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E-Notice 2007-10

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1.  DON'T FORGET TO GENERATE DONATIONS TO THE FOUNDATION WHILE SEARCHING THE WEB.  Please don't forget to set your web browser home page to the Yahoo-powered search engine,, that generates donations to charitable organizations designated by its users.  You'll need to indicate "The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc." as your designated charity.  This is a painless way for each of us to increase the Foundation's fund raising efforts by simply making a small change to the way we do something many of us do each day web searching.

Here are the details.  Go to  In the indicated box, designate The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc. as the charity to receive donations from goodsearch's advertisers each time you search the web.  Then use to do your web searching.  (You designate as your homepage on your computer by going to

Thanks for considering changing the way you search the web to generate donations to the Foundation.  ( reports that if 1,000 Foundation supporters search the web twice a day, $7300 in donations will be generated for the Foundation each year!).

2.  ANNUAL CAMPAIGN OFFICIALLY BEGINS.  The Foundation's 2007 Annual Campaign has officially begun.  This is the informal campaign we undertake each year to refresh the Foundation's treasury so it can grant the annual scholarships and fund the other on-going activities of the Foundation.  Remember: the Foundation has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes directly toward the support of a Foundation activity.  And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a positive difference.

Please consider showing your support for the Foundation by joining those generous "early birds" listed below who already have contributed to this year's campaign.  (A donor form is reprinted below, and is available on the Foundation's web site at

3.  FOUNDATION BOARD SEEKS "LOCAL" VOLUNTEERS.  The Board of the Foundation is in need of volunteers from the Clinton area to provide the out-of-town Board members with a "local presence."  If you're still in the Southern Maryland area, and you would be willing to volunteers a few hours in the coming year to the noble cause of the Foundation, please let me know by email at

4.  CLASS OF 63 PLANS 45TH.  The Class of 63 is busy planning its 45th Reunion.  Please contact Jeanette Goldsmith McKenna at if you have any information on a 63 grad of family member of a 63 grad.

5.  REPORT FROM AFGHANISTAN.  We received this fascinating report from Afghanistan from Rix Mills (62),  (A great photo from Afghanistan that accompanied the email is on the Foundation's web site at  "Hi  Henry:  I am doing well in northern Afghanistan and am learning so much here in the field that I didn't even imagine back in Washington, D.C. It is always good to get ground truth on any problem.  I am sending along a picture that was taken on the Afghanistan/Uzbekistan border which is only about an hour away from Mazar-e-Sharif where I am working.  We stopped and handed out candy to the school children and it was an outstanding experience to see the joy in their faces and their enthusiasm for Americans.  One little boy asked me if I could give him a notebook or pencil for his school and next time I will take those things with me to hand out.  I am sure that the average American citizen has no idea of the truly amazing things that the USA is doing here to raise this country from its knees and give the people the opportunity to progress if they choose to do so.  Good news does not sell newspapers but our taxpayers dollars are being well spent in almost every imaginable area of development in this Texas-size country and will surely make a difference in the history of this part of the world.  I am privileged to see it all unfolding first hand. Rix"

6.  SEEKING SURRATTS GARDENS ALUMS.  Some time ago, we ran an item with a request from Becky Hann Griffin (78) asking Surratts Gardens residents who lived there when Becky lived there (1962-1978) to reach out to her at  A number of folks contacted Becky, but because of a health problem she was not able to respond to all of them and does not have access to the email addresses of those who responded.  Becky has asked those folks to email her again, and sent the following note: "Hi Henry:  Would you mind helping me out?  My computer died in late April and I lost all of my files including all the responses to my note in the e-Notice.  Of the many that had written to me, I hadn't yet responded to most and I would dearly love to do so.  Please let me explain my delay: for the last several years I have been under treatment for Lyme disease which I have had since at least 1993. Mine went undiagnosed for over a decade and it wasn't until after the birth of my daughter in 1999 that the symptoms became so obvious and overwhelming.  Finally, in 2004, I was diagnosed and my treatment started. However unlike many sufferers mine is primarily in my brain and causes Alzheimers-like symptoms so responding to email is sometimes difficult for me.  Normally, I stay far away from the media, but I would do just about anything to help others either avoid this disease or get treatment to overcome it.  I am worried because it is so prevalent and yet so little understood and frequently undiagnosed.  (Channel 7 ABC news interviewed me for a future broadcast.)   So, bottom line - would you please rerun my inquiry to anyone that lived in Surratts Gardens from 1962 to 1978 or from the class of 1978 to give me a note?  Thanks again, Becky "

