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E-Notice 2008-09

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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that may be of interest:

1.  INSPIRATIONAL SURRATTS TEACHERS.  In response to a request in the last e-Notice, here are some wonderful emails we received about the impact of Surratts teachers on alumni:

"Hi Henry:  I was pleased to see the notation about the Charles County Vice Principal's Award being given to a Surrattsville Alumni.  I have not meet Deborah Brown, but I am sure she's a great VP!  I was greatly inspired by my teachers at Surrattsville, most notably Ben Collins.  He definitely helped shape the person I am today, by making me believe in myself and my talents as a young woman.  The experiences he shared with us were incredible.  As part of his Humanities class, we visited New York City, the world's fair in Tennessee, art museums and parks.  We also experienced the most awesome team building obstacle course somewhere in the area (the Madeira School sounds right).  I also valued my time with Ms. Grouby.  Who knew History could actually be so interesting!?  I remember absolutely dreading the upcoming showing of some old movie called "Gone with the Wind."  But I also remember how we were glued to our seats and mad when each showing was interrupted by the bell. . . we'd have to wait another day for the next installment! As a result of my soul searching at Surrattsville, I became a teacher myself, teaching at Middleton Valley from 1987-1996, James Ryder Randall from 1996-2001, and now I'm at T.C. Martin in Charles County.  I've worked with first graders and kindergartners, and will take my chances with 2nd graders this upcoming year.  I am certain that teachers can have a huge impact on their students.  I can only hope to reach mine as those great mentors from Surrattsville have reached me!  Thanks for the chance to remember these great people! Sheila Seyler Hillman  (82)"

"Hey Henry!  I was definitely inspired by many teachers at Surrattsville, as well as Stephen Decatur and Surrattsville Elementary.  Of course Vicki Forsht Williams (65), Ron Cunningham, Ms. Grouby, RC Green (63), Amy Green, Ed Salvio, Carole Oakley, Ellen Talbert (61), etc.   Kim Ellis King (76)"   [Ed. Note: Kim was named a Middle School Maryland Math Teacher of the Year in 2005 as well as Exemplary Employee for Charles County Public Schools.  She attributes her successes in the education field "to the great education I received at Surrattsville".]

"Hi Henry:  I wanted to share with you and other Hornets the incredible influence of two fabulous Surratts teachers.  As a member of the wonderful class of 65, I was privileged and inspired by Col. Young and Jane Baskin.  I fell in love with the French language, culture, and music through the inspiring teaching of Col. Young.  He was demanding, thorough, and gifted in introducing a magical place and language to his students.  Because of him, I became a French teacher and have had the privilege of leading many of my students on journeys to France over the years.  Equally influential was Jane Baskin, a superb teacher who was always prepared and caused her students to be prepared every day through her method of 10 questions quick pop quizzes on most days.  We copied notes from the board that were organized and informative.  I still remember American history fairly well because of her teaching.  I feel we were well prepared for college in those days.  I credit the high caliber of teachers we had at Surrattsville for helping us to succeed in college.  Fondly, Carol Julian Kross (65)"

[Ed. Note:  We'd love to have additional stories about how Surratts teachers and staff inspired our readers, in their careers or otherwise.]

2.  POSSIBLE 2010 EVENTS.  The Foundation Board is considering whether to hold any form of "All Classes/Faculty/Staff" events in 2010, either similar to those held in 2000 and 2005, or different in scope.  If you would like to volunteer to work on a committee to consider this question, please send me an email at

3.  100 YEARS OF SURRATTS HISTORY, CON'T.  This month's Surratts history item is the following newspaper article from the Surratt House Archives.  It is a photocopy of an unidentified newspaper, but labeled "1952":

"Uncle Jimmie Night"   No story of Surrattsville would be complete without the story of James Hawkins, or "Uncle Jimmy" as he was known to hundreds of students.  After serving as custodian for thirty-three years, an affair was planned in his honor known as "Uncle Jimmie Night".  It was the culmination of thoughts in the minds of a great many in the community for a long time, to give homage to this kindly old man, so well known and so well loved.  Therefore, in April 1949, when "Uncle Jimmy" was soon to be seventy-nine years old, the Surrattsville Athletic Association sponsored a party for him.

