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Hello Hornets!

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. HORNETS LINING-UP FOR LONG WEEKEND OF FUN! Now that we're into 2005, the pace of ticket sales for the various June events has picked-up noticeably. Please order your tickets as soon as possible to avoid the last minute rush before the inevitable sell-outs (and to spread-out the ticket processing work for our volunteers). Attendees will be attending from all eras of the Old School and the New School, from all regions of the country, and from current and former faculty and staff. (One former faculty member who will be in attendance, Ms. Laura Chovan, is 94 years

Here's a chronological overview of the All Classes/Faculty/Staff events:

  • Surrattstock II, (Thursday June 23, 2005, 7 - 11 p.m., Multipurpose
    Room) - This event features reunited bands from the "Golden Era of Live Music at Surratts" (roughly, 1960-1980). So far, Butler's Orchard, Blue Southern, Maiden Voyage and the Clinton All Star Orchestra have committed to perform. This "teen club" event is a great way to support the Foundation by kicking-off the long weekend with some great music and a truly nostalgia-filled experience. (And, at $10, it's cheaper than teen club was when adjusted for inflation!)

  • Class-Specific Events - Many Classes will hold Class-specific events on Friday evening June 24, 2005, and/or Sunday afternoon June 26, 2005.

    Check-in with your Class's Official Reunion Contact (info on the web site at to find out if your Class is planning an event. (Many Classes have listed links to info about their Class-specific events on the home page of the web site.) By attending your Class-specific event on Friday or Sunday, you'll have plenty of quality time with your classmates, freeing you up to seek-out friends and neighbors from neighboring classes, and faculty and staff, at the other events.

  • All Classes/Faculty/Staff Picnic and Old and New Schools Open House, (Saturday June 25, 2005, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.) - This event is the major event of the weekend, giving alumni and staffers from all eras an opportunity to tour the "New School" (the one on Piscataway) and the "Old School" (the one on Brandywine), to eat great cook-out food catered by Martin's Caterers, and to re-connect with old friends and mentors.

    Each Class has a dedicated gathering area in the New School, a fascinating School History and Archives is on display, Alumni/Staff Directories are for sale, "period music" is provided, a photographer memorializes the event and creates a memory book, and an extraordinary time is had by all. (Free shuttle bus transportation between the New School which is the site of the event and the Old School where those of you who attended Surratts in that great old building can tour and reminisce is provided.) This event is an extraordinary and rare opportunity not only to re-connect with your high school classmates, but with former teachers and administrators, friends and neighbors from surrounding Classes, former baby-sitters, former baby-sittees, and the like. If you can only attend one event during the weekend, perhaps this should be the one.

  • Sock-Hop With The Hubcaps, (Saturday June 25, 2005, 7 - 11 p.m., Multipurpose Room) - This event, with world-class entertainment provided by the world-famous Hubcaps (featuring Dale Rocky Simon (69) and Jimi Simon (71)) is sure to bring back great memories of those Surratts dances. What a fantastic opportunity to see and hear the truly fabulous Hubcaps in their "native environment", especially for those of you not lucky enough to live in this area where the Hubcaps do most of their performing. (Many attendees will enjoy the Picnic/Open House during the day on Saturday, then take a break to have dinner at one of the now-innumerable restaurants in Clinton, and then return to the cafeteria for this fabulous event.)

    (Don't forget: Due to the fire code limit for the auditorium, the Sock-Hop is likely to sell-out much sooner than the other events, as it did in 2000. Don't miss your chance to see these very unique entertainers as part of the June 2005 weekend!)

  • All Classes Ride to Pt. Lookout (Sunday June 26, 2005, Leaves School Lot at 10 a.m. sharp) - This event welcomes all motorcyclists, car drivers and often a dune buggy from the greater Surratts community to join an organized ride, with police motorcycle escort, to Pt. Lookout, with a lunch stop at nostalgic Bert's Diner along the way.

2. DIRECTORY CONTINUING TO FILL. Please don't forget to send to Leslie St. Clair (70),, your Alumni/Staff Directory info ONLY IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT, with "Alumni Directory Info" in the subject line of your email:

Graduation Year (or years on faculty/staff):
Full Name at Surratts:
Full Name Now:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Update (Only first 30 words included):

Remember: the Directory is being re-done from scratch this year, so you'll need to re-submit to Leslie now if you were in the 2000 Directory and would like to remain in the 2005 Directory. And remember, please submit ONLY in the format noted above.

3. SEEKING CLASS OF 82 ORC. We seem to have lost track of the Official Reunion Contacts for the Class of 82. Can anyone provide information on these ORCs, or might a member of the Class of 82 like to volunteer to take over the reigns of this apparently vacant, but very important, position?

4. 2004 CAMPAIGN A GREAT SUCCESS. Many thanks to the many donors listed below who contributed to the Foundation's 2004 Annual Campaign! Thanks to your generosity, we reached our annual goal of replenishing the Foundation's General and Waddell Memorial scholarship funds. (Of course, donations to the Foundation are most welcome at any time, not just during the annual campaigns. A donor form can be found on the web site at

5. PENTIUM III COMPUTERS NEEDED. As reported in the last e-Notice, the Foundation has been asked to provide some badly needed computer equipment for the School. Currently, the School is in need of Pentium III (or higher) computers for science and other rooms. Might anyone have a line on how the Foundation can arrange for the donation of such computers?

