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E-Notice 2003-10

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES.  Many thanks to those of you who already have generously contributed to the Foundation's informal 2003 Annual Campaign.  You will recall that the Foundation counts on each year's informal Annual Campaign to replenish funds spent in the prior year, for scholarships, gifts to the School, and the like.   This is especially true in years like 2003 when we have no fund raising events scheduled.  Remember: donations to the Foundation are treated as charitable donations for tax deduction purposes, and no amount is too small (or too large) to help out, since every penny donated goes directly to the work of the Foundation which has no overhead.  A donor form is reprinted below and available for printing off of the web site at

2.  CLASS OF 65 HOLDS ANOTHER GREAT EVENT.  The inimitable, and extraordinary, Class of 65 recently held another great event, and I received this nice review of the proceedings from Carol Fite Mothershead:  "Hi Henry:  I'm not sure that anyone has told you about our recent Class of '65 event.  You might recall that last year in late October about 40 of us met at Pawley's Island, South Carolina for a five‑day party.  Well, we had so much fun that we decided we wanted to do it again.  This time, about 35 of us met in Genoa, Nevada (near Reno/Lake Tahoe) for a five‑day event hosted by Merry (Chovan) and Chris Romine (both Class of '65) that our President for Life Dave Crawley dubbed "Rumble in Reno."  What seems to be evolving into a yearly get‑together was planned around "Hot August Nights," a fabulous event held in Reno/Sparks every year that combines classic cars and rock 'n roll.  Seeing all those hot cars and then being part of a very excited crowd as they cruised at night with bands playing and people yelling "rev it up," was something to behold as was the sound of those huge engines as they vroom vroomed with drivers popping clutches and peeling out.  What a rush!

With a venue like that, the Rumble in Reno had to be a success.  And it was.  The group had a fabulous time with both the planned events and the unplanned events such as hiking, sightseeing and hanging out with dear friends and doing nothing but talking.  And we had lots of fun in Genoa trying to find Ann Margaret who was on location there making a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.  Those of us who never saw Ann Margaret had to settle for gawking at Raquel Welch's bra, which was hanging from some antlers in Genoa's local saloon (oldest in Nevada, we hear).  Legend has it that there used to be lots of bras and other, ahem, undergarments hanging around the saloon.  But when Ms. Welch was asked if she'd leave one of her foundations, she said she'd only do it if it was the only one hanging.  The management complied and threw the rest of the stuff into a safe that still sits in the saloon.  We hear that, on a good night, patrons occasionally add to the collection in the safe.  But only Raquel's hangs in plain view for all to see.  And that's how legends are born!

As with all of the Class of '65 functions, everyone was very sad to leave on Sunday.  To make the departure a little easier, we've already planned our next trip together.  Patsy Blue Williams ('65) and her husband Ross, who's been to so many of the Class of '65 functions that we've officially adopted him, are taking the lead and planning a trip to the Destin, Florida, area (Destination Destin?)‑‑think Gulf of Mexico beach, white sand, shrimp...  We're already excited, 'cause we can't think of 35+ closer friends with whom we'd rather spend five days than the Surrattsville High School Class of '65!

Check out some pictures from the Rumble in Reno at  Carol"

Congratulations to the Class of 65 on another unique, and stellar, event!

3.  MORE DRIVE-IN TIPS.  John Shultz (80) sent in some more drive-in movie info:  "Hi Henry:  In Felton, Delaware, the only drive in theater on the Eastern Shore still operates.  It is about an hour and a half north of Ocean City, MD.  By the way, if anyone would be interested in what I am up to now, they can read my bio on our company website for Delmarva's Christian Source at Joy! 102.5 Radio WOLC.  The website is John"   That Felton drive-in sounds like a nice excuse for a side trip during a visit to O.C.!