7.  GOATMAN AND OTHER "WEIRD MARYLAND" STORIES.  We received this email from Wayne Tatum (74): "Hi Henry:  I came across a book entitled "Weird Maryland' by Matt Lake, including a word or two from one Mark Opsasnick about the oddities and stories about the Old Line State, including many scenarios about the Goatman in PG county, one incident happening near a military housing area by the name of Summerfield.  Wayne".

(One respondent to Wayne's email, Tina O'Connell Hartman responded as follows: "Regarding  Summerfield, I taught in Prince George's County in 1999-2000 at William Paca Elementary school, on Sheriff Road in Landover (near Landover Mall).  Kids at our school came from Summerfield, a military housing complex near FedEx Field (home of the Redskins).  Tina")

8.  HORNET FOOTBALL TEAM OFF TO GREAT START!  Charlie Rodgers (70) sent the following exciting information about the 2007 Hornet football team.  Stellar results to-date:

9/8/07 Banks (Baltimore, MD)          W 42-0
9/14/07 @Owings Mills (MD)            W 52-6
9/21/07 Potomac (Oxon Hill, MD)    W 35-8
9/29/07  Forestville Military Academy   W 55-20

Remaining schedule:

10/6/07  2:00 PM Fairmont Heights (Capitol Heights, MD)
10/12/07 3:00 PM @Douglass (Upper Marlboro, MD)
10/20/07 2:00 PM Central (Capitol Heights, MD)
10/27/07 2:00 PM @Gwynn Park (Brandywine, MD)
11/3/07  2:30 PM Largo (Upper Marlboro, MD)
11/10/07 2:00 PM @Crossland (Temple Hills, MD)
Web site for schedule and results:

After this great start, can a championship season be far behind?  Go Hornets!

[Ed. Note: Charlie's football roots go deep.  Charlie's Dad founded the Clinton Boys (and eventually Girls) Club, and Charlie received its first membership card!]

9.  REQUEST FOR CLASS OF 76 INFO.  Class of 76 ORC Evan Vutsinas is asking that all Class of 76 grads send him an email so he can update his email data base for the class.  Evan's email address is
10.  CELEBRATING A LIFE.  Alicia Marra Harman (76) sent this email: "Dear All:  There will be a celebration of Patsy Torrecarion's life on Saturday, October 20, 2007 at King's Landing Park (Pavilion 1), in Huntingtown, MD 20639. The time will be from noon to 4:00 p.m.. If people need directions or information they can call Alecia Marra Haman at 301-855-9519 or Sharon Robinson at 410-741-1193. It will be a casual relaxed gathering of friends to remember a great lady. Please come if you would like to share with us, and bring pictures of Patsy if you have any.  Thanks, Alecia,"

11.  CLASS OF 65 BIRTHDAY BASH.   In their inimitable fashion, the Class of 65 is holding  their 60th birthday bash over a long, and event-filled, week in Ocean City.  About 70 people from all over the country are expected to attend, and we'll likely get a nice report for the next e-Notice. (The Class has a great web site at, by the way.)

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful time of year, wherever you are!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),


Pat Becker Oles (71)
Steve Profilet (71)
Michelle Shelley Wilson Block (68)
Sally Saker Weingarten (77)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54), In memory of her brother, Jesse "Skip" Goddard, Jr. (56)
Roy Nestor (72), In Memory of Jana Sims Nestor
Kurt Aktug (88)
June Jacobs Brown (44)
Thomas V. Mike Miller (60)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Vicki Forsht Williams (65), In joyful celebration of the marriage of Nancy Oursler Maynard (65) and Larry Schillings (65)
Vicki Forsht Williams (65, and former faculty), In memory of Eugene Colgan, former (and greatest!) Principal
Ellen Talbert-Miller (61, and former faculty/administration), In memory of Eugene Colgan, Principal and mentor
Bpb Marr (71)
Deborah Cox Marr (72)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), To Honor the Class of 1957
Henry Smith (71)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)


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