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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest.

1.  CLASS OF 73 REUNION THIS WEEKEND.  The Class of 1973 will hold its 30th Reunion this weekend, August 1 ‑ August 3.  Please contact Reunion Committee Chair Donna Mitchell Ashby (; (W) 301‑918‑6222;  (H) 301‑390‑7690) immediately if you'd like more information.  (The Reunion Committee also has a website at

2.  HORNET CHALLENGES FELLOW ALUM TO SERVE.  I received this nice email from Todd Fong (80):  "Hello Henry:  I am on the Board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southern MD.  We had a very successful golf tournament fund raiser this year that raised over $85,000, and I would like us to break that record next year and raise over $100,000.  So my challenge to all Surrattsville alum in the Southern MD area is to get involved and bring a little magic to a child's life.  Whether it be volunteering or giving money, it can be a very rewarding experience to see how lucky we are and that we can make a difference one child at a time!  You can contact Melanie Sherman at BB/BSSM at 301-863-7919 and tell her Todd sent you.  Thanks, Todd"

3.  FOUNDATION PURCHASES COURTYARD FURNITURE.  As part of its "Spruce-up the Schoolyard Project", the Foundation's Spruce-up Committee, led by parent Theresa Richmond, is arranging for the purchase of benches and tables for the two courtyards at the School.  Last year, the Committee completely refurbished the courtyards and worked with the School to establish a workable student use policy for the courtyards, and this new furniture will be the finishing touch on this great project.  Thanks to the parents and students who make up the Spruce-up Committee!

4.  CLASS OF 94 PLANS REUNION.   The Class of 94 is planning its ten year reunion over a three-day reunion weekend in July 2004.   The Reunion Committee would appreciate it if anyone with any information on any Class of 94 grads or their family members would contact Laichelle Spence Wimbish at

5.  FOUNDATION LINES-UP 2003-2004 INTERN.  We're delighted to report that Jenese Reed ('06) has agreed to serve as the Foundation's student intern next year.  We're really looking forward to working with Jenese and getting her School-based assistance on various Foundation projects during the coming year.

6.  SCHOOL BUILDING PHOTOS NEEDED.  The Foundation is looking for photos of both the "old School" and the "new School" for addition to the School Building Photos button on the web site at  If you have any that you could scan and email to me at, or that you could lend to me by snail mail to 815 Stoneleigh Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212, it would be much appreciated.  (For you youngsters, the "old School" is the former junior high and now religious school at the corner of Surratts and Brandywine Roads.  In the olden days, that was the grades 1 -12  Surrattsville School.)

7.  HORNET RELOCATES TO CHEESE STATE.  I got this nice email from new cheese-Stater Ed McMahan (66),,:  "Hi Henry:  I've just moved out to Sun Prairie, WI and was just wondering if anyone else might be out this way.  (Sun Prairie is adjacent to Madison.) Thanks, Ed"

8.  DRIVE-IN MOVIE TIPS.  Speaking of the olden days, Surrattstock performer and the Foundation's unofficial world wide web expert, Wayne Tatum ('74) sent this interesting email:  "Hey, Henry:  I believe there is a temporary drive-in movie theatre in Hagerstown, Maryland.  I was listening to radio station WMAL 630 AM on my way to work, and heard this site info:  This is within short driving distance to the future "Bumpers" theater (see, http://www.bumpers‑  Once upon a time, this was the same area of the old "Monocacy" Drive-in.  There also is a huge temporary metal‑frame outdoor screen right in front of the Nation's Capitol, which shows old movies on the Mall, near the Smithsonian, every Tuesday or Wednesday night throughout the summer.  Just park the lawnchair.  There are food vendors nearby, but I don't know if they are open at night. Everything is great, until your inner smart guy wonders, "Hey, where are the restrooms??!".  Wayne"  [Ed. note:  The great Bengies Drive-in in Middle River/Essex near Baltimore is still going strong.]  

9.  NEW WEB SITE PHOTOS.  Speaking of the web site, there are several new photos on the web site at, including a cool one of former faculty member Ben Collins presenting the Foundation's Alumni Achievement Award to Gordon Hawkins (76).  You might want to check out the web site if you haven't in a while.  (I had to hit my reload/refresh button on my browser to bring up the new photos.)

