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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

FOUNDATION SCHEDULES 2010 ALL CLASSES/FACULTY/STAFF EVENTS!  We're delighted to report that, as it did in 2000 and 2005, the Foundation will sponsor a series of "All Classes/Faculty/Staff" events over the long weekend of Friday June 25 - Sunday June 27, 2010. The schedule of events will be very similar to the schedules in 2000 and 2005:

-FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2010 - Golf Outing. 

-FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2010, 7 P.M. - 11 P.M. - Surrattstock III.  (This is a concert in the multipurpose room at the "New School" (i.e., the building folks graduated from 1961-present) featuring various bands from the "golden era of live music at Surratts".

-SATURDAY JUNE 26, 2010, 10 A.M - 4 P.M. - All Classes/Faculty/Staff Picnic and School Open House.  Once again, this event will be held at the New School. This event presents a great opportunity to catch-up with fellow classmates, schoolmates and faculty and staff.

-SATURDAY JUNE 26, EVENING - Saturday evening will be set aside for Class-specific events.  (For example, 69/70/71/73 already have put together a multi-Class Saturday night event, the details of which will appear in the next e-Notice.)

-SUNDAY JUNE 27 - Sunday will be set aside for Class-specific picnics and other informal gatherings.

Thanks to those of you who already have stepped forward to help with these events, and please send me an email at if you'd like to join the current corps of volunteers.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINATIONS SOUGHT.  This is the time of year when we ask our readers to submit nominations for the Foundation's annual Achievement Awards.  These are awards presented to members of the Surrattsville community to recognize outstanding career and other achievements.  (Photos and bios of our extraordinary Achievement Award recipients to date can be found at  Please send an email to if you would like to submit a nomination for a 2009 Achievement Award.

HISTORICAL PHOTO INFO.  We've received some great additional information about the identities of the kids in the photo on the web site of Surrattsville's first graders of 1926.  There are quite a few familiar Clinton family names in the now-enhanced caption.  Please let us know if you can identify any of the as-yet unidentified kids in that great photo.

And we received this very thorough report on that great photo from Judy Miller (70), based on information she collected from her relatives:

"Hi Henry: Aunt Peggy called me tonight and wanted to tell me about the photo of Daddy’s class. The teacher is Miss Allen. She said this is a multi age group of grades 1-3.  She believes it is three grades, as Aunt Catherine (Bean) is in the picture and she was two grades ahead of Daddy.  The picture was taken in front of the School, which was a white frame building where the Junior High, as we knew it, sits.
Aunt Catherine is in the top row, second from right.  Beside her is Andrew Carrico. In the second row from the top, with a big bow on her shirt is his sister, Esther Carrico.
There are three Gwynns in the picture.  Dorothy Gwynn has the white headband. The man she married, Buzzy Oursler, is to her right and up a little, with a white shirt and no jacket. The other two Gwynns are Jack and Bob.  The one on the bottom row who wears a plaid jacket that matches my father's is Jack Gwynn, and the other is two over from the teacher, beside the boy with all the black hair.
Mildred Wheatley is on the top row with the thin bow on her blouse.  Finally, on the bottom row, next to the tiny girl they called Pity, is Earl Thompson. Aunt Peggy said he and Daddy were especially good friends, and that he was at Daddy’s funeral.  “Aunt Catherine “ is the mother of our Reb Bean.  Judy"

INSPIRATIONAL TEACHERS (Con't).  Here's the latest note we've received in response to our request for memories about inspirational staffers at Surratts: "Dear Henry:  Well, I’m finally getting around to writing in response to a request a few months ago.  It’s been years since I’ve been in touch with anyone from Surrattsville, but, thanks to Facebook, I have heard from people I thought had long forgotten me (not too sure if I should be happy about what they remember!).

After graduating in 74 and then wasting a few years traveling and wondering what to do with my life, I finally got my degree and started teaching.  I taught for a while in Maryland, and then spent the past 15 years or so teaching in International Schools around the world.  Whenever anyone asks me why I became a teacher, I always think back to Vicki Forsht Williams (65) and how, even with all the grief I gave her, she never gave up on me (or at least never let me think she had given up).  I hope she’d be happy to know I actually did something useful with my life!

Thanks for all the interesting tidbits and info about past friends from Surrattsville and Clinton.  Kaye Gustafson (74)"

[Ed Note: I'm sure Kaye and I are not the only Hornets who have Vicki to thank for what was almost certainly a huge percentage increase in our SAT verbal scores, as well as numerous other lessons taught in an interesting way that made English class fun!]

THE NOW FOUND SWIMMING POOL.  We continue to receive interesting responses like these concerning the swimming pool that came and went on the grounds of the Old School (i.e., the building at Surratts and Brandywine Roads that became the Junior High and now is a private school).