6. 58 HORNET SEEKING CONTEMPORARIES. Richard Guise (58),, would like to hear from schoolmates from his time at Surratts (1957-1958). Please drop Richard an email if you have any information that might help him contact his schoolmates.

7. FOLLOW-UP ON E-NOTICE 2005-1 ITEM. In e-Notice 2005-1, we reported on the great efforts of Debbie Long (71) and her colleagues to bring holiday presents to needy kids. Since that item was published, I've learned that Cynthia Adamo Hayes (73) is one of Debbie's co-workers who helped out on that project, and that WUSA actually posted the video of their news story about these altruistic Hornets and their co-workers on the WUSA web site at

Congratulations again to Debbie, Cynthia and their co-workers on their very good deeds.

8. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINATIONS SOUGHT. At this time each year, we ask for nominations for the Foundation's Annual Achievement Awards. In the past, your nominations have resulted in the absolutely extraordinary group of 2000 - 2004 Achievement Award recipients featured on the web site at If you know a member of the greater Surrattsville community who should be considered for the Achievement Award this year, for extraordinary achievements in any field, please send me an email at (Past recipients chosen from your nominations have included an NCAA Division I head basketball coach, a nationally renowned painter, a military leader, two long-time Surratts employees, a community activist, an internationally acclaimed opera singer, one of the Foundation's primary visionaries, and Maryland's highest ranking State legislator. And that's in just five years' worth of awards!)

9. HORNET FAMILY MEMBERS DEPLOYED. Sgt. Victor Negron, III, son of Victor Negron (71), and nephew of Tom Negron (73) and other Negron family members, just deployed to Iraq. The younger Victor will serve in a forward area as an escort for the troops on their convoys. I also learned from Lori Pinkey (71) that her son Ryan, who has volunteered to help-out with Surratts events in the past, just shipped out for Iraq as well. Here's hoping that the conflict will end soon, and that these brave soldiers and all of our troops will come home safely.

10. CLASS OF 64 "MINI-REUNION". Jaime Seaman (64) sent me this email:
"Hi Henry: We are pulling together a mini reunion of the Class of 64 on
2/26/05 weekend in Palm Harbor, Florida. Anyone who would like to join us for the weekend or the day should call me at 954-316-7498 or e-mail me at We will be enjoying good company, good eats and great stories, and anyone is welcome. Thanks, Jaime"

11. CLASS OF 76 REUNION. We received this email from Evan (76) and Cindy Thompson Vutsinas (76): "Dear Members of the Class of 76: Our next Reunion (and all future '76 reunions) will be held in conjunction w/ the "All-Classes 2K5 Weekend" (Thursday, 6/23/05 -Sunday, 6/26/05). We will have our own 76 only event Friday evening, June 24th, 2005 at Mama Stella's in Clinton. Other events will be planned. We are updating our class files. Please send an e-mail with US Postal address as well as phone #. Say if you want your info to remain private as we have had classmates asking to find someone. If you know where other '76ers are, give them our e-mail ( and have them contact us.
Questions? Call us (615) 754-2093 Evan & Cindy (Thompson) Vutsinas"

12. CLASS OF 57 ANNOUNCES REUNION. The Class of 1957 is holding a happy
hour(s) event on Friday June 24th at the Clinton Moose Lodge. The time is from 6 to 10 p.m.. A hot buffet will be served and there will be a cash bar. The cost per person is $25 for the happy hour(s). Please mail payment by June 1, 2005 to: June (Sellner) Payne, 9885 Hope Acres Road, White Plains, MD 20695. Please contact Rick Pope,, 301-854-5439, with any questions.

13. CLASS OF 66 ANNOUNCES REUNION. The Class of 66 will have its Class-specific reunion at Rips in Waldorf on Sunday June 26, 2005, from
1 - 5 p.m. The ticket price is $20, and tickets can be purchased by contacting Norman Myers at"

I hope your 2005 is off to a wonderful start! Henry Smith (71),


  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)

  • Bob Marr (71)

  • Bill Harris (71), in Memory of Debbie Harris (71)

  • Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr. (74)

  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of William J. (Bill) Burke (57)

  • Ed Jaffe (65)

  • Paul Monaghan (59)

  • Melissa Gilcrest (69), In Memory of Allen M. Gilcrest (64)

  • Steve Profilet (71)

  • Anonymous The Class of 1956

  • Henry Smith (71)

  • Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)

  • Richard Neilan (82), In Memory of Charlie Waddell

  • Carolyn Sepesy Trickett (77), In Memory of Charlie Waddell

  • Ellen Talbert Miller (61; Faculty/Administrator 66-98)

  • Dan Bayne (71), In Memory of Charlie Waddell

  • Patrick McMenamin (71)

  • Anon, In Memory of Col. F. R. O'Clair

  • Carrie Jessee Loftus (69), In Memory of Robert "Bobby" Jessee (71)

  • Richard Scott McWhirt (71)

  • Mike Gifford (84)

  • Denise Hope (72)

  • Christine Spell Buckingham (70), In Memory of Bill Dare, fellow Surratts Singer

  • Nancy Oursler Maynard (65), In Memory of her Dad, Griffith "Buzzy"
    Oursler (35)

  • Shelley Wilson Block (68)

  • Barbara "Bobbi" Misiewicz Bailey (63)

  • Robert Kane (68)

  • Sherri Koch Gay (71)

  • Patricia Becker Oles (71)

  • Anne Noyes (Faculty 51-55, 69-82)



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