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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINEES SOUGHT.  The Foundation Board is seeking nominees for the Foundation's 2007 Achievement Awards.  These are the awards given to members of the greater Surratts community who have especially distinguished themselves in their professional or civic endeavors.  Photos of past Achievement Award recipients -- who range from beloved School staffers to distinguished graduates from an almost 50-year period -- and their extremely impressive bios, are found on the web site at

(Please email any nominations for the 2007 Awards to

And, speaking of Achievement Award recipients, a reader sent us this link to a great story about 2005 Achievement Award recipient, Oscar-winner
Marcia Gay Harden (76):

HORNET BAND MEMORIES.  We received this note from Surrattstock performer Dave Danielson (73): "Henry:  I enjoyed the note about the Hornets going to Disney World.  I remember that Butch Mortimer took our Hornet Band in the spring of 1973 down to Disney World to do the parade.  It was a great trip and a fantastic experience for the band.  I think this might be only the second time that the Hornet Marching Band played at Disney (not sure though).  Take care, Dave"

[Ed Note: I believe there might have been other Surratts Band out-of-town adventures.  Maybe our readers can share some memories with us?]

AND SPEAKING OF "HISTORICAL MUSIC" ....  For you music lovers, Leslie St. Clair (70) forwarded us this item about a historical jukebox web site:  "There's a jukebox site at  The site will pay songs from 1950 through 1982.  Each year has a scroll or drop down box that shows all the great songs for that year, and most years have over 40 songs.  When you click a song it will play and when it finishes it automatically plays the next song on the list and continues until it has played all the songs.  One of the best features is that it will play in the background while you're using your computer."

On a similar note, another reader sent this link that might be of interest to those of you who lived through the 1960s, especially those of you whose memories might need a little refreshing:

ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SURRATTS HISTORY.  Surrattsville High School turned 100 last year.  Specifically, the first high school graduate was the sole member of the Class of 1907.  (There is a stunning photo of who we believe is a 2009 graduate on the Foundation's web site at

To celebrate Surrattsville's first century, we're looking for facts and stories about Surrattsville's history to include in e-Notices and add to the Foundation's archives.  If you have any, please send them to

To start the historical ball rolling, here's an excerpt on Surratts history from a booklet that the Prince George's County Retired Teachers' Association put together to celebrate the American bicentennial in 1976:

"Surrattsville Elementary and High School.  The Surrattsville School was established on a county knoll, at what today is the intersection of Route 381 and Surratts Road.  It was built shortly after the War between the States and most appropriately, the school colors were blue and gray.  The school took the name of the community which was in the election district of Prince George's County named from the Surratt family.  Mrs. Mary Surratt who was victimized and paid with her life in the hysteria following President Lincoln's assassination was from this family.  The Board of Education minutes of August 14, 1906 read as follows: "ordered that Surrattsville School be hereafter run as a district high school and primary school combined at an additional cost not to exceed $400 per annum."  Thus, the second high school in Prince George's County was authorized for the sum of $400.  However, physical property needs of 1906 dictated a large shelter for 10 horses and buggies; two enlarged outhouses with extra accommodations; a new pump and well; and an increase in the campus to allow baseball to be played.  Note these actions of the Board of Education:


9/25/1906 - Mr. Eugene Burroughs, later to become Superintendent of Schools in 1914, was appointed Principal at a salary of $500, raised in 1908 to $800.

5/5/1914 - Mr. Burroughs appointed Superintendent, and Mr. F. B. Gwynn, later to become Superintendent of Schools in Charles County in 1921, was made Principal.

8/16/1917 - Mr. J. A. Carrico was placed "at head of the elementary school".


9/25/1906 - Board ordered that "manual training" be taught.

1/21/1907 - Board ordered that "principal be allowed to establish a military organization at Surrattsville High"

9/24/1907 - Board ordered that French be taught.

7/21/1908 - Board authorized a "Commercial Department".

10/5/1915 - Board ordered "Commercial to be dropped and that domestic science and agriculture be emphasized".

Physical Plant:

3/21/1909 - Board ordered that a building committee of six people be appointed for the Surrattsville area.

7/11/1919 - Special meeting of the Board at Surrattsville to accept the building.  The old building sold at auction for $200.

9/2/1910 - Ordered that floors for Surrattsville High be oiled.

1/27/1911 - Ordered that $69.45 raised by pupils be used to grade the school grounds.

