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Hello Hornets:
Here are some items that might be of interest:
1.  INTERESTING READER COMMENTS ON ITEMS IN THE LAST E-NOTICE.  Harry Revis (57) sent this note in response to the Alma Mater item in the last e-Notice:  "I believe the Surrattsville Alma Mater was sung to the music of the Notre Dame Alma Mater (  Harry"
[Ed note:  We've determined that the Alma Mater, though in some ways similar to the Notre Dame Alma Mater in style, is a different tune.  And, thanks to the efforts of Joan Penn Revis (61), Homer Revis (56), Norm Carmichael (65) and Kenneth Martin (65), a transcription of the Alma Mater has now been delivered to the School!  Ken's note of transmission follows.  If you would like a copy of the re-discovered Alma Mater music and lyrics, please email me at]
"Attached is a transcription of the Alma Mater as sung for me by Norman Carmichael and Joan Revis.  Of course, they only sang the melody.  I went ahead and added a very rudimentary piano accompaniment.  The harmonization probably is similar to the original, but there has been no attempt to make it match exactly.  In fact, my primary goal was to provide an accompaniment that even a less experienced pianist could easily play to support a soloist or group singing the melody.  I guess at this point I should confess that there was a contest, in 1965 or perhaps 1964, for students to produce a new Alma Mater.  David Crawley (President of the Class of 65) wrote a text, and I composed some music.  I am sure his text was far superior to my music!  Perhaps ours was the only entry.  Whatever the case, we won the contest!  The prize was $10.00.  I think David may still have his $5.00, but I spent mine long ago!  Kenneth"
Bob Wilson (78) sent this note in response to the item in the last e-Notice about Charlie Waddell's choir groups:  "I wanted to pass along that the music to "The Messiah" is in the public domain, so it is readily available everywhere and in many cases free.  Bob"
Terry McCandlish wrote:  " My goodness; I live in Oklahoma now and the most recent e-Notice took me right back home.  I loved the youtube film clips of Prince George's County.  They were so well done.  My first job was at Jr. Hot Shoppes and the film brought back some old memories.  Terry"
The item about the October choir reunion prompted this note:  "It would be delightful to have a Surrattsville Concert Choir reunion!  Ms. Willetts is still around.  I believe she teaches at a college down South. I have a recording of the 71 Concert Choir that was made into an LP and I had transferred to a cassette or cd.  We always snag Frackenpohl's "Prayer" at the end of every concert.  It is still an inspirational piece, and timely with regards to peace and social justice.  Carol Lee"
2.  REQUEST FOR PRINCIPAL'S PHOTOS FOR LEGACY WALL.  Thanks to a suggestion by Charlie Cooper (52), the Foundation is now seeking photos of all of Surrattsville's Principals (since 1907!) to include on the new, Foundation-sponsored "Legacy Hall" at the School.
This might get a little tricky, so here's what we're asking:  if you have any paper copies of photos of Principals that you would be willing to snail mail to us for scanning and a prompt return to you, please mail them to Henry Smith, at 1 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 950, Towson, MD 21204.
If you have the ability to scan a digital copy of a Principal's photo – perhaps from your yearbook – please send me an email at so I can tell you if we already have that particular photo.  If we don't, and you could kindly scan the photo and email it to us, that would be great.  (Especially if the scan is "high resolution," which is better for enlarging to 8 x 10 size for framing.)
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide with this latest Foundation project.
3.  2011 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN CONTINUES ON RECORD PACE!    Perhaps thanks to the ease of contributing on-line at, our 2011 Annual Campaign is on a record-shattering pace!   (Those $5 paypal donations made on our web site are really adding up!)
If you'd like to make an on-line donation, just look for the "Donate" button at the bottom right of the home page of the web site.  (And of course contributions are welcome by mail, and a donor form is pasted below.)
Remember:  the Foundation has no overhead, so every contribution dollar goes directly to supporting the great kids at Surratts.  And no contribution is too small (or too large) to make a difference!
Many thanks to the remarkably long list of generous early donors listed below, and thanks to all of our readers for considering participating in this year's very special annual campaign!
4.  FOUNDATION FACEBOOK PRESENCE CONTINUES TO GROW.  The Foundation's Facebook Group – called "Surrattsville Alumni" – continues to grow, and is now approaching 1300 members.  This is a great, and free, way for folks to stay in touch.  Similarly, the Class-specific Facebook Groups – that have names like "Surrattsville 1968," "Surrattsville 1969," "Surrattsville 1970,"  "Surrattsville 1973" and the like continue to grow.  Please consider joining the Surrattsville Alumni Group, and your own Class-specific Group, to get the latest news on alumni events.