4.  CLASS OF 83 GRAD SEEKS INFO ON CLASSMATE.  Kelly (Guice) Shultz (83) has asked if anyone has any info on one of her classmates, Margaret "Peggy" Getz.  If you have any info, please send it to Kelly at

5.  TWO SURRATTS-CONNECTED GUITARISTS HONORED.  A recent Rolling Stone magazine cover story featured "the 100 greatest guitarists of all time".  Among them were two guitarists with strong Surrattsville connections.  First, Link Wray, an Accokeek resident who played at Surrattsville, was honored.  (Greg Laxton (81), is the web master of the great Link Wray web site at  That web site features references to Surratts, including a nice photo.)  Second, the late, great Danny Gatton, who lived in Prince George's County and had our own John Previti (72) as his long-time bassist, was honored in that article.  (The Rolling Stone article can be found at  

6.  CONGRATS TO 1996 GRAD!  I received this great email from Maria Martincorena (92):  Hi Henry:  This link -- -- has some wonderful news from an ex‑hornet, Erika Martincorena (96).  Erika went to the University of Maryland College Park after graduating from Surratts.  At the University, Erika joined the new daily television newscast where they were honored last year with an Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement in Student Production."  Being part of the winning team, she was given a certificate indicating that she was an Emmy Award winner.  The school received the actual Emmy. She can now add to her resume "an Emmy Award winner!"  Her family is very proud of her!    In looking at the picture, she is standing to the left of the producer who is dressed in black.  Go Hornets!!!  Maria Martincorena (92)  (Erika's sister).

Congrats to Erika and her proud family!  (Erika joins the ranks of Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden (76), and (I am fairly certain) several other Hornets who have won Emmy's.  If any of you have information about Hornets who have won major awards in the entertainment field or other fields, please let me know so we can recognize them in a future e-Notice.  I'll bet we've got winners of Tony's, Clio's, Grammy's and just about every other major award somewhere in the very talented greater Surratts family!

7.  FOUNDATION ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT FEATURED IN PBS DOCUMENTARY.  I imagine that a number of you saw the fascinating PBS documentary called "Clear the Skies", which prominently featured 2003 Foundation Achievement Award recipient Col. Bob Marr (71).  Bob's comments in the documentary were extremely thoughtful, and provided great insight into what it must have been like to be at the center of the response to the horrors of 9/11.  I was awfully proud to hail from the same high school as Bob, and continue to be extremely grateful that Bob and his colleagues are willing, if needed, to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of us.  Our hats are off to Bob, "Duff", "Nasty", and the rest of the Northeast Air Defense Sector featured in "Clear the Skies"!

8.  LIST OF FAMILY'S PUBLIC SERVANTS GROWS!  I received this nice email from Erin McMahan Luckeydoo (88), supplementing her prior email featured in the last e-Notice:  "Hi Henry:  Just an addition to the McMahan family public service list -- Chris McMahan Carrano (73), Volunteer Firefighter and EMT, Linden, NC, and Keith Riddle (94 Pine Forest) EMT Intermediate with Cumberland County EMS, Fayetteville, NC.  I guess just runs in the family!  Erin"

We all owe this great Hornet family a sincere debt of gratitude!

9.  CLASS OF 83 SEEKS MIA'S.  The Reunion Committee for the Class of 83 is looking for lost classmates in connection with their Reunion planning.  Please take a look at their MIA list on the  Foundation's web site, and let Traci DeDominicis Renner ( know if you have any information on an MIA or one of his or her family members.

I hope this e-Notice finds you well, and having a great Autumn!

Best regards,  Henry Smith (71),



JAMES "JIMMY" BOWLES (72), died on August 6, 2003.   Our sympathies go out to his family, including his sister, Sandi Bowles McFarland  (77).



Pat Becker Oles (71)

Henry Smith (71)

Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)

Kristine Seaquist Easley-Agee (70)

Lee Pascasio (64)

Steve Profilet (71), in memory of Doris Profilet

Coral Ann Kupfer (65)

Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64)

Richard Neilan (82), In Memory of Charlie Waddelly

Homer Revis (56)

Joan Revis (61)

Eileen Johnson Ford (75), In Memory of Charlie Waddell

Anon, In Memory of Col. Francis O'Clair

Robert Kane (68)




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