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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1.  2006 CAMPAIGN EXTENDED THROUGH JANUARY.  The Foundation has had a great response to date to our informal 2006 Campaign, and we're heading for a fund-raising record.  The Campaign will remain open until January 31, so if you'd like to make a contribution to this very worthy cause, please just use the donor form reprinted below (and available on the Foundation's web site at  Many thanks to those generous donors listed below!

(Remember: The Foundation has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes to support the Foundation's scholarships and other programs.)

2.  HORNET MUSICIANS SEEKING OTHERS.  As we've reported previously, the Southern Maryland Concert Band, directed by Richard "Butch" Mortimer (57), is always looking for Surratts musicians to join this great ensemble.  Please contact Laurie Martin Roberts (74), at, if you'd be interested in learning about this Maryland musical institution.  (Incidentally, there are some great photos of Butch and his comrades back in the day on the web site at!)
3. CORRECTION REGARDING TV STAR'S SURRATTS ROOTS FEATURED ON WEB SITE.  It was actually intrepid Hornet information spotter and Surrattstock musician Neal Dawson (73) (rather than Wayne Tatum (74)) who last month pointed out the internet bio of TV actress Laura Wright (88) and her mention of her Surrattsville roots (as well as Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden's). That information appears at, and  Thanks to Neal (and Wayne) for continuing to keep their eyes out for Surratts references on the world wide web!

4.  CLASS OF 97 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 97 is setting up a 1997 Reunion Committee meeting to get the ball rolling on their ten year reunion.  Interested classmates should contact Monica Crown at or, or at 703-867-2410.  They hope to have a meeting on a Saturday afternoon in late January in Brandywine.  Please contact Monica if you have any information on 97 grads or members of their families.

5.  HORNET TWIRLER STAYS ON THE MOVE.  I received this youthful email from Ann Weaver Pelle (71): "Dear Henry: Our The Village Twirlers Show Team has been swamped with Christmas Shows!  Last night we did two different shows, with five different numbers each and I am in each and every one of them.  One more show (again ten numbers ) and we are finished for 2006!  It's the Christmas Cruise-In and I will be doing my grand finale fire baton  twirling to Feliz Navidad (after Sleigh Ride, Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Baby).  Very cute: just three of us with four inch heels and feather boas on - wow hard to twirl in them! Moving on to 2007, we are doing over 27 shows a year and over eight parades.  I led The Villages Twirlers in very long parade seven weeks after a total knee replacement!  Our next adventure is the Martin Luther King "Sharing the Dream" Parade and then we will be off on the "Rockin' The Caribbean" Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines and opening doing our "'50's -- Beach Boys numbers!  Does it get any better than this?  Going on a cruise, opening for a big act (Bowzer from Sha Na Na, Johnny Tillitson (Poetry in Motion), Peggy March ( I will follow him), Frankie Ford (Sea Cruise), Rocky and the Rollers, and The Villages Twirlers Show Team!  I am having the best time ever!  Ann"

(The web site for Ann's group is  Also, Ann, and her group, were separately and prominently featured in the July and September 2006 editions of Village Magazine (  Both articles mention Ann's Maryland roots.)

6.  HUBCAPS TO FILM CONCERT DVD/CD; AUDIENCE MEMBERS WANTED!  We recently saw this item on The Hubcaps web site (  "The Hubcaps are filming a live concert DVD/CD!  And we want you there!  The Hubcaps will be hosting a DVD/CD live concert party at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn Park (Glen Burnie) Maryland.  We would like all of our fans to attend this long awaited event.  Tickets available online at The Hubcaps gift shop/tickets, or by calling The Hubcaps gift shop at 301-552-8799 OR 410-356-5335."

What a great way to see this great band with deep Surrattsville roots and be a part of recording history!  (The Hubcaps web site also has their upcoming performance schedule, and lots of other information about these great musicians.)

7.  ARTICLE FEATURES SENIOR SURRATTS FACULTY MEMBER.  Merry Chovan Romine (65) sent me a copy of a wonderful article from the Gainesville, GA Times about her Mom, Laura Arrington Chovan, who was born in 1910 (!) and taught at Surratts when it was located in the "Old School".  The article recalls Ms. Chovan's very moving teaching experiences during the Depression in South Carolina, before her move to Surratts, and notes that she still teaches, schooling immigrants in English!  Merry reports that her Mom would love to hear from her former students.  Her address is 700 Washington St., NW, Apt. 214, Gainesville, GA 30501.
Happy New Year!   Henry Smith (71),


  • Steve Profilet (71)
  • Carol Tisdale Whitsell (64), In loving memory of her sister Jeanne Tisdale Burke
    Vivian Bounds Edelen (Faculty, 1938-1942)
  • Robert Brewer (67)
  • Henry Smith (71)
  • Donna Rae Smith (70)
  • Bill Harris (71)
  • Patricia Becker Oles (71)
  • Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
  • Barbara Gene Misiewicz Bailey (63)
  • Richard Neilan (82), In Memory of Charlie Waddell
  • Bob Marr (71)
  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)
  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Memory of Gerald (Jerry) A. Hatton (57)
  • Ellen Talbert-Miller (61, Faculty 66-98), In Memory of Sue Baucia (Faculty)
  • Russell Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)
  • Patricia Gann Barkley (67), In Memory of Ron Barkley (67)
  • Teri Pepper Dimsey (77)
  • Mike Gifford (84)
  • Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)
  • Laura Bader (78)
  • Rosemary Harris Kelsoe (74)
  • Gloria Blandford Rickett (71)
  • John Paul Rickett (69)
  • Denise Hope (72)
  • Natalie Conrad Johnson (80), In Memory of Allison Hinckle (80) and Bruno Tester (80)
  • Coach Lew Jenkins (Former Faculty)
  • Victor Negron (71)
  • Paul Monaghan (59)
  • Patrick McMenamin (71)
  • Kenneth Roy Nestor (72), In Memory of Jana K. Sims Nestor
  • Anne Noyes (Former Faculty)
  • Janet Goddard Sullivan (54), In Memory of Jesse Skip Goddard (56), and Bill Laughlin (54)
  • Richard Scott McWhirt (71)
  • Nancy Oursler Maynard (65), In Memory of Beverly Crawford Woolridge
  • Lynn Harris Schwesig (64)
  • Vicki Forsht Williams (65, Former Faculty), In Memory of Eugene Colgan
  • Darlene Monaco (71)
  • Denise Costanzo Shaw (72), In Memory of Doris Frances Greenway Shaw (44) & Robert Fulton Shaw, Jr. (34)
  • Kenneth Lee Shaw (69), In Memory of Doris Frances Greenway Shaw (44) & Robert Fulton Shaw, Jr. (34)
  • Florence Blume Middleton (55), In Memory of James A. Blume (58) & Lawrence A. Blume (62)
  • Margaret Alvaro Richardson (65), In Memory of Dorothy Grooms (65)
  • Melissa Gilcrest (69)
  • Anon, In memory of Col. F. R. O'Clair
  • Ann Weaver Pelle (71)
  • Jane Edwards Robinson (54), In Memory of Gloria Thomas Goodwin (53) and Bill Laughlin (54)