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In General

The Surrattsville High School Foundation, Inc. is a Maryland not-for-profit corporation that has been determined by the IRS to be a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions to the Foundation are treated as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The Foundation was formed in 2000 to benefit the greater Surrattsville High School community. The following is an overview of the Foundation's activities to date.

Fund Raising

  1. Golf Outing Fund Raisers in 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2010

  2. All Classes and Staff Reunion Fund Raisers in 2000, 2005 and 2010

  3. Charter Donors Campaign in 2000

  4. Annual Campaigns in 2001 – Present

  5. Legacy Society established 2003

  6. All Classes and Staff "Surrattstock" Fund Raisers in 2002, 2005 and 2010


Achievement Awards

  1. 2000 - Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (60)

  2. 2001 - Building Superintendent (Since 1963) Gerald Pickeral

  3. 2001 - Foundation Visionary Charlie Cooper (52)

  4. 2002 - Christmas in April Executive Director Mary Kucharski (76)

  5. 2002 - International Opera Star Gordon Hawkins (76)

  6. 2003 - Long-time Surratts Employee Roberta Padgett Taylor (53)

  7. 2003 - Command Fighter Pilot Col. Robert Marr, Jr. (71)

  8. 2003 - Internationally Acclaimed Painter Kevin Fitzgerald (71)

  9. 2004 - University of GA Basketball Head Coach Dennis Felton (81)

  10. 2005 - French Legion of Honor Recipient Nelson Duke (40)

  11.  2005 - Clergy Member and Public Servant Susan Thomas Azud (73)

  12.  2005 - Oscar Winner Marcia Gay Harden (76)

  13.  2006 - General Tom Travis, M.D. (72)

  14.  2006 - Police Chief Fred Keeney (73)

  15. 2007 – Chef Patrick O’Connell (63)

  16.  2007 – Chef Greggory Hill (79)

  17.  2007 – Chef Timothy Dean (89)

  18. 2008 – Professor Russell Barkley, Ph.D. (67)

  19. 2008 – Professor Rick Lifton, M.D., Ph.D. (71)

  20. 2008 – College President Dave DeCenzo (73)

  21. 2009 - Educator Deborah McAllister Brown (72)

  22. 2009 – Educator Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)

  23. 2009 – Educator/University of MD Women's Basketball Coach Chris Weller (62)

  24. 2010 – Coach Lew Jenkins

  25. 2010 – International Relief Worker Rix Mills (62)

  26. 2010 – Community Activist Ann Weaver Pelle (71)

  27. 2011 – Pilot, Jumper and Community Activist Elizabeth Lee Glesberg May (78)

  28. 2011 – Award-winning Bassist John Previti (72)

  29. 2011 – Award-winning guitarist Dave Chappell (75)


  1. 2001 - $500 Scholarships to Christina Morse, LaToya Harris and Tricialand Hilliard

  2. 2002 - $500 Scholarships to Joy Pemberton, Patrice Felton, Andreka Thomas, Samara Cook and Chantal Brown

  3. 2003 - $500 Scholarships to Ricky Hammett and Janelle Jackson

  4. 2004 - $500 Scholarships to Bonnie Chow, Melissa Hunter and Brinkley Hypes

  5. 2005 - $500 Scholarships to Michelle Branch and Benjamin Ellis

  6. 2006 - $500 Scholarships to Jenese Reed and Cordell Kennerly

  7. 2007 - $500 Scholarships to Brene Carrington, Tayana Harrison and  Broderek Stewart

  8. 2008 – $500 Scholarships to Samantha S. Stancil, Brittany M. Bean and Danyelle D. McElrath

