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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINEES SOUGHT.  This time each year, the Foundation Board requests our readers to submit nominations for the Foundation's annual Achievement Awards.  All members of the greater Surrattsville community are eligible to be nominated for notable achievements in any area.  Please submit names of worthy candidates to  As always, we would love to receive names of nominees from the more recent Classes, and nominees whose significant achievements, by their nature, might otherwise fly "under the radar."

(Photos and bios of the absolutely extraordinary Achievement Award recipients from past years may be found on the Foundation's web site at  These distinguished individuals represent everything from a long-time office staffer at the School, to one of the world's top opera tenors, to two NCAA Division I head basketball coaches.)

2.  FOUNDATION FUNDS REFRESHMENTS FOR FACULTY/STAFF APPRECIATION EVENT.  Last month, the Foundation was proud to provide the drinks for a very nice faculty/staff appreciation dinner hosted by the PTSA.  The Foundation is excited about the many initiatives it is pursuing jointly with the very active PTSA this year.

3.  FOUNDATION INCREASES GRANT TO PURCHASE ELECTRONIC MARQUEE.  Last year, in response to a request from the School, the Foundation authorized funds to help the School and the PTSA purchase an electronic marquee sign that will be placed where the School's driveway meets Piscataway Road.  (There's a traffic light there now, which likely will shock some of our more "mature" readers!)  Last month, the Foundation – again in response to a request from the School and the PTSA – increased the size of last year's grant by 50%.

We are proud to be a contributor to this nice "curb appeal" upgrade to the School grounds.

4.  HORNET GETS SECOND STAR.  We just learned that Kevin O'Connell (78) was promoted to Major General in the U.S. Army.  Kevin, who recently served in Afghanistan, is currently Commanding General, Joint Munitions Lethality, Life Cycle Management Command/Joint Munitions Command, Rock Island, Illinois.

Congratulations to Kevin on this extraordinary achievement!  And congratulations to his proud family that includes his wife Etie Podo O'Connell (78) and his sister Tina O'Connell Hartman (74).)

(Military service runs in Kevin's and Etie's family.  They have two children.  Son John is a PhD candidate and Research Assistant at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, a Captain in the Army Reserves, and was awarded a Purple Heart in Afghanistan.  Daughter Shannon was graduated from MIT, is a professional engineer at Parsons Corporation in Pasadena, CA, and dances competitively in salsa competitions.)

5.  ITEM ON MS. FLEMING IN LAST MONTH'S E-NOTICE.  We received the following lovely responses to our item on Ms. Fleming in the last e-Notice.  (We're still looking for contact information for Ms. Fleming to pass along to Alice Cecelia (Cece Krick) Dollins (73), so please send an email to if you come across any information that might be helpful.)

"Here's an interesting web site that contains information about Ms. Fleming and Charlie Waddell:  Neal Dawson (73)"

"I had Ms. Fleming in 10th grade - great teacher indeed.  (Looking at my 74 senior year yearbook I see she signed her pic as: Rosemarie Fleming.)  We read that same Appalachian book that  Alice recalls.  Maybe being a librarian gives me this scary knack for book memories, but the book was this: "April is the Cruelest Month," by Michael Quigley.

Harold Colson (74)."

"I too have often thought of Ms. Fleming.  (For the record, her name is Rosemarie Fleming, with one "M".)  I was on the school newspaper in 1974 and 1975, served as the Business Manager, and she was our sponsor.  That woman was a fantastic leader and teacher!  I would also like to learn where she is and let her know she was a great influence on me. Dave Coggiola (75)

"I also graduated in 73, but my identical experience of such kindness from a teacher came from Mrs. Rosemarie Fleming’s co-worker, Miss Margaret Harris.  Fact is, I have no true help to Alice on where to find Mrs. Fleming, but I do know that Miss Harris was at Surratts for a good long while.  I believe she was still there in 1993 (20th reunion), and she may be a solid contact to find Mrs. Fleming.  Best of luck to you Alice.  Carol Schauer"

[Ed. note:  Margaret now kindly serves on the Foundation Board, still giving back to Surrattsville!]

7.  ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT FEATURED IN INTERVIEW Foundation Board member Vicki Forsht Williams (65, former faculty) passed along this link to a fascinating interview on the FBI web site with 2012 Achievement Award recipient Susan Roley Malone (65):  Susan notes in the interview that the genesis of her stellar career was an eighth grade civics assignment!

