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E-Notice 2008-10

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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1.  INSPIRATIONAL SURRATTS TEACHERS, CON'T.  We received the following inspirational memories about Surratts faculty members in response to a request in a previous e-Notice:

"Hi Henry:  I too was inspired by many of my Surrattsville teachers.  It was in Mrs. Wright's class (Surrattsville ES, 5th grade) that I first decided to be a teacher.  When I had Mr. Thomas (Surrattsville JHS) for US History I knew I wanted to be a social studies teacher.  I still remember him walking through the room with a bowling pin to demonstrate Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Stick" policy.  Surrattsville SHS was filled with memorable and inspirational teachers.  Ben Collins exposed me to different cultures and caused me to question why people do what they do.  Leonard Anderson asked me to defend Nazi war criminals so we could all think about what they did.  Mrs. Grouby encouraged us to research so we could learn from history.  Mr. Leahy had us all play a game so we could get a sense of what it is like to be poor in America.  Ron Cunningham got us to invite real politicians to our class so we could learn from them, too.  Mr. Andrauskas gave us the opportunity to debate the issues of the day.  We fought for Mr. Ingrim when he was surplused because we learned so much in his speech class.  Mr. Salvia taught me to write well enough to get out of college.  Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Terry, and Mr. Jenkins got me through my math and science courses even though I was a very reluctant learner.  I learned so much from these and our other great Surrattsville teachers.  They all helped to make me a better teacher.  I am now the social studies resource teacher at Damascus HS, home of the Swarming Hornets.  Our colors are green and white.  I teach AP Government to sophomores.  John Mosier (75)"

"Dear Henry:  It is not possible for me to think about Great Surrattsville Teachers without putting Leonard F. Anderson at the top of the list.  Because of his teaching, I have a lifelong love of U.S. History and a strong belief in "life is what you make of it".  Who can forget his infamous line, "If the shoe fits..." ?  Because of Mr. Anderson, some of us were lucky enough to take Saturday field trips (in his little VW Beetle, and on his dime) to Gettysburg, Monticello, and more.  He made history come alive for us by telling us the backstories as we were touring the sites.  What school would allow a teacher to do this today?  What parents would allow a teacher to do this today?  And yet, we are the richer for having had this experience.  I don't know if there are any Leonard F. Anderson types out there teaching today, but if there are, their students are very lucky indeed.  Pat Becker Oles (71)"

2.  POSSIBLE 2010 EVENTS.  As previously noted, the Foundation Board is considering whether to hold any form of "All Classes/Faculty/Staff" events in 2010, either similar to those held in 2000 and 2005, or different in scope.  If you would like to volunteer to work on a committee to consider this question, please send me an email at

3.  100 YEARS OF SURRATTS HISTORY, CON'T.  Continuing our celebration of Surrattsville's 100th anniversary, here is an undated newspaper article, again from the Surratt House archives, that appeared in an unidentified local Clinton paper sometime during Mr. Pryde's tenure as Principal:

"Historic Surrattsville School Homecoming Day Wednesday.  Historic Surrattsville School graduates are coming home.  From near and far, alumni of the second oldest school in Prince George's County, MD will assemble Wednesday at the spot where some of them learned the three R's around the turn of the century. [Ed note: For you younger readers, that would be the turn of the 20th century!] The school is now headed by Principal John M. Pryde.  Those of the 750 graduates who can make the journey will join knuckle-rapping teachers of other days in dedicating an addition to the present streamlined school.  They will be welcomed by old friends in the gala afternoon and evening program climaxed by an address delivered by R. Floyd Cromwell, State Supervisor of Education and Vocational Guidance.

Received First Diploma - Among those selected for special honor is Miss Blanch Hurtt, who received the school's first diploma in 1907.  She still lives in the area.  The celebration, arranged by a group of community workers, will begin at 2 o'clock with an "open house" featuring displays of fading photographs, final certificates, rosters and other mementos of another era.  A fried chicken dinner, to which the county commissioners, members of the board of education and other dignitaries have been invited, will be served from 5 to 7 o'clock.  Goodbye handshakes will be exchanged at a reception following dedication exercise.

