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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

GOATMAN ITEM STIRS MEMORIES.  I received this email from Liz Winfree (68) in reaction to the item in the last e-Notice mentioning Clinton's own legendary Goatman: "Hi Henry: Until I read this issue I hadn't thought about the Goatman in years.  In 1967/8 my best girlfriend (BJ) and I decided to go see if the stories were true.  We drove down to where the Goatman was supposed to be, and sure enough, after waiting a little bit, over on top of the hill in the field next to us appeared the Goatman - we couldn't believe our eyes - at least not until we heard an eerie sound that we attributed to him.  We got spooked and started to leave - the road was narrow and a good ol' 3-point turn was too slow so we used the edge of someone's yard to expedite the get-a-way and about then shots were heard.  We were being shot at.  We screamed and laughed at the same time - but we got out of there quick and didn't go back.  We had seen what we came to see and didn't need to go back.  I can still hear the sound and see the scene like it happened last week.  Liz"

And I received this email from Erin McMahon Luckeydoo (88): "Hi Henry:  Too funny about Goatman! The last time I was in Maryland with my family, I told my children and husband the story about Goatman. Jake and Chris's eyes were as wide as saucers.  Erin"

CLASS OF 57 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 1957 is having its 50th reunion the weekend of Sept 28, 2007 in the Solomons Island area. Please contact Rick Pope by May 1st if you're interested in participating, or if you have any information on members of the Class of 57 or their family members.  Rick's contact info is: Rick & Alice Pope, 9 Hall Farm Drive, Heathsville VA 22473, 804-580-8144,

FORMER SURRATTS GARDENS RESIDENT SEEKS INFO ON FORMER NEIGHBORS.  I received this nice email from Becky Hann Griffin (78): "Henry:  My family moved into a brand new house in Surratts Gardens in 1962.  At the time our house was at the dead end of Juliette Drive (7518 then, later renumbered to 9509), which was later expanded as the neighborhood doubled in size.  In fact, because we were originally, with the Erricksons, the end of the street, the annual Halloween costume contest was always in front of our house. Many of our neighbors were sitters for us in those early years and I remember them fondly and keep hoping to find some information on them in your wonderful newsletter. Of course, over the years, my brothers and I were also friends with many of the other kids in our neighborhood as well as so many others at school.  We moved from there to Upper Marlboro in 1976, and I still drive past whenever I can.  My older brother is Russ Hann (75) and my younger brother Ray Hann graduated from Northern HS in Calvert County in 1982.  Isnt it interesting how old memories are often our best and fondest?  To be more proactive, let me try to give you a listing of the names to the best of my ability in hopes that someone out there might know more about some of these people or be able to put us in contact.  After missing so many of the Surrattsville reunions I am already looking forward to next year in hopes of seeing many of my fellow 1978 graduates! Sincerely,  Becky

Barbara Errickson
David Errickson
Stephanie Taylor
Roberta Sam Taylor
Linda Brown
Kathy Brown
Belinda Shatley
Melissa Shatley
Mickey Shatley
Nancy Davis (not sure that is the correct last name)
Anne Adams
Ricky Adams
Donna Adams
Debbie Adams
Lisa Crosby
Mark Brown
Martina Demoine
Robin Violet
Cindy Violet
Debbie Wathens
Kelly Idol"

(Becky informs me that brother Russ is still in the area, and brother Ray is in Bagdad.  I'll bet one or more of our readers might have some contact information on this group of former, and perhaps current, Surratts Garden residents.)

HORNET RECEIVES LAW ENFORCEMENT HONOR.  We're proud to report that Erin McMahan Luckeydoo (88) recently was awarded a Medal of Merit by her law enforcement agency for events that occurred in October 2002 and May 2006 resulting in the apprehension of a murder suspect and the apprehension of a suspect in two armed robberies.  Congratulations to Erin on this nice honor.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD HONOREE RECEIVES ADDITIONAL STAR.  I just learned that 2006 Foundation Achievement Award recipient Tom Travis (72) has been promoted to Major General while serving as the Command Surgeon, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va..  Congratulations to Tom on this wonderful additional accomplishment!

SEARCH THE WEB AND GENERATE ADVERTISER DONATIONS TO THE FOUNDATION.  We recently learned of a Yahoo-powered search engine,, that generates donations to charitable organizations designated by its users.  This sounds like a painless way for each of us to increase the Foundation's fund raising efforts by simply making a small change to the way we do something many of us do each day web searching.