10.  HUBCAPS' FAME CONTINUES.  It's always fun to receive a notice from a concert promoter or charitable organization about an upcoming performance by The Fabulous Hubcaps (, featuring the awesome talents of Dale "Rocky" Simon (69) and Jimi Simon (71).  I recently received a notice from the Foundation of the Monongalia General Hospital that The Hubcaps will be performing a benefit at the beautiful Lakeview Resort in Morgantown, WV on November 8.  Maybe some of you who have relocated to that area might get a chance to attend this show.  And, don't forget, The Hubcaps are already booked for the next All Classes and Faculty/Staff Reunion Sock-Hop during the big June 25, 2005 weekend!

I also just heard that The Hubcaps will be performing at Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt on January 2, 2004.  (You might recall that both the very nice Martin's folks, and the great Hubcaps, made significant contributions to our Y2K events.)  Carmen at Martins Crosswinds has information about this event, which would be a fantastic way to start off your new year!

11.  "SURRATTSVILLE LEGACY SOCIETY" ANNOUNCED.  The Foundation is happy to announce the establishment of The Surrattsville Legacy Society to recognize those who have remembered the Foundation in their Wills.  We've been reading a lot lately about the trend toward so-called "values-based estate planning," under which individuals don't simply default to leaving everything to their families but instead reserve a place in their testamentary and lifetime gift planning for charitable organizations whose work they value.  We hope you will consider remembering the Surrattsville Foundation in your Will (and, of course in your annual giving), and that you will let me know if you do, so your name can be added to the list of Legacy Society members.  To start the ball rolling, my wife Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70) and I have added simple amendments to our Wills to add a gift to the Foundation.  Remember: no gift is too small, and 100% of every gift goes directly to the work of the Foundation since we have no overhead.

(On a related point, like many charities, the Foundation is trying to develop a list of estate planning attorneys who would be willing to be engaged by friends of Surrattsville to help them with their estate planning.  Please let me know if you or someone you know would be a candidate for our "estate planning attorneys referral list".)

Here are some excerpts from recent articles we noted about "values-based estate planning":

1.  From an article from the 7/7/03 issue of Time magazine  by Kristin Kloberdanz:  "Some people leave nothing to chance. They not only buy life insurance and regularly update their will, they also put down a deposit for a burial plot and select the hymns to be sung at their wake. And now more and more are opting for an ethical will, a detailed accounting of the values and beliefs they want to pass on.  An ethical will, sometimes called a personal legacy, is proving especially popular among baby boomers as they begin contemplating their mortality in earnest.  Barry K. Baines, a physician specializing in hospice care, began popularizing the concept in 1999 through his website and says he has noticed a huge uptick in interest since the 9/11 attacks. Will writers "don't have to be Hemingway," he says. "It's the voice of the heart that comes through."  Valedictions can range from the wrenchingly personal ("Please remember me not only for what I did or said but how I made you feel.") to the painfully platitudinal ("Get a good education." "Treat others with respect"). Some bequeathers share the contents while they are alive in the hopes of stirring a dialogue with their loved ones.  While these legacies are ostensibly intended to impart wisdom to heirs, the creators often find immediate benefits for themselves. "It was a tremendous growing experience," says Richard Hudson, 53, of Syracuse, N.Y.

2.  From a 7/11/03 article on Netscape:  "Ethical Wills Gain Popularity -- Where There’s an (Ethical) Will, There’s a Way -  A growing number of entrepreneurs are choosing to create a legacy statement, or an ethical will. While traditional wills deal with the disposition of property and possessions, these documents are a creative way of passing on experiences, family history, values and work ethic to the next generation."

Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable remainder of the Summer!

Best regards,  Henry Smith (71),



PETE VOUGIOUKLES died in May.  Pete was the father of Peggy Vougioukles Mistretta (81).  He was born in Sparta, Greece in 1914 and lived in Clinton for about 65 years and also served his country.  He is survived by his wife Agnes, two daughters, Peggy Mistretta ( and Francine Addicott (, two sons, George and Andrew Vougioukles, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

HELEN FORSHT died in May.  Helen was the mother of Vicki Forsht Williams (65, and former faculty).  Helen was the secretary at Surrattsville Elementary School for 27 years. Many Surrattsville students knew her and her warm, helpful ways. She was a lifelong resident of Clinton except for the last 4 years of her life when she lived in Solomons, MD at the Asbury Health Care Center. She left her mark in Clinton not only as an integral part of the Surrattsville family but also as a lifelong member of Christ Episcopal Church where she was a Sunday School teacher among other activities. 



Pat Becker Oles (71)

Henry Smith (71)

Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)

Kristine Seaquist Easley-Agee (70)

Lee Pascasio (64)

Steve Profilet (71), in memory of Doris Profilet



Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)

Henry Smith (71)




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