6.  SEEKING LOST RINGS The great found-ring story in last month's e-Notice prompted two requests for information about lost rings. Pamela Buckingham's (70) ring was last seen in 1969 in the possession of Pam's fiancé as he shipped out for an Army posting in Guam.  (Let's none of us be surprised if it turns up on a beach or elementary school playground in Guam and is returned to the Foundation via our web site!)  If anyone has any helpful information, please contact Pamela at

Nancy Oursler Maynard's (65) ring was stolen from her home in Clinton about 15 years ago, with her initials "NJO" inside.   Please contact Nancy at if you have any helpful information.

Stephanie Merchant Johnson's (85) ring was misplaced at Providence Hospital in 1987.  Please contact Stephanie at if you have any information on that lost treasure.

 7.  GOATMAN LEGENDS LIVES ON.  Thanks to Marcia Norcia Phillips (70) for passing along to us an article about the independent film "Jimmy Tupper v. The Goatman of Bowie."  This film was featured at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, proving that the legend of Clinton's (and, apparently, Bowie's) mystical forest creature lives on and is going national.  Here's the official synopsis of the film:  "Jimmy Tupper is a no one, he's nothing.  He spends his days working at a Starbucks in Suburban Maryland and spends his nights drinking and playing Rock Band. His friends see him as the resident stoner and waste of space. One night they decide to pull a prank on poor Jimmy, and while he is passed out drunk they leave him in the middle of the woods. The next day Jimmy is nowhere to be found. When he finally emerges from the woods he is beaten and bloodied and making outlandish claims. He claims to have seen a monster, the famed "Goatman" of Bowie. His friends believe this to be the drunken ramblings of an over excited nitwit, but Jimmy knows better. He heads to the woods determined to capture footage of the elusive creature. Was Jimmy only dreaming? Did he really see a monster? Only time, and Jimmy's video camera, will tell." 

The film is the work of Bowie native, and Suitland High graduate, Andrew Bowser.  Bowser notes that he hopes someone will want to fund his planned Goatman trilogy, the second script of which has already been written.  (No word yet on any awards for this bit of local cinema verite.)

[Ed. note:  The work seems to be for adult audiences only.  Remove the children from the room before you watch the on-line trailer on youtube, etc.]

8.  CLASS OF 58 PLANS REUNION.  The Class of 58 is having their 55th reunion this May 22 AND 23 at the Holiday Inn in Solomons Island, Md.  The reunion is open to anyone who attended Surrattsville.  Please email June Shifflett Hall (58) at for information.

9.  FOUNDATION CONTINUING WORK ON FALLEN HEROES PLAQUE FOR LEGACY HALL.  As reported previously, thanks to the efforts of Bob Jeter (64), the Foundation is preparing a Fallen Heroes plaque to hang in the Legacy Hall that will contain the names and Class years of Hornets who died while serving the country (or later from service-related injuries).  Please contact Bob at if you know of any Hornets who should be honored in this way.

[Ed note:  Photos of the Legacy Wall can be found on the Foundation's web site at]

10.  INFO ON ANNUAL BLUE CRABS EVENT.  Evan Vutsinas (76), who kindly organizes the annual All Classes/Faculty/Staff "Surrattsville Night" at Blue Crabs stadium, has posted this update about the 2013 event:

"Saturday, June 22, 2013 is the date for the 4th Annual Surrattsville High School All-Classes/Faculty/Staff event at the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs baseball park in Waldorf.  Tickets are $25 and include a game ticket, a two-hour all you can eat buffet (including Ribs!), a kids' park wristband for all in attendance, on-the-field access for a celebration before the game, and fireworks after the game.  Gates open at 5:30, the buffet starts at 6:00, and the game starts at 6:35.

The link to purchase tickets is  Enter the case sensitive code "SHS" when prompted, click "Buy" and choose your seats in the Picnic Pavilion, complete your order and print your tickets, and come out and meet your schoolmates at Regency Furniture Stadium.  If you have any questions or comments, contact Evan at . "

Many thanks to Evan for coordinating this great annual event!

11.  LOCAL BLUES FESTIVAL BENEFITS CHARITIESWe received this information from Jackie Kaiser MacBryde (71) about an annual music festival for charity.  "The Chesapeake bay Blues Festival is happy to announce our headliners for 2013 - Bonnie Raitt and Eric Burdon and The Animals.  This year's charity recipients will remain the same as last year.

Other good news is that we will be remaining at Sandy Point State Park.  This promises to be one of our best events yet. Finally, thank you very much for your continued support of this great event and more importantly of the charities that we support.  See you in May!