Here's how you can help out.  Go to  In the indicated box, designate The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc. as the charity to receive donations from goodsearch's advertisers each time you search the web.  Then use to do your web searching.  (To make this really easy, you can designate as your homepage on your computer by going to

Thanks for considering changing the way you search the web to generate donations to the Foundation.  ( reports that if 1,000 Foundation supporters search the web twice a day, $7300 in donations will be generated for the Foundation each year!)

HORNET WEATHERS CENTRAL FLORIDA STORMS.  Many of us took note when we heard about the awful tornados that recently struck Central Florida, home of Ann Weaver Pelle (71), who lives in The Villages, FL and often sends us youthful stories about her Twirlers and Red Hat groups that always seem to be on the go.  Fortunately, we received this update email from Ann after those storms: "Dear Henry:  I am just getting time to send you just a sample of tornado pictures that Mike and I took the other day here in The Villages.  There was also an area just behind The Villages that was hit harder, that is where the fatalities were.  Mike and I had a few friends from Twirlers that were directly affected.  There were so many homes that this is just a tiny part of the big picture.  So much to be done and it's really sad to see everything lost for these older folks.  No loss of life here in The Villages though, thank God.  We wound up helping people that we didn't know in that particular neighborhood, who just didn't know what to do.  Well, you know me; hands on and just do it!  Happy to tell you that most of the girls on my team are the same "Type A" sort!  In the meantime, while just trying to cope with all of this, I got our second invitation in less than a week from our "Big Cruise" return.  We have been asked back to do a repeat performance the same time next year on "The Rockin' The Caribbean Volume 2"!  Check this out:  If you go to this website,, scroll down a bit and look at the lineup for the next show!  The Villages Twirlers are right up there with some of the best Rock and Roll acts in the business for all time!  (OK---I am the girl on the hood of the '53 Ford)  I am now just getting into crunch time with a lot of shows---different themes, costumes and numbers that will run me crazy until Cinco de Mayo!  Ann"

SEEKING LOST HORNET.  Mike Robertson (67) is trying to contact Mary Lee Nichols (67).  Please contact Mike at if you have any contact information for Mary Lee or her family members.

MUSICAL MEMORIES OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  I received this great memory from Cheryl Goddard Ragusa (75): "Hi Henry:  I really enjoy receiving the Surrattsville e-Notices and especially the memories described within.  I have one of my own I'd like to share.  While looking at the ice-covered trees and enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate during the recent cold snap, I began thinking about the long, cold winters of my childhood and reminisced about our winter activities while in elementary school.  I remembered many days of indoor PE and working out to a song called "Chicken Fat".  In these days of internet everything, I did a search for the song and, lo and behold, I was able to locate the original song!  When I listened to it, it conjured up working out in the cafeteria at Walden Woods Elementary School (I was in the first 6th grade class at that school in 1968).  I remember Mr. Allen, our PE teacher, playing this song I loved it!  I seem to remember Steve Tazelaar, Bruce Eddy and Ernie McNab making the most of our workout time.  If anyone would like to take a trip down memory lane, go to this link:  Cheryl"

CLASS OF 97 REUNION UPDATE.  I received this update on the Class of 97 Reunion planning from Monica Crown (97): "Hi Henry: The February Reunion meeting went very well. We have pin-pointed when/where we are going to have the events. The 10 Year 1997 Surrattsville High School Reunion will be on August 3rd & August 4th.  The 2day event is going to consist of the Friday night Getting Reacquainted happy hour at a local bar/hotel banquet area. This event will only last a few hours. Then on Saturday we are going to have a BBQ on the grounds of Surrattsville High. (Why not take it back to where it all began!) That BBQ will last about three or four. Lastly we will have an Adult Event at the Jaspers in Crofton in a private upstairs exclusive area.  We are in the process of tallying up cost for all three events, so we should be sending out the main invitation in the upcoming weeks. We are trying to keep cost at a minimum, so any additional help that can be offered please let me know. We are also in the process of sending our Class postcards to try to get as many updated Class member's information as possible. Please make sure you send your most updated info to, and pass this along to any Class members you might run into.  In total weve contacted about 50 of the 216; let's try to get 100%!  If you would like any further information please contact me at Monica Crown, 202-386-1318,"

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINEES SOUGHT.  As we do each year, we're asking you to help us identify nominees for the Foundation's Annual Achievement Awards.  Each year since its inception, the Foundation has had the privilege to honor members of the Surrattsville community who have distinguished themselves with great works in their various fields of endeavor.  Bios of past years' outstanding Achievement Award recipients can be found on the Foundation's web site at

Please send me an email at if you know of an accomplished Hornet who should be considered for this year's Award.

Hope you're all managing to stay warm, and enjoying the winter season!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),

Pat Becker Oles (71)
Steve Profilet (71)


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