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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  FOUNDATION'S ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES.  The Foundation's annual, but rather informal, fund raising campaign is continuing.  If you'd like to take this opportunity to support the Foundation, a donation form is printed at the end of this email, and is available on the Foundation's web site at  In addition, a button on the web site is available for those who would like to donate electronically using a credit card or through Paypal.

As noted below, a number of this year's donors have used their donations to honor a teacher or schoolmate.  Many thanks to the generous donors the Foundation's 2010 Campaign!  

2.  LASER PRINTER AND MONITORS DONATED TO SCHOOL.  Thanks to the generosity of Stacey Bevans Fowler (87), the Foundation has just donated a Hewlett Packard laser jet printer and two computer monitors to the School.  The Foundation's 2010 computer equipment donation drive has been a great success – almost 30 computers and a number of printers and other peripherals have been donated to date -- and is on-going.  Please send me an email at if you -- or your business or employer -- would like to participate in this great effort.

3.  INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS.  We received this note about a student internship opportunity from Neal Dawson (73):  "All:  Here's another great opportunity for any young folks you know who might be interested.  From the site below, SEAP provided competitive research internships to 247 high school students this year. Participating students spend eight weeks during the summer doing research at approximately 20 Department of the Navy laboratories around the country.  See the Participating Labs button to the left on the HP, which has Points of Contact as needed within each Lab page.  Neal


"Do you know a high school student who is interested in science and engineering and is looking for an apprenticeship next summer?  If so, please let him or her know about the 2011 Science and Engineering Apprenticeship (SEAP) Program.  Applications for SEAP must be submitted between now and January 7, 2011. The eight week summer program begins June 20, 2011 and ends August 12, 2011.  SEAP is an Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored and funded program.  SEAP gives highly motivated high school students the opportunity to be exposed to Navy projects and programs. Participants receive hands-on experience in the fields of engineering, science, and computers in a research and development and test and evaluation environment. Students experiment with a technical career and learn about other types of careers that are available within Navy labs. The selected students are placed in a wide variety of scientific and engineering fields with mentors who are scientists, engineers, and technicians. Our mentors work with high school students during the summer to give them a first-hand understanding of professional methods to foster their desire to pursue college-level training that will lead to careers in science and engineering.


In order to be eligible for the SEAP program students must be United States citizens, enrolled in high school, have completed ninth grade, and be at least 16 years of age by the beginning of the program.  Participating students will spend eight weeks during the summer doing research or working on a specific technical project.  The stipend for students will be $3075 for the eight weeks, which will be paid in two installments.  Returning students will receive $3590 for the eight weeks. 


Interested students must apply online at  by January 7, 2011. Additionally, student transcripts MUST be mailed to: Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program, 1818 N Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington DC 20036."

4.  HORNET LENDS SUPPORT TO CHILDHOOD OBESITY PROGRAM.  We received this note from Kim Carrington:  "Hi Henry:  Please check out our child-hood obesity project We can use assistance with the project if others are interested.  Thanks, Kim"

5.  MEMORIES OF THE MARLOW HEIGHTS SHOPPING CENTER.  We received this blast from the past from Susan Loweth Melton(63):  " For those of us who went to Marlow Heights Shopping Center, this is a walk down memory lane!  This was sent to me from my cousin, Bill Richards (72).  Susan"

[Ed Notes:  I'm guessing that students from many eras congregated at the Hot Shoppes Junior on those glorious afternoons after Hornet football victories.  And I imagine a number of Hornets shopped at the Hobby Shop whose proprietor then was the current Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives!]

6.  SEEKING LOST HORNETS.  Steve Sisk (69) is trying to locate James William Turner (69).  If you have any info that might be helpful, please email Steve at


John Topps is trying to locate Phyllis Connaster (75).  Please contact John at if you have any info that might assist.


Diane Lewis Lepson (78) and Pattie DeLauder Dean (78) are trying to locate Craiglyn D’Agostino (78).  Please contact Diane at if you have any information that might be helpful.


7.  BOOMERANG SOUGHT.  Kyles Jones is seeking a 1960 Boomerang.  Please contact Kyle at if you have any helpful information.

8.  ALL CLASSES/FACULTY/STAFF DIRECTORIES AVAILABLE.  Thanks to the herculean work of Pat Becker Oles (71), the Foundation's 2000 Alumni/Faculty/Staff Directory has been updated for 2010, and now includes fascinating "what I'm up to" paragraphs from those who submitted directory information.  If you would like a copy of the Directory, send a $20 check payable to the Foundation to:  Henry Smith, One W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 950, Towson, MD 21204.