"I learned to swim there with about 10 other kids from my neighborhood. We walked through my friend's back yard and crossed the street at Gena's Crab House.  We swam there for at least three years until they closed it, probably 1971 to 1973.   John Arthur (83)   p.s.  I don't remember a monkey though."

"The swimming pool definitely existed - but the one I took swim lessons at was at the bottom of the parking lot on the opposite end of the track field where the bus lot was; across from the turn off to Cosca Park.  My brother and I walked there in the summertime for lessons.  I was five years old, so that would have been 1970.  Donna Haffer"

"I'd like to add to the pool saga by thanking Toni Trenda for the facts she contributed. I also recall that the pool was operated by Parks and Planning in the same space later occupied by the school bus lot. I drove by the pool many times while driving my young children to the Park in the early 70's. In the summer heat, it always looked so inviting.   It existed; no doubt at all!  Also, I wonder if Toni's contact at M-NPPC might be Shawn Smith, another SHS grad.  Regards,  Brenda Karnes (Faculty 76-99)"

"There was most definitely a pool there at Surrattsville. My husband and I graduated in 1952 from the school and in 1964, 1965, we were looking for a place for our sons to learn to swim and this pool offered lessons in the summer. There were not many other sites available at the time.  We lived down Route 5 and were glad for this opportunity.
Also, my husband, John and I have many fond memories of Uncle Jimmy.  Unfortunately, we did not know of the memorial, and John, who went all 12 years to Surrattsville, was sorry to have missed it since Uncle Jimmy was a very beloved figure for him.
Also the Mary Surratt story has a lot of influence, since one of my ancestors was related to David Harold, who was hanged with Mary Surratt. When reading the account of their histories, history becomes very personal.  Ann Russell Theunissen (52)"

"Hi Henry:  Oh, yes, there was a pool!  It was either the summer of 66 or 67 when my mom got the idea that I should learn to swim. Why I don't know, never being in anything more than six inches deep she thought it would be a good idea. Well I went under and did not come back up, the lifeguard took his sweet time coming after me, my mom probably gave birth to the monkey right there or a cow or something and I could hear her screaming under the water. When I got out, I was ok, except for embarrassed beyond belief.  No, I did not go back and mom, well she got her money back!  I do remember it wasn't there every year. This could be why some don't remember it.   Patti DeLauder Dean (78)"

MORE MEMORIES OF HYDE FIELD. ... and we received this especially interesting additional memory of Hyde Field:

"Dear Henry:  Just a note to add about Hyde Field.  My father Nelson Myers was the manager and fixed base operator from about 1952 until 1957 when he went to work for Allegheny Airlines. He still did not leave Hyde Field because he then rented Hanger 35 and opened Myers Aviation until 1963 when Allegheny moved him to Pennsylvania.  He stayed in Pennsylvania for only one year, and he quit Allegheny and moved home to Clinton, Maryland. In 1964 he was back at Hyde Field and went to work in one of the quonset huts.  In 1965 he was the manager for Andrews Flying Club, and in 1966 he went back to Allegheny Airlines, and then took in a partner Ken Smith and became M&S Aviation.  Ken Smith stayed a partner with Dad until Mr. Smith passed away in the 80s. Dad continued M&S aviation until he passed away in 1998.

My brother Sunny Myers worked for Harry Lehman at the Beacon Flying Service from September 1967 until August of 1990.  My brother also told me about Hurricane Hazel that came through in the early 1950s and it took out a whole row of hangers along Piscataway Road.  Terry Myers (88)"

... and this memory about Hyde Field, and Mr. Zubrod ("Mr. Z") who taught swimming at the Marlboro Pool:

"Hi Henry:  Wasn't Mr. Z fantastic?!  That's a great memory. He taught my family too.  Also, in the 19th century, before it was Hyde Field, that area was "Traveler's Rest," a large farm where my grandmother grew up.  The most exciting thing that ever happened in that area was in the 50s -- the making of the movie "Houseboat."  Just knowing that Sophia Loren and Gary Grant were down there in the area of Piscataway Road and the Potomac River -- even though we couldn't get near  to see -- it was thrilling!  Love to all, Judy Miller (70)"

... and this item from a Kansas correspondent whose contact information the editor has misplaced:

"Henry:  Here's an item about Hyde Field:
Deals have been made.  Local citizens are fighting development.  Local citizens also fought the airport's very existence, too, at least since the 60s.  Were they expecting a park?  I'm fortunate to be in deepest Kansas."

SEEKING LOST HORNETS.  Elizabeth Gleisberg May (78) is trying to locate Terri Silke (77), John Silke (78) and Bob Wilson (78) from her old neighborhood.  Please contact Elizabeth at if you have any contact info on these Hornets.

