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Hello Hornets:

Here are some items that might be of interest:

1. ANNUAL BLUE CRABS EVENT TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE.  As noted in previous e-Notices, this year’s annual 2014 Blue Crabs All Classes Game and Picnic event – to be held on Saturday June 21 -- will be a Foundation fund raiser!  Specifically, $5 of each ticket will be donated to the Foundation's annual Charlie Waddell Memorial Scholarship.  In addition to the features of the very successful Blue Crabs nights of the past few years, this year's 5th annual event will feature a dedicated-to-Surrattsville picnic area (if 200 or more tickets are sold) and a fund raising raffle featuring items like three pairs of tickets to future Blue Crabs games.

Tickets are $30, and include parking, game tickets, 15% off at the team store and access to the two-hour all you can eat buffet picnic offering BBQ ribs, lemon pepper chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, chips, ice cream sandwiches and soft drinks.  Buying tickets is simple:  just go to and click on the “Fun-Raisers” tab, then click on the Surrattsville icon, then enter fundraising code SHS14, then click buy.  Select your seats and complete your order.  (Questions: Call Del Baxter at the Blue Crabs at 301-374-1127.)

If you have any items that you or your business would like to donate to the raffle, or have any questions about the Surrattsville aspects of the event, please contact Evan Vutsinas (76) at  Many thanks to Evan for organizing these great annual events for the Surrattsville community!

2. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT LEADS DRAMA TROOP ON MAY 6.  Some of our readers within driving distance of Towson might be interested in attending a very special drama event on Tuesday evening May 6, at Riderwood Elementary School at 1711 Landrake Road, Towson, MD 21204.  Specifically, 2013 Foundation Achievement Award recipient Barbara Thomas (82), who has been working with special needs adults for over 20 years as director of a theater program, will direct the group’s annual Spring performance that evening at Riderwood.  (Barb's work with her theater troupe mirrors her experience at Surrattsville, where she was active in chorus and drama, earning leading roles each year in musicals directed by the late Charlie Waddell, whose memorial scholarship fund will benefit from the Blue Crabs Night described above.)

[Ed. note:  I attended the group’s Spring performance last year, and it was both very accomplished and extremely heartwarming.]

3.  ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT FEATURED ON CNNAnd speaking of Achievement Award recipients, some of our readers may have noticed that 2010 Achievement Award recipient Ann Weaver Pelle (71) was featured in a very nice article on  (

Here are some excerpts:  “It’s Never Too Late To Be Fabulous at the Ms. Senior Florida Pageant. [CNN Editor’s Note: Tia Brueggeman is a coordinator with CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper. Her grandmother was a contestant in the Ms. Senior Florida 2014 pageant.]  To look at Julianne Talley, a statuesque 61-year-old beauty, one would never know she has conquered both obesity and cancer.  The Ms. Senior Florida contestant glided through the Vero Beach High School Performing Arts Center with the humility of someone who underestimates her beauty. Little did she know, she was about to be crowned Ms. Senior Florida 2014.  Talley's platform is one of self-acceptance and self-improvement: "It's a message to the woman in the audience who thinks 'I'm always going to be heavy' or 'I can't dance'... yes you can," she said during dress rehearsal.

While we're accustomed to beauty pageants featuring women in their 20s strutting in bikinis, the Ms. Senior America pageant seeks women with "dignity, maturity and inner beauty," who are older than 60. There's no upper age limit and no bikinis are required. The oldest contestant in Florida this year was 86.  Pageant organizers Hedi Headley and Helen McKnight worked for months gathering contestants from around the state of Florida. The 15 women who were selected rehearsed almost every week between January and March. The ladies were judged on their interview, philosophy of life, talent and gown presentation during the March 29 competition.

The Ms. Senior America Pageant has been around for 35 years, but the state level competitions vary in their founding year.  Headly and McKnight originally founded the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant in 1990, when they weren't even 50 yet themselves.  "We saw a need to encourage the older adult and especially women that feel they become invisible as they age," said Headly. Semi-retired in Florida, Headly and McKnight took over running the Ms. Senior Florida Pageant last year. …

The granny of yesteryear, sitting in a rocking chair knitting, is a thing of the past if the pageant is any indication.  Today, women over 60 are rocking it on stage: singing, dancing, sharing their inventions and even belly dancing at senior beauty pageants around the country.

