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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1.  FOUNDATION YOUTUBE CHANNEL FEATURES NEW "PROGRAMS."  Thanks to the efforts of Foundation Board member Sandra Smith Simmons (70), the Foundation's new youtube channel has some lively new content since last month.  The channel, which will continue to grow over time, features an introduction to the mission of the Foundation and news, photos and videos of interest to the Surrattsville community.  All of the programs on the channel have received multiple views, but it appears that the challenge to viewers to sing along with the Hornet Fight Song has resulted in the most irresistible program!  (The Foundation overview program is coming on strong, however.)

Please become a subscriber, and take a moment to view the "shows" on the channel at:

2.  CITY PAPER FEATURES BOB BROWN (66).  Some of our readers may have noticed the fascinating and extensive feature article by Leor Galil in the March 6 Washington City Paper on the music of Bob Brown (66).  The article can be found at:  The on-line article includes a link to Bob's performance of his beautiful tune "Perfect Song."

The article traces Bob's music career from its start at College Park, through his being signed to the late Ritchie Havens' label and touring with Havens, to being courted by Clive Davis and Columbia records, to living in the Chelsea Hotel and befriending Leonard Cohen, to hanging out in the Los Angeles music scene and with the likes of Bud Cort, Harvey Keitel and Jeff Bridges. (Sounds like a great memoir in there!)  The article then traces Bob's ongoing journey up to his current career as a business consultant to major international corporations.

Although the article notes that Bob hasn't released an album since 1971, or performed since the 1980s, the article notes that "his fragile, country-tinged folk tunes have attracted a loyal following and 'Willoughby’s Lament' has become one of those cherished rare LPs that sends collectors digging through crates and scouring the Internet for years."  And the author notes that there is some hope for the issuance of several albums Bob recorded but that were never released.

Congratulations to Bob on this very nice recognition of his musical efforts.

[Ed. note:  The article will be of particular interest to any of our readers interested in the folk music scene or the music business generally, but the reporter also tells a fascinating general biographical tale that should be of interest to all.]  

3.  ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT RECEIVES GLOWING ACCOLADES Achievement Award recipient Patrick O'Connell (63) received two extraordinary honors last month.  First, Food Arts Magazine presented its June 2013 Silver Spoon Award to Patrick's The Inn at Little Washington.  (  The magazine noted that "35 years ago The Inn shifted the culinary boundary of the nation's capital 70 miles west," and adds: "The Inn is the best restaurant in Washington, many food-wise observers say.  They have been saying that for three decades now, and the chorus grows only louder."  The article provides a great history of Patrick's world-famous establishment, characterizing him as "creative, ambitious, visionary.  His standards unshakeable, his methods meticulous, his style dramatic."  Happily for D.C. area gourmets, the article notes "At a time when his cohorts are retiring, OConnell seems reinvigorated."

Next, the June issue of Travel and Leisure magazine reported that its readers rated The Inn at Little Washington number two in the Continental U.S. and Canada in its World's Best Service Survey (

Congratulations to Patrick and his colleagues on these absolutely wonderful awards!

[Photos and bios of all of the Foundation's Achievement Award recipients to date – including the outstanding 2013 recipients -- can be found on the web site at]

4.  MORE INFO ON LOCAL AIRFIELDS.  We received this email from Dana Shifflett (70) including more info on Prince George's County's local airfields, and following-up the series of articles in recent e-Notices.  (Dana's email is an email exchange between Dana and aeronautical historian Paul Freeman.)

"Hello Paul:  Your website motivated me to finally research a long-closed airport in southern Prince Georges County, Maryland.  I posted a request for information in my high school's alumni website and received replies from three folks who knew people who knew other people who knew what I was referring to.  The airport was located in a triangle formed on the south side of the junction of Berry, Livingston, and Farmington Roads, between Accokeek and Piscataway.  Burroughs Junior High and Ferguson Elementary are immediately to the east, across Berry Road.  On the former airport grounds are two residential streets, Schall Road and Airport Lane. 