Presentations were made to "Uncle Jimmy" by the elementary grades, by the high school and by the Athletic Association.  He was given a new accordion for he had long wanted to entertain the pupils with selections on an old battered one down in the "boiler room" at school.  Alumni on visiting Surrattsville always went to the boiler room to see "Uncle Jimmy".  Mr. Ernest Loveless, Jr., Chairman of the Planning Committee was most emphatic that in the "Archives" shown at the Dedication and Homecoming next Wednesday an honored place must be reserved for "Uncle Jimmy.  What manner of man was this that everyone knew so well and revered?  We are indebted to the Program for "Uncle Jimmy Night" for the following excerpts"

'Born April 15, 1870, on Mr. Phil Marbury's plantation on Thrift Road, "Uncle Jimmy's" mother was a slave cook in the Marbury family and his father was a slave hand and carpenter on Mr. Coe's plantation at Piscataway. "Uncle Jimmy" walked four miles to school at T. B..  When he as about 23, he married and had five sons and five daughters.  When "Uncle Jimmie" was forty years old he bought the land and house on Thrift Road where he lived up until the time of his last illness.  He passed away in the Fall of 1950.

About the time he bought his home, he began working a "little plot of ground" for Mrs. McKay, principal of the old Surratts School.  She talked to him about being a janitor and in 1915 he started a job that was to last many years.  During his early years along with his other duties he cared for the horses and buggies that the children used for transportation.  During all those years as janitor "Uncle Jimmy" missed only ten days of work.

"Uncle Jimmy" -- now a legend, his humility, his gentleness, his willingness to work, his dependability -- all will be remembered as he takes his rightful place in the "Archives" of Surrattsville to be forever remembered in the hearts of its students.""

[Ed. Note: We're wondering if any of our e-Notice readers have memories of Mr. Hawkins that they'd like to share.]

4.  FAMILY REUNION INCLUDES SOFTBALL MEMORIES.  We received this great email from Terry Mihlbauer in response to the softball item in the last e-Notice: "Hi Henry:  I just got back from a family reunion in which all of us Mihlbauer Surrattsville graduates --  Michael, Therese (Terry), Ellen, Mark, Monica and Lisa -- were together.  I shared with my Dad (who coached the Clinton Girls Softball team mentioned in the August 1 e-Notice) the e-Notice and he got a kick out of knowing the girls who he coached in softball (as did Coach McCauley ) still remembered those days!  My Dad turns 80 in November.  Terry"

5.  CLASS OF 98 REUNION PLANS.  We received this update on the Class of 98 Reunion from Tonya Lee (98):  "Hi Henry: Our Class of 98 has a reunion planning web site at  We will be celebrating our ten year class reunion September 19-21, 2008.  The scheduled events are as follows:
Friday September 19, 2008 - Meet & Greet Happy Hour (No tickets required)
Saturday September 20, 2008 - Reunion Banquet (Evening main event - tickets required)
Sunday September 21, 2008 - Family Cookout (tickets required)
All locations are being finalized now and will be posted on the reunion website at a later date.
Tickets will be sold individually or in a package. Please follow the reunion link so that you can be updated on all current information. Hope to see you all there!   Tonya"

6.  FASHIONABLE ALUMNI WINDOW DECALS AVAILABLE.  As previously noted, the Foundation is now making "Surrattsville Alumni" window decals available.  (A sample is found at    Note that the actual size of the decals is 4" x 4" rather than the size shown on the web site, and they have a white background and green lettering.)