A first grader will give a stage performance and proud members of the school's new band will provide instrumental and vocal music.  Ernest A. Loveless, Jr., Class of '39, will be master of ceremonies.  Refreshed memories of older grads will recall the 8-room school, plus stable, on a knoll above Route 5 as it was in the horse and buggy days of 1906.  Available records do not definitely establish when its doors were opened.  A brick wing was constructed in 1927 and 21 years later two rooms were added to the original frame building.  The brick addition to the be dedicated Wednesday has six classrooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a home economics suite and a science laboratory.  It cost $650,000.

Class bells in the new wing first rang February 11.  Their clamor signaled the first day in two years that all of the 754 pupils had sufficient room for all-day sessions.  A total of 29 teachers impart instruction in grades one to twelve.

Pryde Admits Pride - Supervising their work and school administration is Mr. Pryde who admits his pride in the school and arrangements for the Alumni Homecoming.  "It will be the proudest day in Surrattsville's history, " he prophesied.  The little community has a history of its own.  John Wilkes Booth tarried a while there just after he assassinated President Lincoln.  Trustees of the school are Ernest A. Loveless, Sr., J. Paul Duke and R. Moss Carrico.  Its nearly 200-member PTA is presided over by Cyril M. Wildes.

[Ed Note: Sounds a lot like the Y2K and 2K5 events -- except for the "knuckle-rapping teachers," of course!  If you have any information about the date of, or other aspects of, this first "All Classes" Surrattsville event, please send them to me at]

4.  FASHIONABLE ALUMNI WINDOW DECALS AVAILABLE.  As previously noted, the Foundation is now making "Surrattsville Alumni" window decals available.  (A sample is found at    Note that the actual size of the decals is 4" x 4" rather than the size shown on the web site, and they have a white background and green lettering.)

These decals are of the "static peel-off" variety, so they have "repositional adhesive backing," and attach, and detach, easily from windows with no muss or fuss.  The suggested donation for the decals is $2.50.  If you'd like to show your Hornet pride by displaying a decal on your vehicle's window, please send your donation and your mailing address to Henry Smith at 815 Stoneleigh Road, Baltimore, MD 21212, and we'll mail a decal to you.

5.  CLASS OF 64 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 64 is planning a 45th reunion in February 2009, in the form of a three night cruise to the Bahamas!  The Class reports that "all are welcome to join us."  For details, contact Jaime Seaman (64) at or 954-316-7498. 

6.  2008 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES.  The Foundation's 2008 Annual Campaign is under way.  This is the informal campaign we undertake each year to refresh the Foundation's treasury so it can grant the annual scholarships and fund the other on-going activities of the Foundation.  Remember: the Foundation has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes directly toward the support of a Foundation activity.  And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a positive difference.

Please consider showing your support for the Foundation by joining those generous donors listed below who already have contributed to this year's campaign.  (A donor form is reprinted below, and is available on the Foundation's web site at

7. REPORT FROM THE HURRICANE ZONE.  We received this "report from the ground" from Pat McArthur (70): "Good evening Henry: Today -- actually, the past couple of days -- have been rough ones here on the MS Gulf Coast. Today we had an unwelcome visitor to the area by the name of Gustav. My roommate and I live in a mobile home, so we had to evacuate. We went to her parents' home to ride out the hurricane. And we were indeed blessed here in our part of MS; all we got was a lot of rain, lots of wind (as I write this, the winds are sustained at about 40-45 mph), a tree down, and we lost power for a bit over three hours. Folks in south Louisiana took the brunt of the storm. I pray that the devastation isn't too bad over there!  All the best, Pat/Grandma of Four"

[Ed. Note: We hope other Hornets in the paths of this year's tropical storms fared as well or better.]

8.  CLASS OF 59 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 59 is beginning its planning for its 50 year reunion on June 6 and 7, 2009.  Please contact Laura Owens at if you have any information on 59 grads or members of their families.

