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E-Notice 2004-09

Donor Contribution Form 


Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. JUNE 2005 EVENTS REPORT. Ticket sales are very strong for the great line-up of All Classes/Faculty/Staff events scheduled for June 23 - June 26, 2005. We have great representation from former faculty/staff and from every decade from the 1930s (!!) to the 1990s that's seventy years in case you're counting -- and folks are converging on the School from exotic locales ranging from Bellevue, NE to Brandywine, MD.

Many Classes are planning Class-specific events for that same weekend, and those events are generating strong interest, too. Please be sure to contact your Class' "ORC" (or Official Reunion Contact) to see if your Class is planning a special event for that weekend. (ORC contact information can be found on the "Classes" pages of the Foundation's web site at

A ticket order form for the main events is attached below, and can be printed-off from the web site.

2. ALUMNI/FACULTY/STAFF DIRECTORY. If you haven't done so already, please be sure to send our great Directory Coordinator, Leslie St. Clair (70),, your updated information for the All Classes/Faculty/Staff Directory to be sold at the June 2005 events.

Please put "SHS Directory" in the Subject line of your email to make things a little easier on Leslie. Also, please don't send photos or graphics to Leslie, because they will overload her already quite full email box. (That is, please just send her text in the format noted below.)

Please send your updated info to Leslie now in the following format so you won't miss the opportunity to appear in the updated Directory:

Graduation Year (or years on faculty/staff):
Full Name at Surratts:
Full Name Now:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Email Address:

(The "Update" section may contain up to 30 words giving an update on your status and what you've been up to.)

3. SEEKING LOST HORNET. Charlotte Brown (61),, is looking for Robert Dugan Edwards (59). Can anyone provide Charlotte with any information that might be helpful?

4. "NEW SCHOOL" TRANSITION INFO, CON'T. Supplementing our info on the transition to the "New School" and graduation logistics, I received this email from Class of 66 ORC Signe Ann Bush Thrift: "Hi Henry: Just wanted to let you know that the Class of 66 did use the gym for graduation. (I led the class song and also played a piece on the piano.) We may not have been the last, but we were there in 66 and it was hot, and crowded!! My sister's Class (65) was huge and there was no way they could use the gym. Signe"

(Speaking of the New School and the Old School, as part of the June 25 All Classes/Faculty/Staff Picnic and New School Open House, we'll once again be holding open house tours of the Old School which was the only school for many Surratts grads, and the junior high for others of us.)

5. CLASS OF 84 REUNION COMMITTEE SEEKS FACULTY. I received this email from Sonya Bell (84) about the upcoming Class of 84 Reunion: "Hi Henry:
The Class of 84 has scheduled our 20th reunion. We are trying to locate teachers from the class of 84. Do any readers of the e-Notices have any information that would assist us with this task? Thank you. Sonya Bell,"

Might anyone have information that could help Sonya and her classmates find their former teachers?

6. REPORT FROM HURRICANE ALLEY. I received this interesting email from Erin McMahan Luckeydoo (88): "Hi Henry: Hurricane Charley has come and gone through Central Florida. Our neighborhood weathered the storm with minor property damage but more importantly no loss of life or injuries.

Several neighbors have trees inside their house giving new meaning to the term "tree house." Most of us remained without power for quite a while. Neighbors down here are coming together to help one another especially checking on our older residents making sure they have everything they need. On a professional level, we were very busy in my 911 center, with some people having true emergencies and others who did not. This does become quite aggravating for operators and personnel as it makes it very difficult for those in an emergency to get through. One woman wanted us to call her cable company and have a technician sent for her just minutes after the hurricane passed through. She became quite rude when we explained to her that this wasn't an emergency and we were forced to hang up on her after repeated requests for her to disconnect the line. Also, most gas stations are running out daily in the Seminole County area and many agencies including ours has had to respond to filling stations to break up verbal disturbances and fights.

