with the car intact. I must say that it is extremely entertaining to watch the scenery go by while sitting behind the wheel of a car and not be able to change a thing. Hey, enjoy the view! Everyone, except for Mary, laughed when I related my driving daring-do! She refused to believe that she actually allowed a knucklehead to drive her new car and narrowly miss turning it into a pile of new junk. So to prove that I was deserving of her confidence we went back to the scene of my driving prowess and sure enough there was the evidence. Two tire tracks were visible approaching the hill and curve but they became four and then two again but this time wider and went off the road up the embankment, around the pole and down again, back onto the road, becoming two narrow tracks again as an example my sterling driving abilities. Mary just shook her head and we returned home, Mary with her car safely parked and I with the knowledge that no task is too great for someone who knows no boundaries and is willing to explore them even on icy country roads. John Curry (60)"


7. GW BASKETBALL DISCOUNTS. Leslie St. Clair (70) reports that George Washington University will offer half price tickets to all men's and women's home basketball games to fans presenting their Metro farecard, Metrobus/Metorail pass or SmarTrip card (at GW's Smith Center box office on the day of the game only while tickets remain available). This offer is also available to Metro employees upon presentation of a valid Metro ID. GW's basketball schedule is at (It's not likely to be as exciting as the 65 Hornets, but thanks to Leslie for that tip on a nice way to save money on some bball tix!)


9. CLASS OF 62 REUNION. I received this update on the Class of 62 Reunion planning from Len Owens ( "Henry: Would you please update the message about the Class of 62 reunion planning? We are going to have a 45th Reunion in 2007. Interested classmates should get in contact with me and with other classmates. Also, for any classmates that want to get in touch with friends, we have current contact information for about half of our classmates. If anyone wants contact information, just drop me a line or an email. Thanks, Len"


10. HORNET MUSICIANS SEEKING OTHERS. As we've reported previously, the Southern Maryland Concert Band, directed by Richard "Butch" Mortimer (57), is always looking for Surratts musicians to join this great ensemble. Please contact Laurie Martin Roberts (74), at, if you'd be interested in learning about this Maryland musical institution.


11. CLASS OF 97 PLANS REUNION. The Class of 97 is setting up a 1997 Reunion Committee meeting to get the ball rolling on their ten year reunion. Interested classmates should contact Monica Crown at or, or at 703-867-2410. They hope to have a meeting on a Saturday afternoon in late January in Brandywine. Please contact Monica if you have any information on 97 grads or members of their families.



I hope this e-Notice finds you well and enjoying the holiday season!


All the best, Henry Smith (71),





ROBERT "ROB" ALLEN (74) died on October 21. Rob attended Surrattsville Junior High and one year at Surrattsville Senior High before transferring to Crossland. He graduated in 1974. Rob had been living in Lakeland, FL since the late 80s. Rob was married to Julie Jordan (76).

Rob is survived by his sister, Karen Allen Dotson (79).


ALEXANDER WILLIAM "BILL" LAUGHLIN died in Santa Fe on September 10, 2006.

Bill was employed by LANL from June 1974 to October 1993. Memorial contributions may be directed to Los Alamos Sportsman's Club or the Cancer Institute.






Steve Profilet (71)

Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64), In loving memory of her sister Jeanne Tisdale Burke

Vivian Bounds Edelen (Faculty, 1938-1942)

Robert Brewer (67)

Henry Smith (71)

Donna Rae Smith (70)

Bill Harris (71)

Patricia Becker Oles (71)

Linda Dorsey Blum (66)

Barbara Gene Misiewicz Bailey (63)

Richard Neilan (82), In Memory of Charlie Waddell

Bob Marr (71)

Debbie Cox Marr (72)

Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of Gerald (Jerry) A. Hatton (57)

Ellen Talbert-Miller (61, Faculty 66-98), In Memory of Sue Baucia (Faculty)

Russell Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)

Patricia Gann Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)

Teri Pepper Dimsey (77)

Mike Gifford (84)

Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)

Laura Bader (78)

Rosemary Harris Kelsoe (74)

Gloria Blandford Rickett (71)

John Paul Rickett (69)

Denise Hope (72)

Natalie Conrad Johnson (80), In Memory of Allison Hinckle (80) and Bruno Tester (80)

Coach Lew Jenkins (Former Faculty)

Victor Negron (71)

Paul Monaghan (59)

Patrick McMenamin (71)

Kenneth Roy Nestor (72), In Memory of Jana K. Sims Nestor

Anne Noyes (Former Faculty)

Janet Goddard Sullivan (54), In Memory of Jesse Skip Goddard (56), and Bill Laughlin (54)

Richard Scott McWhirt (71)





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