9.  CLASS OF 84 CONSIDERING REUNION.  Class of 84 grads that are interested in working on, and/or attending, a 25 year reunion are asked to contact Gary Stallings at

10.  UPDATE FROM AFGHANISTAN.  We received this update from Rix Mills (62) about his continuing humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan: "Henry:  I moved to Kandahar in the southern part of Afghanistan last week and face a much more serious security threat than I had in the north but am looking forward to the challenges of a more difficult job.  I will continue to support the children by providing hope and some amount of charity for their lives albeit through my Afghan team who can move more freely through the population than I.  While in the north, I enjoyed the active support of many of my Surrattsville classmates and members of other classes.  I have to believe that together we made a difference in many kids lives and the rewards will be in their role in the future of this troubled country.  I hope that I get the support of them and more in the future, especially in this area where the Taliban continue to have a significant negative impact on the peace and stability of Kandahar Province and surrounding provinces.  I feel privileged to be able to represent my fellow Hornets here and see first hand the conversion of an entire society to a better way of life if they seize the opportunity that is before them.  Thanks for all of your support.  My new mailing address is: 

    Rix M. Mills
          Kandahar RTC
          Police Training.IPP
          APO AE 09355


[Ed Note: For those of you new to the e-Notice list, a number of Hornets have sent Rix "care packages" of school supplies for the Afghan children, using the very inexpensive APO mailing boxes that can be obtained from any post office.]

11.  STILL SEARCHING FOR CLASS OF 71 RING OWNERS.  We're still searching for the owners of the following class rings (that have been sent to the Foundation from as far afield as Hughesville, Florida and Heidelberg, Germany!): man's ring with initials that appear to be "DLD"; woman's ring with initials that appear to be "DMT"; woman's ring with initials that appear to be "MTJ".  (We're also looking for the cosmic answer to why these three rings, all from the great Class of 71, are the ones that have been returned to us!)

12.  THE WOODSTOCK MEMORIES BEGIN.  As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, we inevitably will be seeing lots of reminiscences.  (Perhaps a Hornet attended who would like to share his or her memories?)  Getting that ball rolling, Mike Boyle (69) sent along the following note and link: "It took nearly 40 years, but someone at last has managed to interpret Joe Cocker's historic appearance at Woodstock (  I laughed and laughed out loud! Mike"

[Ed Note: I'm wondering if any reader other than me saw John Belushi do a spoof of that Joe Cocker performance -- without the subtitles -- during the run of "National Lampoon's Lemmings" at the National Theater in the early 70s?  And did anyone else see "Hair" when it premiered at the National in about 1971? And did any Hornets attend the Woodstock Festival?]

13.  CLASS OF 88 REUNION PLANS.  The Class of 88 is planning its 20 Year Reunion.  The event will be held on October 24, 2008, at Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Maryland, from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight.  The cost is $50 per person before October 3, and $60 per person after October 3.  Mail checks to Merry Ann Tan-Miller, 6600 Clinton Manor Drive
Clinton, MD 20735, and contact Merry Ann for more information at

14.  GETTING YOUNGER EVERY DAY.  This article, featuring Ann Weaver Pelle (71), appeared in The Villages Daily Sun recently.  Ann continues to provide youthful inspiration to us all!

"Baton-spinning Villagers Invited to Perform at Pro Bowl Pre-Game Show.  Twirlers from The Villages ( ) are going to the Pro Bowl, the NFL All-Star game, on Feb. 8, 2009, in Hawaii, where theyve been invited to entertain as part of the pre-game show.  That rocks! exclaimed Ann Pelle, captain of The Villages Twirlers and a resident of the Village of Briar Meadow.  This truly is the ultimate thrill. Were all so excited and really thrilled, added Village of Mallory Square resident Elin Jones, captain of The Prime Time Twirlers.  Fifteen twirlers will represent The Villages.

They will be joined by some 250 younger twirlers, dancers and cheerleaders from across the country fifth-grade to college students performing a patriotic routine in unison.  Were going to go out there and show them what the older girls can do, Pelle said.  The local twirling groups were approached by All American Cheer and Dance, a company that scouts top talent for the Pro Bowl entertainment.

We are really looking forward to this year being a year we can showcase talent and have a blending of generations, said Berry Young, a staff member of All American Cheer and Dance and a resident of the Village of Sabal Chase with his wife, Sharon.  I was blown away by the twirlers, cheerleaders and the cloggers here, Young said, recalling back to more than three years ago when he saw the twirlers and other Villages groups entertain in parades and festival events.

Youngs sister-in-law, Pat Knight, who started All American Cheer and Dance 25 years ago in Ohio, was equally impressed. She and her husband, Rick, divide time between Ohio and their Village of Lake Sumter home.  We all recognized the talent, Berry said.

