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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  2007 ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENTS ANNOUNCED.  The Foundation is extremely proud to announce the following very distinguished  recipients of this year's "culinary-themed" Achievement Awards:

PATRICK O'CONNELL (61).  Patrick is one of the nation's premiere chefs, restauranteurs and inn keepers.  His The Inn at Little Washington, in Washington, VA, is one of the most renowned restaurants and inns in the U.S. and, in fact, the world.

(As chronicled in a recent story in the Washington Post -- at
 -- he served the Queen of England during her recent visit to Virginia.)

Patrick has won virtually every restaurant and inn award of distinction.  For example, The Inn at Little Washington was one of the first establishments ever to win Mobil Five Star awards for both its restaurant and its accommodations.  The Inn's web site at provides an excellent overview of Patrick's establishment.

In addition to his work at the Inn, Patrick is on the Board of the James Beard Foundation, and has won five Beard Awards himself.  He also is the author of two very highly regarded books, "The Inn at Little Washington; A Consuming Passion" and "Patrick O'Donnell's Refined American Cuisine" (as featured on the National Book Festival site at

GREGGORY HILL (79).  Greggory is the proprietor and chef of David Greggory Restau-Lounge, one of D.C.'s top restaurants, located at M and 21st NW.  David previously served as chef at the French Embassy where he prepared meals for various world leaders, and the renowned Gabriel restaurant where he was heralded as "an early pioneer of Nuevo Latino cuisine in Washington".

The restaurant's web site at provides an excellent overview of Greggory's establishment.

Greggory's work has received rave reviews in the Washingtonian magazine, the Washington Post and numerous other publications.  A very favorable review of Greggory's restaurant, with lots of interesting information about David and his formative years in Clinton, can be found at

TIMOTHY DEAN (8_): Tim is the proprietor and chef of Timothy Dean Bistro at 1717 Eastern Avenue in the Fells Point area of Baltimore.  An excellent overview of the Bistro -- with references to Timothy's Clinton roots -- can be found at

Timothy's culinary career started out in the kitchen at Mama Stella's, and he rapidly rose through the ranks of the industry, becoming chef at several of D.C.'s most prominent restaurants, including the Timothy Dean Restaurant and Bar in the St. Regis Hotel, Pesce, the Jean Louis in the Watergate, and the restaurant at the Hay Adams Hotel.  Timothy also spent 13 months in France at Le Louis XV, and returned to the U.S. to open a restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA with Norm Nixon and Denzel Washington and to open the Palladin, in New York..  Timothy has been described by critics as "one of the preeminent chefs in the Northeastern United States."

Timothy's work has received stellar reviews from the likes of Gourmet Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine, and the Washington Post.  (A very favorable recent review can be found at

Timothy also has a business administration degree from Howard University.

[Photos and bios of these distinguished Hornets can be found at and will soon be available on the Foundation's main web site at]

2.  CLASS OF 85 WEB SITE.  The Class of 85 is developing a Class web site.  Please contact Mary Beth Klick at or (301) 645-8028 for information, or if you have photos, announcements or other information you would like to have posted on the web site.

3.  A NICE NOTE.  I received this nice email from Caryn Kaye Glenn (73): "Hi Henry:  I recently went to the Bayside Nursing Home in Lexington Park near the Pax River Air Station to visit my classmate, Kristy (Mary) Dixon Terrell.  Fifteen of us visited her for her birthday.  Her sister, Kathy Dixon, lives in Florida, so she can not visit her often.  Please let folks know she enjoys visitors, and that it's fine to send flowers. (She loves Mickey Mouse).  Caryn"

4.  LEONARDTOWN ART HAPPENINGS.  The Foundation's Historian and Archivist, Shelby Lee Oppermann (79), passed along this note about Leonardtown's burgeoning arts scene: "Leonardtown has lots going on both "Downtown" and "Uptown" (what the Maryland Antique Center complex and North is being referred to).  If you are eating dinner in Leonardtown on a Friday night, stop by any of the art galleries from North End Gallery (downtown on Fenwick Street) for an art show entitled "Mother Earth" to the art galleries in the Maryland Antique Center: Lord Calvert, Heron's Way, & E and M Galleries, and Turning Leaf Gallery inside of my shop, Shelby's Specialties.  Stephen Costa has hung some of his amazing black and white photography for May.  And look for my next show in June featuring the art of Cory Clark and Eleanor Eaton, two artists still in college.  They are very talented with two completely different styles. There will also be an art show at Turning Leaf Gallery with the artists of Surrattsville Senior High in Clinton this Summer, I'm still deciding on a date as of now.  We have a lot of Surrattsville alums in Southern Maryland.  Have art as your appetizer and enjoy "First Fridays" every month.  Thanks, Shelby"

[Ed Note: That art show featuring Surratts artists is sure to be outstanding.]