MEMORIES OF TEEN CLUB.  I imagine this note we received will stir many memories (some somewhat "overheated") in a great number of our readers:

"Henry:  All this talk about the SJHS reminds me of Teen Club.  I'm sure everyone remembers the last song of the night.  The last song was always "Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny.  It was their only hit record. Ed McMahan (66)"

[Ed Note: We'd love to have other memories of Teen Club to share in future e-Notices.]

POSSIBLE CLASS OF 74 REUNION.  We received this note from Class of 74 ORC Lauren Foley: "Dear 74 Classmates:  We've been invited by the Classes of 69/70/71/73 to join them in a group reunion during the Surrattsville 2010 events.  I believe the details will follow in the May Surratts News.  Only 300 tickets will be sold for the event to be held at Ft. Belvoir Officer's Club on Saturday night June 26.  If there is any interest, please send me an e-mail at   I look forward to hearing from you.  Lauren Foley (74)."

POSSIBLE 80/81 REUNION.  The Classes of 80 and 81 are planning a possible reunion for June 2010.  They need a contact person for the Class of 80.  Please contact Teresa Blandford Pepper -- -- to provide contact info.

CLASS OF 89 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 89 is planning a reunion.  Please contact Debbie Owen Pell at for information or if you have any contact information for 89 grads or members of their families.

CLASS OF 59 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 59 is beginning its planning for its 50 year reunion on June 6 and 7.  Please contact Laura Owens at if you have any information on 59 grads or members of their families.

CLASS OF 84 CONSIDERING REUNION.  Class of 84 grads who are interested in working on, and/or attending, a 25 year reunion are asked to contact Gary Stallings at

CLASS OF 85 SCHEDULES REUNION.  The Class of 1985 has scheduled its 25th Reunion for July 16 and 17, 2010, celebrating with a Mix & Mingle Reception and an All-Day Family Picnic.  The Class is still searching for some classmates, so please send any contact info (or just let the Class know if you don't want to found) to Mary Beth at  Robyn Anderson - Steve Babicki - Yolanda “Missy” Baker - Kenneth Bast - Lorenzo Bishop - Angela Bowan  -Alicia Bowman - Lisa Bridgett - Maria Brown - Paul Bruch - Joe Bryant - Misscy Cage - Jeff Clerico - Tonya Compton - Douglas Copeland - Michelle Copeland - Reginald Copeland - Donald Carroll - Yong Chan - Bunny Collaso - Dori Collins - Wanda Duncan - Lewis Farmer, Jr. - Bruce Flannary - John Freeman - Theresa Foster - La Tonia Gay - Michael Giarth - Barbara Gifford - Robert Gorman, Jr - Manuel Gould - Rita Harbaugh - Sean Henson - Joe Jackson - Robert Jackson - Eugene Jefferies, Jr - Sandra Jefferies - Earl Jefferson, III - Steve Jones - Kenneth Kerns - Sandra Krucelyak - Gene Lawrence - Julie Lee - Joe Leonard - Dwain Ligon - Darrell McShay - Jessica Miranda - Yolanda Montgomery - Michael Murphy - Elaine Nader - Cheri Oakes - Tanya Powell - Daniel Proctor - Rene Proctor - Sidney Proctor - Sandra Roebuck - Joanna Salas - Andrew Sargent - Michael Settle - Terence Shade - Steve Smelly - Laura Sparks - Tyrone Thomas - Janet Vickers - Veronica Wade - Shirley Watts - Michael Woods - Linda Young - Terri Young.

FOUNDATION PRESENCE ON FACEBOOK GROWS.  Don't forget that the Foundation has opened a "Group" on Facebook.  It is called "Surrattsville Alumni" and can be found by going on Facebook, entering "Groups," then entering "Search for Groups," and then entering "Surrattsville Alumni".  You will know you are at the correct site if you see a color photo of the front of the "New School" when you get there.  (The url of the Group is

At last count, this Group had approximately 300 members and is growing every day.  Please consider joining this Group on Facebook -- it's free -- because we will be posting information about upcoming Foundation events there.

In addition, a number of Class Official Reunion Contacts have opened Groups on Facebook, many of them titled simply "Surrattsville [Year]" (for example, "Surrattsville 1970," "Surrattsville 1971," etc.)  Please also consider joining your Class group on Facebook as a way to keep connected with your Classmates and news on upcoming Class-specific events.

