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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

FASHIONABLE ALUMNI WINDOW DECALS AVAILABLE.  By popular demand -- and thanks to the efforts of Pat Becker Oles (71) -- the Foundation is now making "Surrattsville Alumni" window decals available.  (A sample is found at  Note that the actual size of the decals is 4" x 4" rather than the size shown on the web site, and they have a white background and green lettering.)

These decals are of the "static peel-off" variety, so they have "repositional adhesive backing," and attach, and detach, easily from windows with no muss or fuss.  The suggested donation for the decals is $2.50.  If you'd like to show your Hornet pride by displaying a decal on your vehicle's window, please send your donation and your mailing address to Henry Smith at 815 Stoneleigh Road, Baltimore, MD 21212, and we'll mail a decal to you.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINEES SOUGHT.  Please don't forget: the Foundation Board is seeking nominees for the Foundation's 2007 Achievement Awards.  Photos of our very distinguished past Achievement Award recipients, and their extremely impressive bios, are found on the web site at

(Please email any nominations for the 2007 Awards to

78/79 REUNION DETAILS.  The Classes of 1978 and 1979 have finalized their 30 Year Reunion plans, as follows:

-Friday, July 11, Golf Outing at Twin Shields
-Saturday, July 12, Cocktails & Appetizers (Cash Bar), Annapolis Elks Lodge (8-12),
    "Featuring the Eric Scott Band (Class of 81)"
 -Sunday, July 13, Picnic (12-6), Sandy & Gene's

$55.00 Per Person before May 15.  $65.00 after May 15.  Final deadline is June 15.  Make checks payable to: Karen White, 11803 Crown Drive, Dunkirk, MD 20754.  One price for Saturday & Sunday!

For more information contact Jeanne LaRoque (78) at or Karen White (79) at

MORE HORNET BAND MEMORIES.  We received the following emails in response to our request for memories of Hornet band adventures: 

"The marching band under the great Butch Mortimer also went to Disney World during April of 1978.  We had performances, a major competition, and a "march on Disney" at night.  A great time for all, and we did well in the competition.  As a result, I tell people that, in high school, the band goes places the sports teams just do not go, like Disney!  Bob Wilson (78)"

"The Hornet Band, under the direction of Butch Mortimer, went on a trip to Disney in 1978 (when I was a sophomore).  It was truly a blast of a trip.  I played in the Symphonic Band as well as marching in the Electric Light Parade.  We did a trip every year I was there. 79 and 80 were VA Beach trips.  Lots of good memories.  Glenn Lepore (80)"

"Butch took our band to Disney in 1988. We played in the Epcot Center Parade. Somewhere I still have the program.  Dana Pase (90)"

"The 1978 Marching Hornets went to Disney and marched in the Disney Light Parade.  The 1979 and 1980 Marching Hornets went to Virginia Beach.  John Shultz (80)"

SCHOOL BUILDINGS HISTORY.  We received these fascinating emails in response to our request for details on the various Surrattsville buildings:

"Maybe this will help about the "after World War II" building programs at Surratts.  I started 1st grade at Surrattsville in 1949.  It was the old two-story building with all 12 grades.  We ate lunch in our classrooms at that time as there was no cafeteria.  A class member would go to the office at lunchtime to get the milk and ice cream that students had purchased that day.  I think that the big room (that would become the cafeteria) was the library/auditorium.  Betty Bowie and I were flower girls in 1st grade for the May Dance held in that room.  When I was in about 4th or 5th grade (1953-54), the new Elementary School was built on Clinton Manor Drive.  At first it only accommodated 1st through 3rd grades.  Mary B. Edelen became the elementary school principal.  In the next several years, they gradually expanded to 6th grade.  I missed the move each time they expanded because of the grade I was in -- I was glad as I liked the old school and did not want to move.  I can remember the 2-story addition with the gym being made to the basic building, but I cannot remember exactly when it was -- I'm pretty sure it was when I was still in elementary school.  I started 7th grade in 1955.  The "new" Senior High School off Piscataway Road was completed in 1960.  This was when the old building became the Junior High School.  Other students and I helped to move biology equipment to the new school to help Mrs. Holland in handling the special equipment.  Our Class of '61 was the first class to graduate from the new High School having been there all of our Senior Year (the Class of '60 had attended classes there for the last part of their Senior Year).  Maybe others can help pin down the dates of the 2-story/gym addition, etc.  I always loved Surrattsville.  The principal, Mr. Pryde, took such pride in the school.  I remember the big preparations when Surrattsville was to undergo some special "evaluation" in the mid 50's.  Everything had to be in tip-top shape.  The school was such an integral part of the community.  Our society has lost a lot since those days of community/school/church connections.  Hope some of this helps. Joan Penn Revis (61)"
"The elementary school had to be built between 1955 - 1957. I attended 3rd grade there in 1951, left and returned in Oct. 1954 to the seventh grade. An addition was added to the building from 54-56, and it was still grades 1 through 12 during construction in Oct 1954. The New School opened in Oct/Nov 1959. I was part of the student Senior volunteers that helped move boxes and supplies. I graduated in the Class of 1960, the First Class from the "New" school.  Garvin Smith (60)"