The kids throughout Central Florida are rejoicing as school is closed again on Monday and Tuesday. They are hoping to reopen schools by Wednesday. The schools closed on Thursday here and never opened Friday in anticipation. Overall though, this county weathered well and we are quite pleased. The electricity will eventually come back on and things will return to normal. Now we sit and watch Tropical Storm Earl. A website of interest is (local Orlando news station). They have amazing photos of damage in the Orlando area. Also, www.ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM is our local newspaper and their photos are equally amazing. Hope all is well with you. Erin"

Here's hoping the many members of the Surrattsville community living in Florida and the other States affected by Charley and Earl are getting their lives back to normal.

7. 2K5 ACCOMMODATIONS (AND MOTORCYCLE RENTALS). As we did for the great Y2K events, we plan to publish a list of hotels/motels in the Clinton area for attendees coming from out of town to the June 2005 events. We'd welcome any particular recommendations.

(We'll do the same regarding motorcycle rental businesses. A number of Y2K attendees rented motorcycles to participate in the All Classes/Faculty/Staff Ride to Point Lookout so they wouldn't have to ship or ride their bikes to Clinton, and we imagine this will be true for the June 26, 2005 Ride, as well.)

8. CLASS OF 95 SEEKS INFO/ANNOUNCES REUNION. I received this email from Class of 95 ORC Kenya Samuels: "Hi Henry: I just wanted to ask you to spread the word that the Class of 95 is looking for classmates as well as any faculty who may have taught us. We've set our ten year reunion weekend for August 5-7, 2005. Anyone with information or interested in the reunion can contact me directly at  All my best, Kenya"

9. CLASS OF 91 REUNION. I received this email from Wynetta Jones (91), "Hi Henry: First, we are still trying to get our reunion up and going. Anyone who would like to join our Class of 91 reunion committee can email either myself or Tiena Edwards. We are open to suggestions and ideas! Second, in an effort to keep the momentum going, we are going to be hosting an "Alumni Happy Hour". We will be at the Ruby Tuesday's in Clinton from 6:30 p.m. until, every other Monday starting Monday, August 2nd. Thanks, Wynetta"

(I imagine some other Classes might want to borrow that great "Alumni Happy Hour" idea from the Class of 91.)

10. ORC AND VOLUNTEERS PLANNING MEETING. The Official Reunion Contacts for the various Classes, and the volunteers for the June 2005 events, will meet in the School cafeteria on Tuesday September 21, 2004 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for our first (and probably only) planning meeting for the 2K5 events. We still need volunteers for several tasks associated with the June 2005 events, so please send me an email at if you'd be willing to volunteer some of your time and efforts to this very worthy cause. (Also, if you're an ORC or an assigned volunteer, and this is the first you've heard of the 9/21 meeting, please send me an email to let me know whether you'll be able to attend.)

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the back-to-school season!

Best regards, Henry Smith (71),


-JAMES (JIM) BOWLES (75) died August 2003.

-CHRISTINE (CHRIS) BOWLES NICHOLSON (69) died November 2003.

-PATRICIA KOCH, mother of Sherri (Koch) Gay (71), died suddenly on August 17, 2004 of a heart attack. She is survived by her husband, Clinton Koch, of 54 years, and daughters, Teresa Tester (Friendly H.S. 1975) and Denise Sullivan (Friendly H.S. 1976) and four grandson, Christopher Bladen, Jason Tester, Kevin Sullivan, Jr. and Brendan Sullivan. She loved bowling, was always smiling and would always place others before herself. Her obituary appeared in the Washington Post on
8/21 and 8/22 as well as the Maryland Independent on 8/20. She will be greatly missed.


Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Bob Marr (71)
Bill Harris (71), in Memory of Debbie Harris (71) Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr. (74) Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of William J. (Bill) Burke (57) Ed Jaffe (65) Paul Monaghan (59) Melissa Gilcrest (69), In Memory of Allen M. Gilcrest (64) Steve Profilet (71) Anonymous






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