About the festival:  Chesapeake Bay Events (CBE) held its first festival in 1998.  It has quickly gained national notoriety as one of the premier Blues Festivals in the world.  Outside of providing top caliber entertainment, the festival also gives ALL net proceeds to charity. To date the CBE has raised $1,000,000 for charities.

The recipient charities for 2012 were:  John Hopkins Cleft and Cranial Facial Children’s CAMP FACE, We Care and Friends, which is an organization providing a wide variety of services to the needy of Annapolis, Camp Fantastic, a camp for children with cancer which is operated by Special Love, Inc. and End Hunger Calvert, an organization whose mission is to feed the hungry as well as providing a path toward self-sufficiency.

Chesapeake Bay Events, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2013 Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival will join an increasing number of large music events in the nation to become zero-waste.  This means that in addition to recycling paper, plastic and aluminum, we will now turn all food scraps into compost.  We have partnered with Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works Waste Management Services for recycling and Veteran Compost to compost all of our “table scraps”.

For the past several years we have been recycling all paper, aluminum and plastic.  We have also participated in the Shell Recycling Alliance and the Oyster Recovery Partnership. Thanks to festival attendees and our vendors, we have been very successful in our recycling efforts. “We have decided to move forward with the next phase of resource responsibility for the event,” states Event Coordinator Sarah Petska.  “Although it will increase expenses and require additional manpower, we feel this is one more thing that we can do to help preserve our environment and keep areas like Sandy Point State Park and the Chesapeake Bay beautiful for generations to come,” adds Petska.

At the Blues Festival, the process will begin with Zero-Waste Stations containing three separate bins: recycle, compost and everything else (foam, diapers, etc.).  These bins are emptied into three different dumpsters, which are transported to three different locations.  For the attendee, it will mean scraping your food and paper napkins into the compost bin, recycling all other paper, plastic and aluminum, and throwing anything remaining into trash (foam, diapers, etc.).   We will continue to encourage all Vendors to use only recyclable materials.

Saturday, May 18th:








Sunday, May 19th:









11.  CLASS OF 64 50 YEAR REUNION.   We received this announcement about the Class of 64's upcoming golden event:  "The Class of 1964 is planning a 50th reunion in Ocean City for late September 2014.  It might seem a long way off, but we all know how fast time goes by.  We need to firm up a place, reserve a block of rooms to set aside, and determine how much space we will need.   Please email Ginger Trapanotto or Phil Foster if you (alone or with a guest) are interested in attending.   Also, if you know the whereabouts of any former classmate, please ask him/her to email one of us or you can forward the information to us.  We appreciate any help you can provide and the "committee" is looking forward to re-visiting the 60s with everyone."

12.  FOUNDATION FACEBOOK PRESENCE CONTINUES TO GROW The Foundation's Facebook Group – called "Surrattsville Alumni" – continues to grow, and now is approaching 1430 members.  This is a great, and free, way for folks to stay in touch (or, perhaps, find a lost class ring left on your Camaro's turn signal arm in 1968!).  Similarly, the Class-specific Facebook Groups – that have names like "Surrattsville 1979" and the like -- continue to grow.  These Facebook Groups are becoming an increasingly active way for folks to share memories and news updates of interest to the Surrattsville community.  Please consider joining the Surrattsville Alumni Group, and your own Class-specific Group.

13.  HORNET AUTHOR FEATURED ON AMAZONWe just learned that a novel by Louise Gorday MacIntosh (73), "The Pickle Boat House," peaked at number 16 on Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindle Downloads list.  Congratulations to Louise on this literary success!  


Here's hoping you're enjoying the first signs of Spring!

All the best, Henry Smith (71)



  • Patricia Becker Oles (71)
  • Steve Profilet (71)
  • Vicki Forsht Williams (65 and former faculty), In memory of Eugene Colgan and Richard      Mortimer
  • Nancy Miller (67)
  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In memory of Richard C. Mortimer (57, former faculty)
  • Bob Marr (71)
  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)
  • Mark Scoville (74), In memory of Mike Helfrich (74) and Nancy Maddox (74)
  • Rick Torrecarion (74), In loving memory of Patsy Torrecarion (76)
  • Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
  • Nancy Lapin LoBianco (65), In memory of Tony Marchetti (65)
  • Sandra Smith Simmons (70)
  • Duke Coleman (53), In memory of Donald England (53)
  • Lois Barrett Hessberg (70)
  • Lee Hessberg (68)