5.  HORNET MILITARY REGISTRY NOW ON WEBSITE.  Thanks to the efforts of B. J. Brewer Black (72),, we've posted on the Foundation's web site at a list of Hornets who are serving, or have served, in the military.  If you have additional information for this list, please send it B. J..

6.  CONGRATS TO FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBER!  We are very proud to report that Surratts parent and Foundation Board member Bob Ross has just been elected as President of the  Prince George's County Councils of PTAs.  Given the great recent achievements of the Surratts PTA -- witness the new track, the new scoreboard, the new parking surfaces, etc. -- this distinction was very well deserved!  Congratulations, Bob!

7.  CLASS OF 71 RING FOLLOW-UP.  Several months ago, a reader kindly contacted us to let us know that her Mom had found a men's Class of 71 ring.  We've misplaced that email, and we now have a lead on a possible owner of that found ring.  Could the finder please send me an email at to re-start that process?

8.  MORE MEMORIES FROM THOSE HALCYON DAYS.  Here's the latest story from our unofficial "Memoirist", John Curry (60): "Hello Henry: I am enclosing another recollection from my long lost youth in Clinton, MD. It has been interesting for me to recall a simpler time and place. My adventures took place in the mid to late 50s.

I suppose that all children believe their pet dog is the smartest and best of the bunch but for us it was true. It all started with a visit to someones home that had a neat dog named Teddy. This dog was marked like a collie but had a short snout and was about the size of a German Shepard. As we visited, the owner said he hated the animal and would probably dispose of him. We just looked at each other and decided that one more animal at our home would not be a problem and asked if we could take Teddy with us. As Teddy climbed into our car for the ride home he was so excited to be with friends that he was jumping and turning in circles. It was as if he realized that he had been rescued. Teddy fit right in at his new home and was loved by all of the family. He amazed us daily with his ability to understand our communications, fend off other stray animals from our property and defend us from the bulling of other children.

The first example of his understanding was the shoe episode. One of the young girls in the family was always being scolded for not wearing shoes. This particular day she sat on the living room couch and said Teddy, go get my shoes! Without hesitation he jumped up, ran into her bedroom and came back with her shoes. We just sat there and wondered how he had responded correctly to her request without any practice or coaching on our part. It always seemed to me that he was compensating for his deliverance from the previous owner.

Another time we were outside and heard some muted plaintive cries from Teddy. We found him wandering around the backyard with his entire head in a large glass jar. The jar was steamed up from his breath so he could not see out. We held him and attempted to remove the jar but to no avail. We decided to break the jar but were concerned about glass getting into his eyes. I remember giving him warnings about closing his eyes while we broke the jar, fully expecting him to comply. The jar was finally broken away to everyones relief including Teddy and Im sure that he only opened his eyes as the glass fell away.

Our large animals were outdoor creatures and all had their place but on cold, wintry nights Teddy was secreted into our bedroom and slipped under the bed until morning. He was very quiet during these missions as if he knew what was going on and did his part. Teddy was such a vital creature and many happy hours were spent playing and exploring with him at our side.

I dont recall how long Teddy lived with us but he was a true member of the family. On one fateful day he was accidentally driven over while sleeping under one of the family cars. Perhaps it was a merciful way of saying goodbye to a dog who could not have been taken from us any other way. Later in life I have seen dogs succumb to aging problems and I know that we would not have wanted for him to suffer like that. He was buried on our property and no one could have been missed more than our constant companion, protector and friend named Teddy.

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful start to your summer seasons!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),

Pat Becker Oles (71)
Steve Profilet (71)
Michelle Shelley Wilson Block (68)
Sally Saker Weingarten (77)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54), In memory of her brother, Jesse "Skip" Goddard, Jr. (56)
Roy Nestor (72), In Memory of Jana Sims Nestor
Kurt Aktug (88)



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