  9. 2009 - $500 Scholarships to Anica Davis, Harold Edmonds and Marina Anoh

  10. 2010 - $500 Scholarships to Diamond Higgs and Taneishia Holley

  11. 2011 - $500 Scholarships to Chelsea Ray, Jenee Glover and Rontanetta Gibson 


  1. $2,200 and $1,100 unrestricted gifts to the School in 2000 and 2005

  2. Commercial grade popcorn machine and supplies in 2001

  3. $200 to SGA for Homecoming decorations in 2001

  4.  Graphing calculator to student in need in 2001

  5.  $500 to Cheerleading Squad in 2002

  6.  Offer of $1,800 in scholarships to Global Young Leaders attendees in 2002

  7.  Three commercial grade supply carts to office in 2002 and 2003

  8. Over $250,000 of computer equipment in 2002 and 2003

  9. Courtyard renovation and benches/tables in 2002 and 2003

  10. Two electric typewriters to Media Center

  11. Cash stipend to dance student studying in Philadelphia

  12. $150 gift to student participating in Caribbean baseball tournament

  13. $300 gift to 2005 softball team for needed equipment

  14. $7,000 gift from Class of 52 to Band Department

  15. Offer of financial assistance to senior requiring night classes to graduate with Class of 2006

  16. Offer of financial assistance to senior requiring financial assistance to participate in 2006 graduation

  17. Provision of assistance to Boomerang yearbook staff with 50th edition of Boomerang

  18. Funding of State and IRS filing fees for, and legal services for, Touchdown Club

  19. $500 gift to Band for 2011-2012 year expenses

  20. Funding of awards to Faculty Accreditation Team

  21. Offer to purchase electronic marquis sign for School entrance

  22. Contribution to 2011 After-Prom Party

  23. $500 gift to Band in 2011

  24. Gift of 30 computers and 45 computer monitors in 2011

  25. Gift of "Legacy Wall" at the School

  26. Acquisition for School of music and lyrics to Alma Mater and Fight Song



  1. Establishment of active web site at

  2. Publication of regular Surratts News "e-Notices" (email to be added to list)

  3. All Classes and Staff Sunday Rides in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005

  4. Establishment of School Archives in 2000, and Oral History Project in 2005

  5. Publication of All Classes and Staff Directory in 2000, and update in 2010

  6. Initiation of "Spruce-Up" Committee in 2002

  7. Offer to establish Sports Boosters Club in 2002

  8. Participation in 2001 - 2004 Graduation and Senior Awards events and 2002 Class Competition event

  9. Offer to provide panel of judges for Ms. and Mr. Surrattsville event in 2002

  10. Assisting with Coach Haigler's request to NIH for Medical Science course grant

  11. Working with student interns assigned to assist the Foundation

  12. Financial assistance to cheerleaders wishing to attend cheerleading camp in 2010


All members of the School community are encouraged to participate in the Foundations activities and to make contributions to the Foundation.  The Foundation may be contacted P.O Box 1543 Piscataway Rd Clinton, MD 20735


The SHS Foundation Principals/Faculty/Staff Memory Fund

The Fund was endowed by Charles J. Cooper (52), in memory of former Principal John M. Pryde whose guidance and encouragement helped Mr. Cooper to graduate from Surrattsville.  The Fund is administered by a Foundation Committee.  Its purpose is to provide a source of funds to be used to assist current Surrattsville High School students in succeeding at the School and beyond.

The School Principal, with input from teachers, counselors, coaches, students and others, identifies students who could benefit from the Fund, and suggests appropriate Fund expenditures to the Committee.  For instance, the Principal might identify a student who would benefit from private tutoring in a particular subject or from focused counseling, and the Principal could suggest to the Committee that money from the Fund be used to pay for this tutoring or counseling.  Similarly, the Principal might identify a student who would be likely to qualify for college admission only with some S.A.T. test preparation, and the Principal could suggest to the Committee that money from the Fund be used to pay for this preparation.  Similarly, the Principal might identify a student who would benefit from a study skills or similar course, and the Principal could suggest to the Committee that money from the Fund be used to pay for this course.  The uses of the Fund to assist current students would not be limited, so costs such as needed school supplies and equipment, eye and ear examinations and the like also could be paid from the Fund. 


The Charles Waddell Memorial Fund

The Fund was established in memory of the late Charles Waddell, an inspirational music and drama teacher at the School.  The Fund is administered by the Foundations Board.  Its purpose is to grant scholarships to graduating seniors who have been active in the music and/or drama programs at the School and who plan to pursue college studies in music and/or drama.  Additions were made to the Fund in 2010 to honor the memory of Cindy Thompson Vutsinas (76), who collaborated with Charlie on musical productions during her years at Surrattsville.

Interested Foundation donors are encouraged to designate their gifts to the Foundation as gifts to the Waddell Memorial Fund.

Jennie A. Denison Bayne Memorial Scholarship

The Jennie A. Denison Bayne Memorial Scholarship, established thanks to the generosity of her granddaughter Ayla Dickey, is presented annually to a graduating senior who represents the joy for life, commitment to family and desire to make a difference in the life of others that was so characteristic of Jennie Denison Bayne.

Jennie graduated from Surrattsville around 1929. Many of Jennie's ten brothers and sisters attended Surrattsville from the early 1900s through the 1930s. Her eldest brother, Irvin Dennison, born in 1894, attended Surrattsville in the very early days before leaving to enter the military where he died in the flu epidemic at Ft. Meade. Jennie passed away in February 2007 at the age of 94. She was always very proud of her roots in Clinton and the fact that she graduated from high school, which was not always common for children of farmers during that era as many had to commit their time to helping support the family and the farm.

Ayla, who has worked in the education arena for the past 20 years, especially recognizes the value of a college education and how difficult it has become for many students to afford one, particularly in today's difficult economic times. She felt that the best way to honor her grandmother's memory would be to establish this new scholarship fund for deserving Surrattsville graduates who exhibits some of Jennie's fine qualities.

The Foundation is very grateful for Ayla's generosity, and was extremely proud to establish this scholarship fund in memory of a very special Surrattsville alumna.



The Surrattsville Foundation, Inc.    P.O Box 1543 Piscataway Rd Clinton, MD 20735

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