9.  "SURRATTSVILLE ALUMNI" WINDOW STICKERS AVAILABLE.  Pat Becker Oles (71) also kindly handles the Foundation's "Surrattsville Alumni" window stickers project.  Pat notes that the stickers are not the "static cling type," that stick to the inside of a window.  Instead, they are the "stick to the outside type," that can stick on a window or bumper, and use "repositional adhesive" (meaning no sticky residue).  Information about purchasing the stickers can be found on the web site at

10.  CLASS OF 2001 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 2001 is beginning work on planning for its ten year reunion, to be held on Saturday June 4, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., at a location to be determined.  Please contact Jacquelyn Towns at or Courtney Graham at if you have any contact info on members of the Class of 2001 or if you would like further information.  The Class also has a Facebook page called “The Official c/o 2001 Reunion Page,” which contains photos and information to date.

11.  BOOMERANGS AVAILABLE.   The Foundation has a limited supply of yearbooks from 1991, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006.  If you'd like one of these yearbooks (which are available for $15 including shipping and handling), please send me an email to

12.  POSSIBLE 80/81 REUNION.  The Classes of 80 and 81 are planning a possible reunion for June 2011.  They need a contact person for the Class of 80.  Please contact Teresa Blandford Pepper at to provide contact info.

13.  CLASS OF 61 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 1961 will celebrate its 50th Class Reunion at the Colony South Hotel and Conference Center in Clinton.  This three day event will take place on June 24-26, 2011. Classmates from other Classes who may be interested are invited to join the celebration. If anyone has any information on missing Class members (listed at the end of this e-Notice) or would like information regarding the reunion, please contact: Don Byroads at 301-475-0127 or or Darleen Mabry Burgess at 301-449-7261 or

I hope this finds you enjoying a great holiday season!

All the best, Henry Smith (71)



  • Bob Marr (71)

  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)

  • Steve Profilet (71)

  • James Coffren (68)

  • Margaret Edmondson Loveless (39, and former School Nurse), In memory of Truman S. Klein

  • Dan Bayne (71)

  • Linda Dorsey Blum (66)

  • Vicki Forsht Williams (65, and former faculty), In memory of Eugene Colgan and Mildred Biedenkapp)

  • Susan Curtis Sturgill (65), In memory of Greg White (65)

  • Vince Antonioli (69)

  • Terry Zinneman Antonioli (70)

  • Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54), In honor of Band Director John Mathena

  • Victor Negron (71)

  • Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (60)

  • Janet Goddard Sullivan (54)

  • J. Paul Rickett (69)

  • Gloria Blandford Rickett (71)

  • Jean Hurley Wilhelm (39), In memory of members of the Class of 39

  • Carol Fite Mothershead (65)

  • Larry Mothershead (65)

  • Edward Webster (65)

  • Sharon Till Webster (66)

  • Jaquie Goss Leach (65), In memory of Fred Goss, brother, and Class of 70 valedictorian

  • Jeanine Carroll Maclary (73)

  • Coach Lew Jenkins (Former faculty for 25 years)

  • Mike Gifford (84)

  • Mary Watson Crowley (37), In memory of Ruth Affron Sellner (36)

  • Ruth Kessler (Former Faculty)

  • Mary Garner Whittington (46)

  • Deborah McAllister Brown (72)

  • Richard Brown (72)

  • Mary Jo Sputo (76), In memory of Cindy Thompson Vutsinas (76)

  • Tom and Sally LaPla Travis (72)

  • Lawrence Romjue (57), In memory of Lois Marie Osgood (57), "You were always on my mind"

  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In memory of Lois Marie Osgood Honeywell (57)

  • Vera Twigg (Friend of the Foundation)

  • Tom Shultz (71)

  • Nancy Oursler Schillings (65), In memory of Robert Knadel (63)

  • Henry Smith (71), In memory of John Mamone (72)

  • Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (71), In memory of John Mamone (72)

  • Dave Kraus (65)

  • Charles Ronald Coleman (53), In memory of Donald England

  • Paul Monaghan (59)

  • Ellen Talbert-Miller (61 and former faculty), In celebration of the Class of 61 50th Reunion

  • Cecelia Smith (former faculty), In memory of Marie Grouby

  • Anne Noyes (former faculty)