What I've learned so far:

- The airport was owned by Doug Schall.  He sold Luscombe aircraft.

- It had one grass runway.  From s supplied description, what I know of the local topography and a current satellite photo, I suspect it was oriented roughly NE-SW.

-Houses were already occupied on the site in the mid-50s.

-I think I recall a beacon tower in the area in 1960. 

My best guess:  Schall opened the airport either shortly before WWII or shortly after, and had hoped to capitalize on post-war interest in private aviation.  When that didn't work out, he took note of nearby residential developments (Whitehall, The Mall (on Indian Head Hwy), Fort Washington Forest, and Calvert Manor, where I grew up) and closed his field to follow that course in the early 50s.  I say it was his own action because of the names given the streets: Schall and Airport.  The bank didn't foreclose and he wasn't bought out. 

If this field were on any of your old charts, I suspect you'd already have it on your website (on the other hand, I don't recall any mention of the airport at Pamonkey, but then it's still open and growing). I'll keep digging.  If I learn anything, I'll forward it to you.  Dana"

"Dana:  I finally pieced together a little more info about the airport in Piscatway and posted a write-up about it on my website. Thanks for your help!   Paul" 

Dana reports:  "Paul is apparently willing to accept reference to an Abandoned Airfield on a 1944 topographical map as sufficient proof of existence.  That works for me.  Paul quotes me a bit on his website; I referred to virtually everything I said as guesswork, and that's all much of it was.  He didn't include the following bit from Catherine Allen (Asst. Parks Division Chief, PG County), which includes the best anecdotal evidence I've encountered:  'The College Park Aviation Museum holds much of the information on the Maryland’s early fields in our archives. But this is all we have on Piscataway. We initiated the book Maryland Aloft, about Maryland’s Aviation History and helped guide its author. He spent over a year researching maps, documents and oral histories. One of the oral histories that we shared with him included one done with Dotty Waggy Warren in 1996, a local pilot who worked for ERCO for Henry Berliner. She noted that “another small airport, which was in Prince George’s County was Piscataway Airport. Doug Schall owned and operated the airport in the late 1930s. The runways were all grass. Today all that suggests its existence are street signs stating Schall Road and Airport Road. A housing development and an elementary school stand on the location today.”  I guess this was not enough documentation to make its way into the book.  I know he tried to find more.  (ERCO made the Ercoupe - later, under different ownership, the Aircoupe - and was headquartered at College Park Airport.)'

Another small bit of local history:  Piscataway Bay was once navigable all the way to Piscataway, the village.  I suspect almost everyone from the area, our age or older, has heard that one.  It silted in due to poor farming practices in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  While visiting in Accokeek last October, someone at church (Faith Methodist, on Livingston) told me that there are still pier pilings to be found in or by the field across the road to the north of the old Woods Market in Piscataway.  Now I've got the notion to take a shovel to someone else's property.  Dana"

5.  MORE AMAZING HISTORICAL PHOTOS ADDED TO FACEBOOK GROUP COLLECTION.  Thanks to the Foundation's tireless Archivist/Historian, Shelby Lee Oppermann (79), the large and absolutely fascinating collection of historical Surrattsville-themed photos found on the Surrattsville Foundation Facebook Group (called "Surrattsville Alumni" on Facebook) continues to grow.  The photos date back over a century and capture numerous "eras" in the history of the School and various components of the greater Surrattsville community.  You can reach the photos by clicking on the Photos tab at the Surrattsville Alumni Group on Facebook, and then clicking on the Historical Photos tab.  Thanks to Shelby for all of her extraordinary efforts for the last 14 years to keep the School's history alive!

6.  SEEKING WEB SITE DESIGN ASSISTANCE.  The Foundation is seeking a member of the Surrattsville community with web site design skills to volunteer to assist with some changes being contemplated for our web site at   Please send me an email at if you'd consider donating your skills to this effort.