These decals are of the "static peel-off" variety, so they have "repositional adhesive backing," and attach, and detach, easily from windows with no muss or fuss.  The suggested donation for the decals is $2.50.  If you'd like to show your Hornet pride by displaying a decal on your vehicle's window, please send your donation and your mailing address to Henry Smith at 815 Stoneleigh Road, Baltimore, MD 21212, and we'll mail a decal to you.

7.  CLASS OF 62 ACTIVITIES UPDATE.  Len Owens (62),, submitted this update on the Class of 62's upcoming reunion plans:

"September 27, 2008, Picnic, Noon, Gilbert Run Park, La Plata, MD, Just off Route 6.  Bring your own picnic.

Possible additional events include dinner on Friday night (September 26th) and/or Brunch Sunday morning (September 28th) and golf.  All of these additional events are based on class interest.  After our 45th reunion last September, we discussed the possibility of a picnic in Southern Maryland in this following year.  Many classmates indicated an interest in a picnic this September.  Some who attended the reunion and some who were unable to attend indicated an interest.  Gilbert Run Park is available.  I hope you are still interested in a picnic.  This is meant, primarily, for those classmates in the Washington area.  Of course, if you are in town on this weekend, pleased try to attend.  Some classmates do not always read their emails.  Others have only US mail access.  If you would like to call a few classmates, please indicate your willingness to make a few phone calls.  Note:  It is important.  Please let us know if you will plan to attend.  Thank you, Your Reunion Committee"

8.  CLASS OF 64 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 64 is planning a 45th reunion in February 2009, in the form of a three night cruise to the Bahamas!  The Class reports that "all are welcome to join us."  For details, contact Jaime Seaman (64) at or 954-316-7498.  

9.  2008 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN OFFICIALLY BEGINS.  The Foundation's 2008 Annual Campaign has officially begun.  This is the informal campaign we undertake each year to refresh the Foundation's treasury so it can grant the annual scholarships and fund the other on-going activities of the Foundation.  Remember: the Foundation has no overhead, so every dollar contributed goes directly toward the support of a Foundation activity.  And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a positive difference.

Please consider showing your support for the Foundation by joining those generous "early birds" listed below who already have contributed to this year's campaign.  (A donor form is reprinted below, and is available on the Foundation's web site at

I hope this e-Notice finds you well and enjoying the long holiday weekend!

All the best, Henry Smith (71),

In Memoriam

BARRY ALLAN POSEY (84) died Aug. 21, 2008, at Fort Washington Hospital, Fort Washington.  Barry was the son of Shirley and the late Earl V. Posey.  In addition to his mother, he is survived by his son Weslee A. Posey; daughter, Ashleigh A. Posey; brothers, Earl K. Posey and Thomas Posey; and former wife and caretaker, Melissa A. Posey.  Memorial contributions may be made to Barry Posey Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 840, White Plains, MD 20645.


Steve Profilet (71)
Chuck Teubner (64)
Pat Becker Oles (71)
Janet Goddard Sullivan (54)
Vivian Bounds Edelen (Former Faculty; 1938-1942)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)
Sally Weingarten (77)
Bill Harris (71)
Ellen Talbert-Miller (61 and Former Faculty), In Memory of Harrison (Bo) Waite (70)
Denise Hope (72), In Memory of Robin Danielson (72)
Nancy Miller (67), In Memory of Virginia Mitchel McLaughlin (64)
Bob Marr (71)
Deborah Cox Marr (72)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)
Henry Smith (71)
Judy Gordon Mentlik (65), To Celebrate the Marriages of Nancy Oursler Maynard (65) and Larry Schillings (65), and Marion Thompson (65) and John Restifo (65)
Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)
Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73), In Memory of James R. Carroll, Jr.
Chris and Merry Chovan Romine (65), To Celebrate the 98th Birthday of Laura Chovan (Former Faculty)
Paul Monaghan (59)
Nancy Oursler Schillings (65), to honor Best Friends in the Class of 65
Tom Travis (72)
Sally Travis (72)

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