CLASS OF 64 REUNION THANKS.  We received this nice email from Sandy Tippett Smith (64):

"Hi Henry:  My husband and I just returned from the 1964 45th reunion cruise held last weekend.  If you find space in the next issue, please express our thanks to Jaime, Dick Walker and Roy Revis for their parts in making this a great experience.  Class of 1964, Go Hornets!  Thanks, Sandy"

DWIGHT REED (81) MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING.   The 7th Annual Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Friday, June 12, 2009 at The Links at Challedon in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  Anyone interested in registering a foursome or sponsoring a hole can visit the website or contact Dawn Reed Schumaker (84) directly  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research.

CLASS OF 59 SEEKS YEARBOOK.     The Class of 59 is trying to find a 59 Boomerang that it might borrow for its June 6, 2009 Reunion.  If anyone has a line on one, please contact Evelyn Barnhart (59) at

CLASSES OF 69/70/71/73 REUNION.  Please don't forget to send an email to Leslie St. Clair (70),, if you'd like to be on the email list for information about this multi-class event to be held on Saturday evening June 26, 2010.

FORMER SURRATTS PRINCIPAL REMEMBERED.  "Hi Henry:  I regret to inform you that Dr. Mildred (Millie) S. Biedenkapp, principal of Surrattsville High School from 1977 to 1981, passed away on March 1, 2009 at the age of 93. Services were held near her home in Arnold, MD with interment at Crownsville Veteran's Cemetery.  Dr. Biedenkapp, a highly respected educator and administrator in the state of Maryland, was principal at several elementary schools and Roger B. Taney Middle School (now Thurgood Marshall MS) before her appointment to SHS. She was the second woman to serve as a high school principal in Prince George's County and, at a time when women were struggling for equal opportunity at this level, Dr. Biedenkapp led SHS successfully through very challenging social and economic times.
After retirement, she served as the president of the Maryland Elementary School Principals' Association and enjoyed many years of luncheons with former SHS staff.  Her family is compiling a "book of memories" for her grandchildren. Anyone who has a memory they would like to forward may email Brenda Karnes at  Thanks so much, Brenda Karn (Former Faculty)"

SURRATTS COOKBOOK.  Leslie St. Clair (70) and Diane "Cookie" Boyd (71) are putting together a Cookbook of Hornets' Favorite Recipes.  They're hoping that a number of you will submit recipes, and they'll break them down by category and have them bound and offer them for sale at the 2010 All Classes/Faculty/Staff events.  All proceeds will go to the Foundation.  If you have a recipe you'd like to share (green jello with bananas inspired by a lunch line staple?), please send it to Leslie and Cookie at

SURRATTS SEAT CUSHION AVAILABLE.  A Foundation donor has listed one of those famous Surratts seat cushions on eBay, with sales proceeds to go to the Foundation.  We thought some Surratts memorabilia collector might have an interest in this artifact from the last century.

I hope you're enjoying the first days of Spring!

All the best,  Henry Smith (71)

In Memoriam

GLYNIS HAGGERTY HENRY (83) died on March 14 from breast cancer. Glynis  formerly taught in Prince George's County Public Schools and was currently living and teaching in Houston, Texas.  Glynis is survived by two daughters, Gia Vanni and Niaza Henry, her parents, and HER siblings Michael Haggerty (Bladensburg 80), Ramona Haggerty (81) and Wendy Haggerty (87). The following article from the Houston Chronicle captures the joy Glynis brought to her family, friends and students. .

LAURA CHOVAN died at age 98 on March 2 in Gainesville, Georgia.  Laura taught at both the Surrattsville elementary and junior-senior high schools, and was the last president of the combined junior-senior Surrattsville PTA (and the family still has the gavel that was presented to her for that service).  She leaves so many with a lasting legacy -- the excitement of learning.  Phil Chovan (59), Mimi Chovan Bowden (Crossland 68) and Merry Chovan Romine (65) mourn her passing and celebrate her life!  Memorial donations may be made to Good News at Noon Clinic, 810 Pine Street, Gainesville, Ga. 30501, The Chancel Choir at the First United Methodist Church 2780 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville, Ga. 30506 or one’s favorite charity.

Laura was born in Seneca, South Carolina, and had lived in Gainesville for the past 12 years. She was the daughter of the late Joshua and Maud Merry Arrington, a graduate of Greenwood High School, and Lander College in Greenwood, S.C..  She began her teaching career in Honea Path, S.C. where she met her late husband, Philip Chovan. A life long educator, she nurtured and inspired many students in South Carolina and the Washington D.C. area. She used her unique skills in teaching, supervising other teachers of remedial reading, and working with ESOL students. She will also be remembered for her performance as Martha Washington in many southern cities.


Steve Profilet (71)
Bob Marr (71)
Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Teri Pepper Dimsey (77), In veneration of my classmates turning 50 this year
T. Summers Gwynn III (64), In memory of BillGwynn (64)