7.  SEEKING TANGLEWOOD CLASS PHOTOS.  Suzanne Register Shaffer is seeking Class photos from Tanglewood Elementary.  Please contact Suzanne at if you can scan and email any of those treasures to her.

8.  FOUNDATION CONTINUING WORK ON FALLEN HEROES PLAQUE FOR LEGACY HALL.  As reported previously, thanks to the efforts of Bob Jeter (64), the Foundation is preparing a Fallen Heroes plaque to hang in the Legacy Hall that will contain the names and Class years of Hornets who died while serving the country (or later from service-related injuries).  Please contact Bob at if you know of any Hornets who should be honored in this way.

[Ed note:  Photos of the Legacy Wall can be found on the Foundation's web site at]

9.  CLASS OF 64 50 YEAR REUNION.   We received this announcement about the Class of 64's upcoming golden event:  "The Class of 1964 is planning a 50th reunion in Ocean City for late September 2014.  It might seem a long way off, but we all know how fast time goes by.  We need to firm up a place, reserve a block of rooms to set aside, and determine how much space we will need.   Please email Ginger Trapanotto, or Phil Foster, if you (alone or with a guest) are interested in attending.   Also, if you know the whereabouts of any former classmate, please ask him/her to email one of us or you can forward the information to us.  We appreciate any help you can provide and the "committee" is looking forward to re-visiting the 60s with everyone."

10.  FOUNDATION FACEBOOK PRESENCE CONTINUES TO GROW The Foundation's Facebook Group – called "Surrattsville Alumni" – continues to grow, and now exceeds 1500 members.  This is a great, and free, way for folks to stay in touch.  Similarly, the Class-specific Facebook Groups – that have names like "Surrattsville 1979" and the like -- continue to grow.  These Facebook Groups are becoming an increasingly active way for folks to share memories and news updates of interest to the Surrattsville community.  Please consider joining the Surrattsville Alumni Group, and your own Class-specific Group.

11.  ANNUAL CHRISTMAS IN APRIL GOLF FUND RAISER.  The Prince George's County Christmas in April chapter, whose Executive Director is Achievement Award recipient Mary Kucharski (76), will hold its annual golf outing fund raiser on September 23 at the Andrews AFB course.  Information on this great event for a great cause is available at or by calling 301-868-0937.

12.  FOULOIS REUNION NOW A SURRATTSVILLE-WIDE GATHERING.  We've learned from Jim Lawrence and Rick Torrecarion that an event that started out as a Foulois Junior High reunion has broadened to an all-Surrattsville outdoor party, featuring Teen Club favorite Slow Rush, on July 6.  Details about this event can be found on a Facebook event site at  Please contact Rick through that page if you plan to attend.


Here's hoping your summer is off to a relaxing start!

All the best, Henry Smith (71)


  • Patricia Becker Oles (71)
  • Steve Profilet (71)
  • Vicki Forsht Williams (65 and former faculty), In memory of Eugene Colgan and Richard Mortimer (57, former faculty)
  • Nancy Miller (67)
  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In memory of Richard C. Mortimer (57, former faculty)
  • Bob Marr (71)
  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)
  • Mark Scoville (74), In memory of Mike Helfrich (74) and Nancy Maddox (74)
  • Rick Torrecarion (74), In loving memory of Patsy Torrecarion (76)
  • Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
  • Nancy Lapin LoBianco (65), In memory of Tony Marchetti (65)
  • Sandra Smith Simmons (70)
  • Duke Coleman (53), In memory of Donald England (53)
  • Lois Barrett Hessberg (70)
  • Lee Hessberg (68)
  • Donna Rae Sturtevant Smith (70), In memory of Cliff Hersey (former faculty)
  • Henry Smith (71), In memory of Cliff Hersey (former faculty)
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