"I went to SHS grades 1-12 in the same building.  I know that there was an elementary school still operating in the 1951-1952 school year, at SHS, as I was in it.  My class of 1958 was supposed to be the last graduating class from the jr./sr.high school, but the new school did not get finished in time, so the 1959 class was the last graduating class of SHS junior/sr. high school.  Jean Merriman Beardmore (58)"

"I am going to check with my Mom.  However, I am pretty sure the Elementary School opened in 1952 for my third grade.  Mrs. Johnson was my teacher.  Or, was it Mrs. Ellinger.  As I said, I'll check with my Mom tomorrow.  Best,  Len Owens (62)"

"I went to Surrattsville High School from Sept 1949 to June 1950, and unless my memory has completely failed me the elementary school occupied the ground floor of the building while the upper grades through 12 occupied the second floor.  Mr. Price was the principal and Mrs. McFadden was the vice principal..  I would be interested to learn where I can see (on line) a copy of the year book from my year there.   Tom Satterfield"

"Your Surratts news e-notice of April 1 was forwarded to me by Les Gooding.  I have never seen it before and found it to be most interesting - especially the historical notes and many references to my father and family.  I am Thomas Summers Gwynn, III, and I graduated in 1964.  My sister Sally graduated in 1962 and my sister Julie in 1970.  I started first grade at Surrattsville in the fall of 1952. At that time, all 12 grades were in one building.  The new elementary school was completed in time for me to go there for all of second grade.  I lived close enough to walk to all three of the Surrattsville schools that I attended.  Summers Gwynn (64)."

HISTORICAL PHOTOS ON WEB SITE.   And, speaking of Surratts history, we're attempting to get as much background information as possible about the historical photos on the Foundation's web site at   Deb Long (71) has pointed out that the first name of the individual in our photo of the 1909 Surratts grad is "Iris", but we're still having trouble making out her last name.  If you have any background information on any of the photos on the web site, please send it to

ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SURRATTS HISTORY (CON'T).  Please don't forget: to celebrate Surrattsville's first century, we're looking for facts and stories about Surrattsville's history to include in e-Notices and add to the Foundation's archives.  If you have any, please send them to  We'd also love any historical photos for the Foundation's archive.

Here's this month's installment of the Surratts history story.  This nice, anonymous history comes from the files of the Surratt House.  The history contains a photo of a building that I don't recognize -- maybe the front of the "Old School" before some renovations? -- and a great photo of James T. Hawkins.  The history isn't dated, but appears to be from the 1950s.

"Surrattsville High School History:   Surrattsville School ... ten miles from the Nation's Capital ... along the Leonardtown Pike in historic Southern Maryland ... the school on the hill catches the eyes of passers-by ... yes, it is a pretty place.  Here, the fundamental three R's have been taught for the past half century.  Prior to 1910, Surrattsville School, the second oldest school in Prince George's County, was a small frame building.  The school was not too crowded at that time, so the one-room school building at Piscataway was abolished and those students transferred to Surrattsville.  Many children walked long distances, rode horse-back, or came to school in horse and buggy fashion, these being the popular modes of transportation of the day. A small stable was provided at the school for feeding and sheltering the horses.