It was just a matter of encouraging other officials and the Pro Bowls entertainment production company to consider having mature performers as part of the pre-game and halftime shows.  In our discussions with the production company, we kept harping on them, You really need to see some of these people, Berry said. Our ideal has always been to show that you can start doing these things (twirling, cheering, dance) in the fifth grade and its something you can do all of your life.

... Berry believes some of the twirlers, including Villagers, also will be tapped to entertain during the halftime show. ... Pelle, an enthusiastic football fan, said she already has been asked by family and friends to bring home autographs from the football stars.  Ill be happy just seeing any of the players, she said. Im just so excited about going, and Ive never been to Hawaii.  She notes that, since becoming a Villages resident six years ago and captain of The Villages Twirlers, her life has been an amazing whirlwind.  She has enjoyed performing at Disney World, the United States Twirling Associations 50th anniversary in Daytona, and cruise ships with Rocky and the Rollers.  I never thought in a million years Id get to do something like this, she said of the Pro Bowl. Ive come to see the world twirling with The Villages.

[Ed. Note: Ann reports that, four days after her return from the Pro Bowl, the Twirlers will be appearing at Disney World.  Ann adds, "Yes, you can grow up and still ROCK!"]

15.  BELLS UNITED METHODIST REUNION.  We received this announcement from Charlene Sellner (63): "Hi Henry: Many of my classmates from all years attended church at Bells United Methodist Church.  There is a Homecoming, Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 10:30 Worship to celebrate the Homecoming of Bells United Methodist Church, 6016 Allentown Road, Camp Springs, MD 20746.  We will greet you at Worship with our guest speaker, Rev. Rudolph Waddy of the Ft. Washington Baptist Church and at our Luncheon, with great food and warm fellowship. Share with us your photo albums of your family and experiences at Bells.  We look forward to your smile and your presence. Charlene"

I hope this e-Notice finds you well and enjoying the first days of Autumn!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),

In Memoriam

JOHN THOMAS LOWETH (55) passed away on August 11, 2008 at Southern Maryland Hospital.  He leaves his wife of 48 years, Vanessa Sykes Loweth, a son, Martin Loweth, a daughter, Linda Prendergast, three grandchildren and several sisters and a brother who attended and/or graduated from Surrattsville.  He went to Surrattsville all 12 years in the big, old red brick building and he had resided in Clinton most of his life until last year when he and his wife moved to Hendersonville, NC.

JOHN "JOHNNY" F. MULLIKIN (59) died at his home in Waldorf on September 11, 2008 from cancer and chronic kidney disease.  He leaves behind his wife of 45 years Barbara (Huntington) Mullikin, two children Terry Freemon and Cheryl Osborne and three grandsons.  Johnny was a lifetime member of the Clinton Volunteer Fire Dept. and held several offices during his 49 years of service there.  The family asked that donations be sent to the Clinton Vol. Fire Dept. 9025 Woodyard Rd. Clinton, MD  20735 or to Hospice of Charles County, MD. 

LILLIAN HOLLAND (Former Faculty) died on September 19.  Lillian was a great supporter of the Foundation, and a beloved member of the Surratts staff for 36 years.


Steve Profilet (71)
Chuck Teubner (64)
Pat Becker Oles (71)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54)
Vivian Bounds Edelen (Former Faculty; 1938-1942)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)
Sally Weingarten (77)
Bill Harris (71)
Ellen Talbert-Miller (61 and Former Faculty), In Memory of Harrison (Bo) Waite (70)
Denise Hope (72), In Memory of Robin Danielson (72)
Nancy Miller (67), In Memory of Virginia Mitchel McLaughlin (64)
Bob Marr (71)
Deborah Cox Marr (72)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)
Henry Smith (71)
Judy Gordon Mentlik (65), To Celebrate the Marriages of Nancy Oursler Maynard (65) and Larry Schillings (65), and Marion Thompson (65) and John Restifo (65)
Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)
Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr.
Chris and Merry Chovan Romine (65), To Celebrate the 98th Birthday of Laura Chovan (Former Faculty)
Paul Monaghan (59)
Nancy Oursler Schillings (65), to honor Best Friends in the Class of 65
Tom Travis (72)
Sally Travis (72)
Coach Lew Jenkins (Former Faculty)
Carrie Jessee Loftus (69), In Memory of Robert "Bobby" Jessee (71)
Dave Weber (65)
Millie Biedenkapp (Former Principal)

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