5.  CLASS OF 71 FOUND CLASS RINGS STILL IN INVENTORY.  As we've reported in previous e-Notices, the Foundation from time to time receives class rings found by strangers to Surrattsville, who find us thanks to the Foundation's presence on the internet and the uniqueness of the word "Surrattsville".  These rings have come to the Foundation from odysseys that took them far and wide, such as one 30-year journey that left the ring buried in the sand on a beach in Florida!  We have reunited a number of these rings with their owners, but still have three without a home.  (Very curiously, they're all from my Class, 1971.  Maybe, to quote our neighbor Nils Logren, we had slippery fingers?)  One is a boy's ring, in white gold with a clear cut stone, with "DLD" engraved inside.  One is a girl's ring, in gold with a blue cut stone, with "DMT" engraved inside.  And the last is another girl's ring, in gold with a blue smooth stone, with "MTF" engraved inside.  Please send me an email at, if your ring is among these treasures.
6.  SUMMER JOB OPPORTUNITES.   Neal Dawson (73) has passed along the great youth summer job opportunities described at the end of this e-Notice.  Readers with high school-aged children, relatives, friends, students and neighbors might want to check out these great paid internships.   Thanks, Neal!
7.  ALUM FEATURED IN WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE.  Leslie St. Clair (70) passed along this link to a great Washington Post feature, with lots of photos, about Bruce Wood's (70) sustainable oyster and blue crab aqua farm in Montross, VA:  The Post Style section feature story points out that Bruce's business started out as a way to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, due to the oyster's internal water filtering mechanism.
Congratulations to Bruce on this nice press, and his efforts to save the Bay!
8.  BOOMERANGS AVAILABLE.  The Foundation has a limited supply of yearbooks from 1991, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006.  If you'd like one of these yearbooks (which are available for $15 including shipping and handling), please send me an email to
9.  ALL CLASSES/FACULTY/STAFF DIRECTORIES AVAILABLE.  Thanks to the herculean work of Pat Becker Oles (71), the Foundation's 2000 Alumni/Faculty/Staff Directory has been updated for 2010, and now includes fascinating "what I'm up to" paragraphs from those who submitted directory information.  If you would like a copy of the Directory, send a $20 check payable to the Foundation to:  Henry Smith, One W. Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 950, Towson, MD 21204.
10.  "SURRATTSVILLE ALUMNI" WINDOW STICKERS AVAILABLE.  Pat Becker Oles (71) also kindly handles the Foundation's "Surrattsville Alumni" window stickers project.  Pat notes that the stickers are not the "static cling type," that stick to the inside of a window.  Instead, they are the "stick to the outside type," that can stick on a window or bumper, and use "repositional adhesive" (meaning no sticky residue).  Information about purchasing the stickers can be found on the web site at
11.  CLASS OF 97 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 97 is busy planning its 15 year reunion for mid-summer 2012.    The Class has a web page at  Please contact Monica Crown at if you would like information on the event or if you have any contact info for members of the Class of 97 or their families.
Here's hoping you are enjoying beautiful Fall weather (and early snow storms), wherever you are!  Henry Smith (71)
In Memoriam
PAUL "P.K." KENNETH FOLEY died September 24, 2011.   Paul was born February 28, 1929 in Waltham, MA to the late Loretta and William Foley.   Paul served in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, rising to the rank of Major. He retired in 1976. 

He is survived by his devoted wife of 56 years, Mary Foley; three daughters, Lauren Foley (74), Patricia Ventre (75), and Christine Flowers (78); one son, Paul Foley, Jr. (81) and three granddaughters. 

A funeral service and interment will be held at Arlington National Cemetery on January 9, 2012 at 12:45p.  Please visit for updated service information and to sign Paul’s online guestbook.  

Donations in Paul's memory may be made to the Hospice of Frederick, 7000 Kimmel Rd, Mt. Airy, MD 21771-8601.
ROGER STEPHEN DUTER (62) died on September 16.  Roger was born on April 23, 1944, and was a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and Vietnam-era Navy combat pilot, noted for his wit and wry sense of humor. He was proud of his service under Secretary of the Navy John Lehman during the Reagan Administration.  He took equal pride in the more-than-200 combat missions he flew over North Vietnam and Laos from aircraft carriers in A-4 Skyhawk attack bombers.  He made two tours on Yankee Station in the South China Sea while attached to Attack Squadron VA-164--the Ghostriders.  The first tour was aboard USS Oriskany and the next aboard USS Hancock.   Roger was born April 23, 1944, in Riverdale, Maryland to Ralph and Claire Duter.  He lived his early years in Greenbelt, Maryland graduating from Surratsville in 1962.  “Roger was an airport kid.  He learned to fly as a teen at Hyde Field,” recalled former squadron member Jim Waldron of St. Simons Island, Georgia.   Roger attended Parks College of Aeronautical Engineering in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he majored in meteorology, an interest he would carry through his life. While at Parks College, he honed his flying skills.  Following two years of study, he entered Navy flight training in Pensacola, Florida. He earned his wings and a commission as an Ensign in 1966.   Roger had a wonderful sense of humor, and with a single pithy sentence he could diffuse a tense situation and create laughter. His former Squadron Commander, Captain Bill Span, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, said, “Roger was a source of inspiration for all of the junior officers and enlisted men of the squadron. I was proud to have him as my first wingman and he performed his duty with distinction and honor. All of the Ghostriders will sorely miss him.”