Mr. Eugene S. Burroughs was the first principal of the school, receiving an approximate salary of $750 a year.  In 1908 the total expenses for running the school was $1,673.19, which included the cost of books, teachers' salaries, fuel, and other miscellaneous expenses.  The total enrollment for this year was 107, of which 68 were in the elementary grades.  In addition to the three R's, history, Latin and French were taught.  A Commercial Course was included in the curriculum at the that time.  A Cadet Training Corps was a prominent feature around the school then.

The 1908 graduating class had three members, Miss Ursula Gwynn, Miss Bertie Baden, and Mr. Phil Hatton; however, Ms. Blanche Hurtt had graduated the year before in 1907, being the only member of the first graduating class of the Surrattsville High School.  Surrattsville was a growing school.  In 1910, to take care of the overflow of new students, many with perfect attendance, a larger frame building, with six rooms, was built where the present auditorium now stands.

In 1915, at the time the furnace was being built, James T. Hawkins, better known as 'Uncle Jimmy,' was hired as school custodian.  Uncle Jimmy died in October 1950 after 35 years of faithful service to the school.  He left a spot which no other can fill as far as memories are concerned.

Few changes were made in the daily routine of our school, other than slight increases in enrollment and a few added courses, until 1925.  >From then on rapid changes took place.  Transportation was now furnished by the county, eliminating those long walks, etc., of the previous era.  The Commercial Course, which had been dropped from the curriculum for a while, was now revised and brought back.  Hot lunches were served on a small scale.  Athletics played a big role in the school.  The students had long since outgrown the six-room building and the present school was built.  In 11940 a public address system was installed in the school.  Activities to interest all the pupils were organized such as, the Student Council, YMCA, Future Teachers of America, the school newspaper, and others.  In 1945 the new 6-3-3 plan was introduced to the county, so today the Surrattsville School is a combination graded, junior high, and senior high.

Today we have enlarged our school by adding six additional classrooms, a modern gymnasium, and ultra-modern cafeteria.  Our school is now among the finest and best equipped in the whole state.

Our eyes are on the future, with the hope and promise to make Surrattsville one of the best educational institutions ever.  Under the administrative leadership of Mr. John M. Pryde, our principal, and the guidance of a fine staff of teachers, this goal for the future will be accomplished. 

Yes, Surrattsville is a pretty place ... we are keeping an eye on the past, while planning for the future."

SEARCHING FOR 58 GRADS.  The Class of 58 Reunion Committee (c/o Jean Merriman Beardmore (  is searching for three classmates they cannot find: Joy Irving Kearney, Eva Pearson, and Kathy Hummer Grumbling.  Please contact Jean if you have any information about these Hornets or members of their families.

CLASS OF 62 ACTIVITIES UPDATE.  Len Owens (62),, submitted this update on the Class of 62's upcoming reunion plans:

September 27, 2008, Picnic, Noon, Gilbert Run Park, La Plata, MD, Just off Route 6.  Bring your own picnic.

Possible additional events include dinner on Friday night (September 26th) and/or Brunch Sunday morning (September 28th) and golf.  All of these additional events are based on class interest.  After our 45th reunion last September, we discussed the possibility of a picnic in Southern Maryland in this following year.  Many classmates indicated an interest in a picnic this September.  Some who attended the reunion and some who were unable to attend indicated an interest.  Gilbert Run Park is available.  I hope you are still interested in a picnic.  This is meant, primarily, for those classmates in the Washington area.  Of course, if you are in town on this weekend, pleased try to attend.

Some classmates do not always read their emails.  Others have only US mail access.  If you would like to call a few classmates, please indicate your willingness to make a few phone calls.

Note:  It is important.  Please let us know if you will plan to attend.  Thank you, Your Reunion Committee

DWIGHT REED (81) MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING.   Dawn Reed Schumaker (84) reports that the 6th Annual Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Friday, June 28, 2008 at The Links at Challedon in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  Anyone interested in registering a foursome or sponsoring a hole should contact Dawn at  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research.