… The second runner-up was Ann [Weaver] Pelle, a 60-year-old baton twirler who leads a 105-person senior citizen baton twirling team that performs in about 55 shows a year. The oldest twirler is 95.  "It's nice to get together with these ladies because we all bring something very different, but this pageant brings us together," Pelle said.  Each of these women has a distinct philosophy, and if laughter is the key to longevity, Lauren Luccini "Miss Congeniality," will live forever.”

Congratulations to Ann on her latest illustration of the fact that age is just a number!

4. SURRATTS MENTIONED IN BALTIMORE SUN ARTICLE.  Some of our readers may have seen the article on page 1 of the Sports section of the April 7 Baltimore Sun about the legendary Billy Jones, the Towson High multi-sports star who broke the ACC color barrier by starting for the University of Maryland Terps basketball team in a game against Penn State on December 1, 1965.  (Billy also was the first African American to earn a basketball scholarship in the ACC.)  Jones’ Towson High coach, Randy Walker, called him “the finest basketball player and gentleman I have ever come in contact with in my coaching career.”

The article, which ran for two fascinating pages and included some great photos, included this reference:  “He starred in the state semifinals, a 77-74 win in overtime against Surrattsville in which Jones totaled 41 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists and six steals.”

Billy’s story, both as a student athlete and in the years of his extraordinary career since, is a truly inspirational one, and it’s interesting that Surrattsville plays a minor supporting role.

[Ed. note:  The article got me thinking about the various state championships won by Surrattsville teams and individual athletes.  The 1965 basketball state championship was perhaps the most heralded – Billy’s graduation to the Terps probably didn’t hurt that effort by the Hornets! – but there were a number of others.  We’d love to hear some of the details from our readers.]

5. CLASS OF 79 REUNION UPDATE We received this update from the Class of 70 Reunion planners:  "Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 23, 2014 for the Class of 79 Reunion, and surrounding classes are more than welcome to join in the fun.   The event is planned to be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waldorf, MD.  To sign up and buy tickets go to:  Or email Marilynda Orange Macquade at to sign up.   

6. CLASS OF 74 PLANS REUNION.  And here’s an announcement from the Class of 74 about plans for its upcoming reunion:  “A reunion committee is currently organizing a 40-year reunion for the Class of 1974.  Three possible reunion venues have been identified.  These are: South River Country Club (near Edgewater, MD), the Sheraton Hotel in Annapolis, MD, and the Sheraton Hotel in Alexandria, VA.  As it stands now, we anticipate the reunion to take place sometime during September-October, with more specific dates to follow.  The committee is trying to keep exchanges of information related to the reunion centralized on a Surrattsville Class of 74 Facebook group site.  The site can be accessed by going to Facebook and searching “Surrattsville Class of 74” or linking to the group site via  If you would like to attend the reunion please go to Facebook and let us know.  The committee is working feverishly to identify good contact information for Class of 1974 alumni.  If you know of another classmate that might be interested in attending the reunion please share this information and the Facebook information with him or her and hopefully the task of locating alumni can be made a bit easier.  Thanks to all and we’re looking forward to seeing as many of our classmates as possible at the reunion.  The 1974 Reunion Committee.”

7. CLASS OF 64 FINALIZES REUNION PLANS.  And we received this reunion update from the Class of 64:  “The Class of 1964 has finalized plans for the 50th reunion.  A fun-filled weekend is being planned for September 26-28, 2014.  The reunion will be held at the Commander Hotel located at the Boardwalk and 1401 Atlantic Street, Ocean City, MD, 410-289-6166.  The hotel's web site is  If you are interested in staying at the hotel, a block of rooms have been held with a 20% discount.  However, you must mention the SHS reunion.  It is recommended that reservations be made as early as possible.

We have a deadline of June 1, 2014 for reservations to attend the reunion.  The cost for the dinner/dance on Saturday, 9/27/14 is $64 and also includes a "goodie" bag.  Dress for the entire weekend, including the dinner/dance, is Beach Casual, but no speedos or thongs please!  On Friday evening, March 26 there will be a reception at the hotel, which is a BYOB event.  Appetizers will be provided.  Remember, the deadline to register is June 1, 2014.