Following his release from active duty, Roger returned to Pensacola, Florida where he earned a BS in philosophy and an MBA in finance at the University of West Florida.  In 1973, Roger moved to the Washington, D.C. area, where he worked as an analyst for the investment firm, Ferris & Company. In the late 1970s he joined the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, a division of the State Department, where he did analysis of foreign arms sales. There he worked with John Lehman, who in 1982 was appointed Secretary of the Navy and named Roger his Special Assistant for Tactical Programs. The former Secretary said he considered Roger “my right hand as Secretary of the Navy. He played a lead role in most of the important initiatives in rebuilding the Navy and helping to win the Cold War,” Mr. Lehman said.  “He feared neither the North Vietnamese nor the more dangerous government bureaucrats.  His accomplishments were real and dramatic, yet he never claimed credit for a single thing.  I and all of his former comrades will miss him sorely,” Mr. Lehman said. While serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Tactical Aviation, Roger was credited with major contributions in the creation of Strike U, a facility in Fallon, Nevada where naval aviators advance their air-to-ground ordnance delivery skills. Strike U is the attack pilots’ equivalent to the fighter pilots’ Top Gun School.
In 1987, Roger left the Pentagon and founded Requirements Resources, Inc., which provided consulting services to defense aerospace companies.
He met his current wife, Cheryl, while they were both serving in the Pentagon. They married in 1995. The couple retired in 2008 in Arizona, where they owned homes in Sun City and Flagstaff. In retirement he studied geology, climatology and continued his interest in aviation and meteorology.  He was a sailplane pilot, and he and his wife loved hiking.  They often hiked trails on Mount Elden near their Flagstaff home.   Roger is survived by his wife, Cheryl; brothers Richard of Odenton, Maryland, and Lee of Ashburnham, Massachusetts; son and daughter-in-law David and Kari Duter of Yorktown, Virginia; stepson Kenneth Weaver of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and four grandchildren.   Roger was remembered, and his life celebrated, at a Ghostriders squadron reunion in mid-October.
Patricia Becker Oles (71)
Steve Profilet (71)
Bob Marr (71)
Debbie Cox Marr (72)
Thomas V. Mike Miller (60)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)
Valerie Parker Allard (73)
Bob Freitas (70)
Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
Coach Lew Jenkins
Helen Bovbjerg Niedung (54)
Melissa Gilcrest (69)
Henry Smith (71)
Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70)
Susan Loweth Melton (63)
Judy Gordon Mentlik (65), In memory of Gloria Grady (65), Linda Soper (65) and my 65 "brother," Richard Gordon (65)
Patti Williams Makielski (74), In memory of Kathy Williams Sheppard (76)
Judy Crawley Gibson (71), In memory of Debbie Bastek (71), "a tough cookie who is gone too soon"
Duke Coleman (53)
Carmen Gines Frotton (65), In memory of Richard Gordon (65)
Paul Rickett (69)
Gloria Blandford Rickett (71)
Tom and Sally Travis (72)
Lawrence Romjue (57), In memory of Lois Marie Osgood (57), "26 miles – Santa Catalina"
Richard Grace (81), In memory of Rhonda Nairn (81)
Mike Blair (71)
Suzan Martz Holmquist (62)
Patrick McMenamin (71)
Vicky Simontacchi Young (57)
Lee Hessberg (68)
Lois Barrett Hessberg (70)
Carol Fite Mothershead (65)
Larry Mothershead (65)
Mike Boyle (69)
Jim Casswell
Bonnie Harris
Scott Sonntag (71)
John Shultz (80)
Kelly Shultz (83)
Paul Monaghan (59)
Vicki Forsht Williams (65, and former faculty), In memory of Eugene Colgan and Marie Grouby 
Marie O'Clair, In memory of Marie Grouby
Jean White Monroe (71)
Vera Twigg
Anne Noyes (former faculty)
Pamela Buckingham (68)
Leslie St. Clair (70)
Judy Miller (70)
Donna Mitroff (57), In memory of  Nancy Drevenak Dickinson (60)
David Kraus (65)
Debra Villari
Lee Pascasio
Nancy Lapin LoBianco (65), In memory of Sarah (Sally Lang) Knight (66)
Richard Duke (47), In memory of James Paul Duke, Jr. (40)
Dan Bayne (71)
Ron Cunningham, former faculty
David Miller (73)
Mike Miller (70)
Denise Hope (72), In memory of Robin Danielson (72)