FORMER SHERWOOD FOREST RESIDENT SEEKS FORMER NEIGHBORS.  Juan Tauler, who lived in Sherwood Forest in his youth, is looking for the following former neighbors: Alicia Flynn, Tom and Barbara Thomas, Billy Weir, Gary Smith, Cheryl Kitteridge, and the Kruegers.  Please contact Juan at if you have any information that might help him.

PTSA SCHEDULES FORUM.  The PTSA sent along this notice: "The Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) and the Prince George's Branch of the NAACP are holding a PTA Forum giving County Government and Board of Education leaders an opportunity to meet and share information with Administrators and Supervisors, PTA members, other parents and the community about our valuable asset -the CHILDREN of Prince George's County.

Date: Saturday May 3, 2008
Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Place:  Roosevelt High's Auditorium
Invited Speakers Include: County Executive, Jack Johnson, Sheriff, Michael Jackson, Police Chief, Melvin High, Board of Education Chair, Verjeana Jacobs, PGCPS Superintendent, John Deasy.

We want to listen to you.  We want to talk to you.  We need your participation.  We need to know what you think.  Do you have children in Prince George's County Schools?
Yes.  No.  It really doesn't matter.  ALL of our futures rest in the hands of children.  Learn about the school system.  Learn of its strengths.  Learn of its weakness.  Learn about the county role in our schools.  Become committed partners in making it better.  Did you know:

-School - Based Administrators work an average of 60 hours per week.
-Food and Nutrition Services serve approximately 473,500 breakfasts and 1,000,000 lunches in a normal month.
-Our school system is the 11th largest bus fleet in the Country -- 1,044 buses that travel an average of 103,756 miles a day, 19,194,869 miles per year, transporting 87,000 students daily.
-There are only 8 supervisors scheduling, routing and handling problems with these buses.
-Elementary schools have from approxi-mately 300 to over 800 students.

Thanks, the PTSA"

... AND GREAT PTSA NOTED IN WASHINGTON POST.  Surrattsville's very active, and very successful, PTSA is expected to be mentioned in an article in today's Washington Post discussing joint efforts by the Chamber of Commerce and the PTSA to support the Prince George's County schools.  Congratulations to the PTSA on this very well-deserved recognition!

LEONARDTOWN CONTINUES ITS REGULAR ACTIVITIES.  Here's an update on the very popular, and very "Surrattsville-themed," First Friday Events in Leonardtown from Foundation Archivist Shelby Lee Oppermann (79): "Hi to fellow Surratsvillians!  On Friday May 2nd from 5 to 8 p.m. at Shelby's Custom Framing located at the Maryland Antique Center Complex in Leonardtown, MD, the band "No Class Today Barngrass" will be performing. This will be an early Cinco D'Mayo celebration theme, so find your Mexican hats or garb. One of the band members is Brian Deere (80). In addition to me, one of the other antique dealers is a Surratts graduate, Pam DePriest Grasso (76).  There are many Surrattsville graduates who work in Leonardtown, or live in the Southern Maryland counties who regularly attend the First Friday events. In fact, Sally Huff, who designed the school seal, is an artist in one of the galleries at the antique center, and Janie Parker (75), will be a new artist showing in the gallery. There's always something happening at the art galleries, shops, and eateries uptown and downtown. I will have some First Friday info on my website with directions.  Thanks, Shelby"

CLASS OF 64 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 64 is planning a 45th reunion in February 2009, in the form of a three night cruise to the Bahamas!  The Class reports that "all are welcome to join us."  For details, contact Jaime Seaman (64) at or 954-316-7498. 

I hope you're all well and enjoying brightening skies and blooming flowers!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),

In Memoriam

Carl Wayne Clark (77) passed away on March 1, 2008 at the age of 50 from coronary heart disease.  Carl is survived by his wife, Donna D.G. Boyden Clark and two children, Wayne Clark and Joshua Clark.


Steve Profilet (71)
Chuck Teubner (64)
Pat Becker Oles (71)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54)
Vivian Bounds Edelen (Former Faculty; 1938-1942)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)
Sally Weingarten (77)



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