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event!  If you are interested in attending, please contact one of the following people and we will let you know where you can send the money for the reunion.  Please do not hesitate to call - we are looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great time.  Call or e-mail:

Philip Foster, 301-254-1946,
Bob Fowler, 443-550-3142,
Ginger Trapanotto, 301-318-6544,
Barbara Schlosser, 301-373-9648,

[Ed. note:  Love the pricing and the dress code!]

8. CLASSES OF 83/84/85 REUNIONAnd we received this notice from the Classes of 83, 84 and 85:  "Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 11, 2014 for our Classes of 83/84/85 Reunion.  Please email Debbie O’Clair MacKenzie at to be placed on the mailing list (if you have not already received the “save the date” email).  If you have questions about the event, contact your Class representative:

1983—Becky delVillar Levin:
1984—Gary Stallings:
1985—MaryBeth Klick:"

9. NEW PHOTOS CONTINUE TO BE ADDED TO FOUNDATION'S FACEBOOK GROUP.  Thanks to the on-going work of Foundation Historian and Archivist Shelby Lee Oppermann (79) and a number of members of the Surrattsville community, the large collection of wonderful historical photos with Surrattsville themes on the Foundation's Facebook Group, "Surrattsville Alumni," continues to grow.  (Naturally, the Foundation would love to have any Surrattsville- or Clinton-themed historical photos or videos you might wish to share.)

10. FOUNDATION'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL CONTINUES TO CREATE INTEREST.  The Foundation's youtube channel is always looking for additional content to add.  (There's a rumor that there might be some digital copies of drama productions at Surrattsville that might be suitable to include.  Naturally, we'd love to have those treasures!)

Please become a subscriber to the channel, take a moment to view the programs on the channel at, and let us know if you have access to any content that could be added.

11. FOUNDATION FACEBOOK PRESENCE CONTINUES TO GROW The Foundation's Facebook Group – called "Surrattsville Alumni" – continues to grow, and now exceeds 1800 members.  This is a great, and free, way for folks to stay in touch.  Similarly, the Class-specific Facebook Groups – that have names like "Surrattsville 1969," "Surrattsville 1973," "Surrattsville 1971," and the like -- continue to grow.  These Facebook Groups are becoming an increasingly active way for folks to share memories and news updates of interest to the Surrattsville community.  Please consider joining the Surrattsville Alumni Group, and your own Class-specific Group.

Here's hoping you're enjoying longer days and warming skies!

All the best, Henry Smith (71)

In Memoriam

CATHERINE ELEANOR AUDIA LALLY died January 14, 2014 in Suffolk Virginia. Born August 17, 1928 in Elizabeth NJ, Catherine graduated from McKinley Technical High School in Washington, DC and later attended Catholic University.  Catherine was an accomplished musician entertaining many throughout the years including family and friends. Her love of music and entertaining continued into her later years playing with a small group in Bradenton, FL.  Catherine was married August 22, 1949 to James Lally where they began a long journey together that lasted 45 years. James Lally also an accomplished musician shared Catherine's love of music and teaching through the years.  Catherine worked for the Prince Georges County Public School System starting at Lord Baltimore Junior High and then Surrattsville High before she finally retired.  During their retirement years Catherine and James continued to travel as they had done throughout their years, visiting as many interesting places as they could. Catherine and James lived in Bradenton, FL during the winter and Bethany Beach, DE during the Summer enjoying the quality of life they both so richly deserved and earned.  Catherine is survived by four of her children John, James, Linda, and Tim. Husband James and two of her children, Thomas and Catherine, predeceased her. Catherine is also survived by three siblings, thirteen grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren. (



  • Steve Profilet (71)
  • Nancy Miller (67)
  • Pat Becker Oles (71)
  • Debbie Cox Marr (72)
  • Bob Marr (71)
  • Joe Capone (79)
  • Vicky Simontacchi Young (57), In Honor of the Classes of 57 and 84
  • Kurt Aktug (88)
  • Linda Dorsey Blum (66)
  • Coach Lew Jenkins (former faculty)
  • Melissa Gilcrest (69)
  • Vera Twigg
  • Nancy Oursler Maynard (65), In Memory of Bill Millios, husband of Diana McCormick Millios (65)