1/11/1927 - Board recommended a bond issue for an assembly hall.  Part of the money was marked for inside plumbing and sanitary facilities.

This one building continued to serve the elementary grades of school for this area until after
World War II when separate facilities were built for elementary, junior and senior high students.

Award of Diplomas:

On May 14, 1907, the Board "ordered that diplomas be awarded to the graduates of the Surrattsville High School."  There was only one graduate in 1907 and also one graduate in 1949 when the transition from 11 to 12 grades occurred.

One June 8, 1909, among the five graduates of Surrattsville was
Avis Middleton (Thomas S. Gwynn, Jr.'s mother).  She was the first of three generations to graduate from the same school.  Thomas S. Gwynn, Jr. And his seven brothers and sisters graduated from Surrattsville High as have three of his children.

Miss Middleton in the September following her graduation from the Surrattsville High School became the principal of the Forestville Elementary School.

One of the opening day daily rituals was to take the first three grades outside to the pump and have everyone clean his teeth.  Little collapsible tin cups were used.  This ritual focused on health habits.

A big job, sought by many pupils, was to go on top of the two-story building to lower the flag at the end of the school day.  Actually, it enabled the selected students to leave the classroom a few minutes early in order to perform the chore.

The custodian had a favorite trick of telling the children he kept a bear in the dark, cavernous basement and to prove it, he would make it growl -- which was done by shoveling the coal!

The chief games at lunch hour were "Fox and Dog" and "Prisoner's Base" -- both entailing much running and pursuit.  The big outside bell could be heard a half-mile and time was allowed for all to get to class.

World War II this school plant and its site became the junior high as a new senior high was built one-half mile away and a new elementary building was built one-quarter mile away."  [Ed Note:  I believe the "new" high school was completed in 1960.  Does anyone know when the "new" elementary school was completed?  Perhaps the elementary school was completed closer to the end of WWII.]

LEONARDTOWN CONTINUES EVENING EVENTS.  For you arts and culture lovers in the Southern Maryland area, the City of Leonardtown is continuing its "First Friday" events on the first Friday evening of each month.  Many of the shops and galleries in Leonardtown open from 5 to 8 p.m. for these monthly events.

HORNET FEATURED IN RADIO INTERVIEW.  We learned that Chris Spell Buckingham (70) and her Safe Harbor Counseling program were featured on a radio interview recently on WPGC's "Marsha Sumner Cross Talk/Urban Style Show".  (The link to Ms. Sumner's show is at

MAILING ITEMS TO AFGHANISTAN (AND ELSEWHERE).  We received this mailing tip from Talaya Osborne Simpson (88): "Henry: In response to the e-Notice items about mailing school supplies to Rix Mills (62) for the Afghan kids, the Post Office has new Priority Mail boxes that are larger for military mailing.  The cost to ship them is $2 less than the domestic price, if you are sending them to an APO/FPO address.  They can be ordered at or by calling 800-610-8734.  It's an incentive offered for military families who are sending care packages to the honorable soldiers who are valiantly caring for our freedom.  Thanks, Talaya"

[Ed. Note: School supplies for the Afghan kids can be sent to Rix at:

Rix Mills
Regional Training Center (RTC)
APO  AE  09354]

SEARCHING FOR 58 GRADS.  The Class of 58 Reunion Committee (c/o Jean Merriman Beardmore (  is searching for three classmates they cannot find: Joy Irving Kearney, Eva Pearson, and Kathy Hummer Grumbling.  Please contact Jean if you have any information about these Hornets or members of their families.

CLASS OF 62 ACTIVITIES UPDATE.  Please don't forget to contact Len Owens (62), if you have info on Class of 62 grads of their family members, or to learn about all the activities of the Class of 62.
CLASSES OF 78/79 PLANNING REUNION.  And, if you're interested in the joint reunion plans of the Classes or 78 and 79, or have info on 78 or 79 grads or their family members, please contact Jeanne Hoffman LaRoque (78) at  or (79).

DWIGHT REED (81) MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING.   Dawn Reed Schumaker (84) reports that the 6th Annual Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Friday, June 28, 2008 at The Links at Challedon in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  Anyone interested in registering a foursome or sponsoring a hole should contact Dawn at  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research.

I hope you're all well and enjoying a great start to Spring 2008!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),


Steve Profilet (71)
Chuck Teubner (64)
Pat Becker Oles (71)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54)
Vivian Bounds Edelen (Former Faculty; 1938-1942)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)



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